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My Core Beliefs

Hey everyone… I moved this page to the front of the blog because it seems everyone is crying out for our laws and legislators to remain in the confines of our Constitution.  However few can recognize when a law is constitutional or not because they do not understand what the Constitution was based upon.  If a law, bill or pending legislation restricts on group, favors one group, over another…. it is not natural!  Therefore , it is not within the confines of natural law and could NEVER be constitutional!

Our Constitution is based upon Natural Law… who was the father of natural law… actually… Jesus Christ… now it was quite a while before people were actually able to really put it in terms .. but it was Christ who fought legalism, better known as political law.  Obviously that was not his sole purpose, but it was absolutely one.  Those Noahide Laws had people being executed for eating meat… what started out as seven laws quickly became a tangled web of personal restricting that prevented something as simple as two foods being on the same plate.  It was the New Testament that recorded this freedom from “the law”.  Millenia later… The Magna Carta came close but was still not a document that left total choice to the individual.  It was not until the US Constitution fully recognized ad acknowledged by the founding of the USA, in that document that we were ALL (EVERYONE, all creeds, color, ethnic, or religious belief) ENDOWED by our creator with certain inalienable rights… the “right” to work it out, to choose our destiny.

It is this constant battle of lowering the reach and scope of those who have gotten to big for their britches in letting their own minds convince themselves they have a right to “Lord” over others that the TEA Party will continue to fight!

Well sometimes you just have to get it all out…. and raise your voice at exactly the moments you need to make a strong point.  I have to say it is so seldom when a single person can put into words, my very own core beliefs to the point that I just allow them to say it for me … (more like never.. but..)  but along came Bill Whittle!

If you have any intellect what so ever… OR are a freaking genius … this should appeal to ALL Homo sapiens (the modern-day human being)!  However …it is where both the cave man and Einstein can agree!  Whittle and I are in sync!  With out further adieu… I thank Bill for putting this together and will let him speak!  Let’s get down to it!

1.  Human beings are motivated by their own interests.  Leftists want to remake you…

2.  The Elitist do not know more than you, they just profess they do…

3.   With one great idea, you can create wealth out of thin air an there is NO limit!

4.  You have right that can NEVER be taken away….Political laws made by people are not necessarily to be followed … it is natural law that we are to follow …

5.  Elitist love Mao, Che, Stalin and the rest of the totalitarians!  Our gun ownership prevents them from thinking too much or acting on their thoughts!

6.  Obama’s presidency is based on lawlessness… Our immigration laws and Natural Born citizenship is BASED on NATURAL LAW!

7.  America is exceptional, and by Almighty God, we will make sure she stays that way!

So when Congress churns out another 2-3000 page law … inspect it in you 72 hour time frame (if his majesty still grants it ) to figure out it the law is equally fair to all humans …if not remove his majesty from the throne and bust his crown!

Got it???  Good !

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