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I was hard on Newt, but he has convinced me….

February 22, 2012

He is the “Newt”!

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Image via Wikipedia "Propulison forward is measured in Newton's" ~ Steven Millmond

To those who read my blog ….you know Newt  really hacked me off in the past with some of his wonderings.

The forward to the book that I just could not stomach, and the smooch on the couch with Pelosi.  However, I was busy upholding Sarah Palin principles  … who backed out, and upholding Cain principles …who was beaten down.  In all that time one thing I did not seem to remember was just how staunch Newt was back in the Reagan Revolution.

When I really went back, most of the criticism I had with Newt turned out the be nothing more than absolute democrat BS!  What a surprise!  Seems even the education expansion was the democrats who torpedoed the conservative majority congress, just like they did in 2004 and 2005 right before they took control in 2006 under George Bush and started sabotaging the country left and right.  Because I was so busy defending Palin, then Cain… I did not want to hear Newt let alone remember just how conservative this guy really was, and is!

The disappointment with Cain left me disinterested for quite a while ….but …those Florida primaries were coming up and I was forced to do my civic duty or not have the right to complain…. and that was not going to happen …I had to dig down and do it quickly, as time was running out for me, and Romney was NOT an option!

With Cain out of the race… I heard Newt apologize..(it takes a real man to apologize)..That one thing he did,  that is what separates him from every other politician on the stage …he apologized!  He apologized for shmoozing with his accusers such as Nancy Pelosi who just happened to be in the center of the BS accusing Newt of ethics violations to begin with….back in the Reagan days…

Then I heard Cain endorse him… then I heard Palin stand for him both in Carolina and Florida, so I was forced to really study at that point…and found I had been WRONG!  Newt is what we have needed all along!

One thing no other candidate has had the stones to do is face the criticism in a news conference.  That is for sure… and yet Newt handles it.  Ya know it took him 3 long years to unwind all that crap, after his Speakership…and after they succeeded in getting him out of office … guess what happened… he was found INNOCENT!   Yep, when it was all said and done it was just a bigger pile of DEMOCRACT horsesh*t and the fact that Romney used this democrat ammunition really pisses me off even more…Here primary attack ad used by Romney in Florida…Speaker


….this freaking NBC communist goober reading this scripted message gives me the freaking creeps!

This ad ran just about every fifteen minutes on any station you tuned into and the media chimed in with more of the same to the point you could not tell where the news began and the advertisement ended!  And FOX too….

But what they failed to mention was that Gingrich completely EXONERATED!

Yea, Florida you voted for the lie! I voted for Newt! BECAUSE I DID MY DUE DILIGENCE!  And just in the nick of time I might add…

here is part of what I found…

It was in grand democrat style attack mode that democrats vilified Speaker Gingrich then,  just as they vilify all republicans, and were able to get unstudied congressional republicans aboard the “Hate Newt Train” in their fashionable “dog pack”!  And it was all a lie from hell!

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Not only did they attack Newt for tax violations but were successful in getting him booted from Congress. However later he was COMPLETELY EXONERATED! Shame on you Florida!

The gullible public.

I have criticized Newt for being arrogant but I’m thinking it is time for Newt to let the arrogance fly on Romney! …once again the GOP acts just like democrats….but the truth has been recorded.

Not to mention the RNC lying their asses off in Florida:

Shameful: RNC Reince Priebus, Lenny Curry Make a Jackass Out of Florida Voters, AGAIN!

The RNC, have its rules in WRITING and have been circulated through the populus and PEOPLE know the TRUTH as STATED BY both the state and national chairman of the RNC!  Lenny Curry and Reince Priebus MUST Enforce & Follow STATED RNC Primary Rules NOW!

Florida-RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Larry Curry  are dancing and pretending they did not warn Florida or were fully aware of the NO WINNER TAKE ALL Status!  However it is in writing between BOTH gentleman and clearly states that A) If Florida moved its primary to the January 31 position, they would lose half the delegates, (b)No RNC member would be able to be a delegate, (C) and the delegates would be proportional, PERIOD!  The proportional rule was stated clearly and was not tied to the penalty.  It was freestanding!

Reince emphatically states in a letter to State RNC Chairman Lenny Curry that “Winner Take ALL” States CANNOT hold a primary or caucus before April 1 2012.  This self-incrimination by both gentleman indicate that now they are willfully dishonoring their own stated rules, and are making them up as they go along for pure political expedience.

See the incriminating letter Click HERE!

So Newt teaches a course on Constitutional Studies started in 1993, and damn communist democrats at the time accused Gingrich of using the coarse to establish a “republican cabal” (as if that was a crime)and “tax fraud”. In the same fashion as today the news media then sided with democrats and went on a witch hunt and won their prize, the ousting of yet another freedom loving republican.

It is quite telling that Ronmey jumps so eagerly to use democrat crap, and Alkinsy methods of half-truths to attack his opponent. However far more telling is the gullibility of the public to swarm these half-truths as some how admirable and stick up for this goop. Seems to me the republican party is beginning their extension and is looking at the one party national rule plan and it appears it will not be the republican policies they promote either! Shame on you Florida!

Once again te truth comes out afterward, some 3 years later….Yet after it was over Gingrich fought back quietly, clearing his name. Bill Clinton and the IRS issued a final ruling on the matter stating there was no fraud involved. They issued a statement on the 74 page ruling stating thus:

“The Gingrich… course taught principles from American civilization that could be used by each American in everyday life, whether the person is a welfare recipient, the head of a large corporation, or a politician.” ~Internal Revenue Service

and you fell for the lie Florida…. not the truth….”CNN~ Turns out Newt was right, and democrats and Newt’s colleagues were WRONG”

Thank God I did what I always do… I took the time to study before I went to pull the lever…. I actually went to all the candidates websites and actually read their plans …all were lacking … badly, except for one!  Newt!  he has the solutions!  As one of my friends told me … Propulsion forward is measured in Newtons… I like that.  I was wrong about Newt, but I am so glad I found out BEFORE…. and did the RIGHT thing by voting for him!

I am only sorry I wasted my time on Palin and Cain.(yes, I still love both)… .. because the real communicator is Newt!

The best speech and Town Hall of the year to date:  Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich at Oral Roberts University

Go Newt 2012!!

BTW the Weekly Standard (the weakly standard) with Bill Crystal has picked up where the democrats left off in the 80’s in old dog pack style just like freaking Pelosi!

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