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ROW: This is Statism

July 13, 2012

Open Season for Insider Trading…130 Member of Congress Participate… | Right On! Weekly Magazine.

And should be REMOVED from office!

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For those of you who follow Charles Rowley’s blog, then you are aware the Washington Post has finally done some real journalism and has been able to access information on a clear pattern of open insider trading.  Connected lawmaking and stock and bond trades tied to “recently passed, hold or pending” legislation has been traced on over 5000 trades out of 45,000.  Of these 5000 or more trades they are tied to approximately 130 members of our current Congress.  One would think Martha Stewart would be doing public service announcements regarding her time spent behind bars when these congressional members do it openly.  But I digress…

Both RNC and DNC are involved…

68 Democrats and 62 Republicans are on the record as having documented insider deals totaling as much as 218 Million dollars. Most made about 30% return on their investments… Their info-graphic naturally focuses on the republicans that were so easily swayed to break the law…because too many democrats leaders in office would literally expose their effort to consume the once conservative party of republicans, who used to break up companies when they displayed a propensity to monopolize.  But not now …they would rather qualify the blind trust, and then move to openly invest taxpayer money into bankrupt companies like Solyndra as a future investment toward their re-election campaign.  Oh yes it is the very same dung, just spread a differnt way!  Read More

Statism otherwise known as communism, is capitalism corrupted.  It merely defines the players both in government and in business and there is NO FREE-Enterprise MARKET as long as indider deals are allowed by congress dictating their paychecks by writing legislation that contain their investments so they can then dictate to you what you must purchase.  American citizens both Republican and Democrats are involved.  …And we wonder where people like Romney get the high and mighty idea that you will participate or be fined.  Then is it any wonder and UN-American, Fraud, Treasonist, SOB that saunters into the White House and studies the plans of the weakest link in conservatism!

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