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Truth does not look good in a prom dress.
So why take her?
Hanging out with Truth does not make people popular.
So why include her with your friends?
Truth speaks out of turn.
So people make her out to be ill mannered.
Truth always seems to talk about things that insist people engage in action.
So why listen?
Truth is a double edged sword effective in action but painful in implementation.
So why endure such pain?

You should take truth to the prom
She looks good at the reunions.
You should include Truth in your scope of friends.
She is the only one who sticks around when the chips are down.
You should listen to truth.
True happiness is the balance between a tensionless state and the breaking point.
You should endure such pain.
The workout brings about strength of character.
Truth revealed can move mountains.
But somehow the foothills appease the masses.
Truth is a rare gem.
Why has its value gone unnoticed?

~ Kellyann Curnayn

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