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Classic Americanism V Progressivism: Why Majority of Candidates Lack Popular Support!

December 4, 2011

Progressivism is an insidious ideology to all parties in the USA. Republicans are just about to be eaten up with it too!  Obama has displayed the most aggressive form of  progressivism by LYING about his intentions and doing the opposite.  However he is far from being the only one to practice that MO.  Four current republican presidential candidates do as well.

What separates the republican party from all the others is that there remains a remnant of those who reject Progressivism.  Thomas Sowell made a very important point this week when he acknowledged that yes our country is quite divided and he made the observation that the seeking the opinion of the mushy middle is a complete failure in presidential elections.  The left will go all out to convince the right that his is a great purposeful strategy because it fits their agenda.   And conservatives have absolutely bought into it, hook line and sinker!

However Thomas is warning you and I that his strategy will lead to nothing but more compromise and further deterioration of our society toward simply more progressivism.

Lessons of Electoral History?

Being all things to all people is not a winning platform.

It used to be common for people to urge us to learn “the lessons of history.” But history gets much less attention these days, and, if there are any lessons that we are offered, they are more likely to be the lessons from current polls or the lessons of political correctness.

Even among those who still invoke the lessons of history, some read those lessons very differently than others.

Talk-show host Michael Medved, for example, apparently thinks the Republicans need a centrist presidential candidate in 2012. He said, “Most political battles are won by seizing the center.” Moreover, he added: “Anyone who believes otherwise ignores the electoral experience of the last 50 years.”

But just when did Ronald Reagan, with his two landslide election victories, “seize the center”? For that matter, when did Franklin D. Roosevelt, with a record four consecutive presidential-election victories, “seize the center”?

There have been a long string of Republican presidential candidates who seized the center — and lost elections. Thomas E. Dewey, for example, seized the center against Harry Truman in 1948. Even though Truman was so unpopular at the outset that The New Republic urged him not to run, and polls consistently had Dewey ahead, Truman clearly stood for something — and for months he battled for what he stood for.

That turned out to be enough to beat Dewey, who simply stood in the center.

Candidates should certainly reach out to a broad electorate. But the question is whether they reach out by promoting their own principles to others or by trying to be all things to all people.

The mushy middle are those 10% that keep coming up in polling that never know what they believe.  The progressives will hold this group up as the majority so they can advance their agenda.  Whether Romney, Gingrich Huntsman and Perry felt they had to participate in progressivism, or go home, their willingness to determine, that was the only option is what disturbs American citizens.  Their participation in the climate change movement, the UN agenda, healthcare mandates, and harsh regulation of business have just about crippled this nation.  It is unacceptable for democrats to adopt this Soviet style of legislation, but for republicans to also scoop in to it as these have is unacceptable.  Ronald Reagan proved to these men there was a choice but they decided not to learn it!  Stand on the fundamental principles of freedom with responsibility.  Well, they did not learn as their legislative records tell the tale.

There are others like Michelle Bachmann who has firmed up her principles slightly in that she has fought this progressive ideology tooth and nail in the House of Representatives, but when it came time to step out for a real modernity of true classic Americanism she called FairTax the 666 of tax codes proving there is still a strain of progressivism that runs through her ideology!

Santorum is an opportunist “for now” only…because he is immature and a hot head who has absolutely no personal main-street business experience.  So if the crowd is bashing the TEA party he will too.  And if the crowd veers away from “Peace through Strength” he will align with Ron Paul supporters, for an isolationist view.  I believe he has the capacity to be president one day when he decides to gain that business experience and drill down on his own beliefs, but he is NOT there yet.

Conservatives need to learn to stay the course.  The apathy, willingness to believe lies, and actually fight the lie as if they are true, or to even be personally hurt is not an option when dealing with progressives.

When subscribed to natural law, progressivism is highly offense!  Period!

So what is Classic Americanism?  Well it was summed up best by historian and journalist Bill Whittle in the “What WE Believe” series of the Firewall on PJTV.  This is where Whittle so eloquently described the sound reasoning from the fundamental beliefs of the TEA party through the fundamental belief of natural law.  If a person accepts these principles (which the majority of Americans do) then there is very little choice in this presidential election, and Washington DC KNOWS that.  

It is not so much the left against the right as it is Washington DC political, Big media, and financial elites against the citizens of the USA.  They know beyond all doubt that power is in the hands of the people, its citizens, and it was placed as a trial in the hands of DC operatives mentioned above in 2008.  That was an EPIC failure, so citizens moved the power back to the citizens slightly in 2010 giving us a deadlock between citizen and DC.  The presidency and Senate desire to rule over the citizen and the House is a majority of people who feel they are there to truly represent the people except NOTHING is being accomplished.   However with such a great divide in this structure nothing could possibly be accomplished.  However there is no need to return to the “demopublican and republocrat congress that Newt Gingrich ruled over that has led us to form his days as speaker to where we were in 2006 everything was passed to where  are today, DEADLOCK.  That everything mentality started with Newt.  If you wanted something .. that was when anything goes, and in culminated is a deaf and depraved congress of 2006-2010.

The statement of “WERE ALL COMMUNISTS NOW” has never been so close to being true.  Newt has an entire team devoted to not defending his record but “overcoming objections” to his record.  HUGE difference  Newt there is no way in hell you can over come my objections to your progressive record.  You can multiply that very statement 3 more times with Perry, Romney and Huntsman.  And by 10 with Obama which exclude him from the outset, which is why I ever even considered voting for the man.

When DC sees citizens coalescing behind a natural law candidate, every stop will be pulled to end that, and candidates like Cain but it is impossible to stop this time though.  This citizen has had their complete fill of the progressive but Palin or Cain  simply do not have the cast iron stomach to step over this inert garbage and go to the end!

Classic Americanism is based on natural law!  The progressive left adopted a term of ‘ordinary” or “everyday” citizen to ensure that you knew you are considered a rung down from anyone involved in shaping our political landscape through legislation which include lobbyists, congressmen, men and women with the ability to hire the lobbyists, and anyone who has the ability to collect donations, or the financial strength to wield power abusively, such as George Soros types.

You have all the power you will ever need but like a muscle it must be exercised

However by our constitution you still have that power and there is NOTHING a judge, politician, media personality, or a sitting congressman or even a president can do can do to take that away.  if you took the time to watch all 7 videos then you already know why!  😉   However that will not stop them from trying to convince you otherwise.  The left have earned the right to carry the flag of the “home of the depraved“.  They will stick up for those who vandalize, murder, terrorize, and yes sexual deviancy via inside out tactics like Alinsky and Cloward-Piven to manipulate and they proved it once again by example this week when the democrat controlled senate showed their ass by passing a bill removing any penalty for military participating in sodomy and bestiality.  Good grief… but this will go nowhere!  This is on record now as their depravity showing and they own it thank ALMIGHTY GOD!  This bill will never pass the house.

Now back to Thomas Sowell’s article.  The right still had it’s problems even when they stood on principle if they were unable to stand the winds of criticism and express their platform correctly, and such was the case of Barry Goldwater.

Senator Goldwater was not crazy enough to start a nuclear war. But the way he talked sometimes made it seem as if he were. Ronald Reagan would later be elected and reelected taking positions essentially the same as those on which Barry Goldwater lost big time. Reagan was simply a lot better at articulating his beliefs.

And who today among us has exactly those view points of ensuring that power remains on the side of the citizens of the USA without the INTRUSION of what should be small efficient federal government and a peace through strength and clarity platform of foreign policy and a quick recovery system to our economic woes??  NO  ONE!

Herman Cain gained huge and quick leadership recognition to lead the national polls.  However because people could not tell the difference between a lie and truth…now he is gone…but he was truly on the path Americans want,  But don’t bother just throwing these into your next speech, because that simply will not cut it!

He absolutely personifies the leadership of “Natural Law”.

  1. My wealth or lack there of is through my own work.  The federal government does not own your income.  It does have a right to bill you for infrastructure and military defense.  It does not have the right to take  those funds (through modern means up front out of your paycheck without justification, that is progressivism.  He was not attempting to end the Federal Reserve System , but to kill the machine that had gone wild in feeding the ravenous beast thereby restoring them to their smaller and more efficient and original intent they were for most of my life.  FAIRTAX ensures DC would no longer have the power to levy taxes “on people” ever again, but only on the goods we buy. PERIOD.  This eliminate the ability for congress to control your garden and who you give vegetables to from it and other insane notions from the progressive left.  This has resulted directly from the IRS taxing your labor and is a controlling mechanism.  Why, well not all pay taxes.  We are not talking about the poor, were talking about crooks, and under the table deals.
  2. His foreign policy was:  if you attack us and expect it in return period.  (What further needs to be said?)  We are not going to play the “give us protection for financial gain” game.  If you are an enemy, no funds for you!  No more mafia games!
  3. We would have ensured our social security and medicare and medicaid would not used in bartering to terrorist states for protection in that what we put in, we will surely get out, by placing those funds in individually labeled accounts where it will be an awfull fight to even consider to change.  Just let someone mention taking funds out of your bank account willy-nilly… yep same thing on the privitization or SS!  We will succeed!
  4. You have the right for healthcare to be between you and your doctor without your doctor facing 100,000 dollar fines or prison time  for treating you the way you want to be treated.  The government does not have the right to know the details of your personal care.  It does not have the right to dictate that care through codes and predetermined payment.  That meant Obamacare had to GO!
  5. We have the right to see accountability and that the budget is balanced yearly by mandate from the people who pay for it!  PERIOD!
  6. We have the right to dictate that the primary focus of education is the basics of reading writing and mathematics!  Everything else is secondary.

Why would we not succeed??  These are just good old “dirt common sense principles” any person in their right mind unaffected by progressive principles already know.  They know it hits pay dirt in the minds of the American citizen and SCREAMS classic Americanism via NATURAL LAW louder than anything.

DC knows they are done!  DC also knows you know it!  DC is struggling under the white spot light of the long arm of the law of the power of the citizen to display one last gasp of arrogance before being silenced for 100 years.  It is not that progressivsm is taking over it is the last bastion of just how big of an ass they can make of themselves before their time is up.

We already know that those who have dipped their legislative pens into the progressive ink well, will have a propensity to do so again and they are not going to the oval until they can prove they have changed on the record.  That leaves out the five muskeeters of the boy band known as “The Progressives”  staring Obama, Romney Perry, Gingrich, and Huntsman.  This country is moving to classic Americanism once again and progressivism is dying despite the consistent bombardment of  public relations of the art of LYING by the media machine.  The know also they they have been sunk and it must be very hard to face those cameras daily knowing they have to read that scripted response without cracking up, breaking down or thinking for themselves, but hey “it is a paycheck”.  It is the absolute and overwhelming rejection of Obamacare “the greatest piece of progressive legislation ever illegally passed”that has written this message indelliably on the wall of their trances.

Modernization does not compel one to adopt the ideas of progressivism (Romney would have you think otherwise which is exactly why he started using the word modernity, well done Mitt, but there is that little pesky record of yours).  We all want modernization, of our infrastructure, of education, of healthcare.  Progressivism has the nature to be paranoid and needing to know every detail about the where, when, how, and why, of EACH individual so their plans always include these intrusive schems in any upgrade to modernity.

America was built on principles of FREEDOM with responsibility.  That responsibility rests on each individuals shoulders and if the individual negates his responsibility to his fellow man and crosses the line it becomes apparent to all around.  Then law enforcement has every right to investigate, and move in.

I am letting all the candidates know there will be no dynasty of politicos any longer.  You an step out and differentiate yourself on this trend or lag behind.  However do not think that people will not notice a verbal, written or vote count of support of “pro-progressive social engineering via your for ever documented RECORD of it!

What does the social engineering of the right look like ??  Respect for the individual!  It is the true engineering minus the social make over.  It says people are human beings, imperfect , but with mutual respect we can work together.  But to hear Newt tell it our social engineering or the actual lack of is just as bad as the left… as Paul Ryan states … why have the left as an enemy of conservative ideology when you have Newt??  Well said Congressman Ryan.

It says yes we will fully modernize without the intrusion and we will respect each other.  No 1984, Lord of the Flies mentality accepted.  I am openly asking you to drill down on your fundamental beliefs and reject those candidates who have dabbled with progressivism, starting now!

Make it clear and decisively pro-Classic Americanism and we the citizen can and will restore America to her fundamentals of individual respect.  STOP pandering to the mushy middle as McCain did in 2008.  We know how well that worked out!  Let’s force our congressman to once again treat you with respect by seeking  your good opinion before he or she ever casts a vote for any up coming legislation.  The way it was meant to be!  We will see if true conservatives are able to grow a spinal column to withstand the insults.  So far … no!  So today we are seeking a spinal column with a record of holding to it!

I thank God for the good wisdom of natural law instilled in our forefathers!

  1. December 27, 2011 12:00 am

    Tamara, we have a lot in common. We use a different term for your Classic Americanism that you might find interesting.

    Traditional Americans still believe in America as designed and envisioned. We refuse to be beguiled by the lies of the left (what they call “progressives”) that have been assaulting our American society with full force since the hippy ’60’s.

    • Tamara Heater permalink
      December 27, 2011 9:15 am

      You have that right !! The progressive movement is really already sunk because they boldly leaped toward total Marxism and played their cards. However, there is no such thing as “winning” because the housework must continually be done! It is time to employ the true American historical professionals in our schools so they can understand what America’s mission really is. No young person in their right mind could truly disagree with America’s mission. Keeping our leaders nose to that mission will be the next generations duty. I advise them to look at the human cost of Marxism before studying the USA’s true to be able to make that choice. It is time to DEMAND that our teachers and professors profess the oath of our constitution or not be able teach!

  2. ron8072 permalink
    December 26, 2011 6:54 pm

    Your last paragraph settled the whole issue for me and I quote: “Make it clear and decisively pro-Classic Americanism and we the citizen can and will restore America to her fundamentals of individual respect.” Doesn’t seem that hard, does it? But Republicans for the most part as so afraid of hurting some progressive’s feelings, that it renders them ineffectual, such as McCain. I had hope when Cain was in the race but since his withdrawal, I have this kicked-in-the-gut feeling that won’t go away. I fully intend to support whomever gets the nomination but until Obama is replaced, with one of the weak candidates left, I expect my gut feelings to remain.
    One thing no one is discussing is how this yet to be named candidate will govern. Are we naive enough to think the Progressives are going to roll over? Will we be able to gain control of the Senate with this candidate? Retain the House? If that happens it should mean good things for America. However, if this yet to be named candidate is inaugurated and then tries to lead us further down the same paths we have gone, what will happen? Will the new Tea Party senators and congressmen/women be able assist him, or rein him in? America needs a team leading it. A credible strong President espousing Traditional American values will be useless if without the other two branches co-operating. I wish more would discuss this as a plan needs to be formulated now for how to deal with reality in Jan ’13.

    • Tamara Heater permalink
      December 27, 2011 9:27 am

      Well I will be talking about this very thing in my next article. Be sure to check it out. I believe we can and will win, via providing you and all enough information to see it is possible for a true conservative Classic Traditional American win!

      I am absolutely convinced we will. The left is shucking, jiving and dancing as fast as they can to make up tripe. It is bouncing! Solidification is happening! No doubt about it …and the left is terrified. They should be …

  3. 724willy permalink
    December 26, 2011 4:40 pm

    The crickets are chirping, the frogs are croaking, and the locusts have become a great roar. Sounds like chariots on the mountain tops.Lets hope they increase until they devour every green thing. Siera club, EPA, Global warming hoax alarmists, Croney capitalists,Wall street protester types, Soros and company, and all other enemies of stricy Constitutional rule, should remain on the menue till all are consumed.

    • Tamara Heater permalink
      December 27, 2011 9:19 am

      Yes, the critters have been known to chomp right through the the enemy camp. Let it rip! Amen!!

  4. December 5, 2011 11:01 pm

    Sustainable momentum, we each need to do our part. No candidate that stands up against the bullies in Washington will ever survive without the power of the people. It is sad to see potential candidates who dropped out from sheer fatigue, exhaustion, and depression. I’m reminded of my responsibility as an American citizen!
    sobering read…

    • Tamara Heater permalink
      December 8, 2011 7:14 am

      Indeed, the “Anyone But Obama” (ABO) is merely the guide for seeking mediocrity that the left will surely stand and cheer for ! I mean let’s elect a republican progressive so we can continue Obama’s policies under “republican leadership” ….fagedaboutit!

      I believe people are finally tuning out DC and the media and everyone is TEA party now.!

      ” “Everyone carries a part of society on his shoulders; no one is relieved of his share of responsibility by others. And no one can find a safe way out for himself if society is sweeping towards destruction. Therefore, everyone, in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle. None can stand aside with unconcern; the interests of everyone hangs on the results. ” – Ludwig Von Mises.

    • GQ4U permalink
      December 26, 2011 9:22 pm

      Kellyann Curnayn I agree with your comments on this issue but found the most sobering part of this article was its glaring lack of support for conservatism. Tamara goes on and on about the establishment, 5th. Avenue, GOP and their progressive shill candidates, but spends very little time detailing the true conservatives in this race. In fact the most Constitutionally sound candidate, Ron Paul, is ignored. Ms. Heater is pressing her own illusionist form of brain washing on her readers by using sleight of hand distractions to avoid talking about the only candidate that strikes a wooden stake into the heart of BOTH blood sucking political parties. The establishment, that Ms. Heater so rightly criticizes, will do everything in its vast power to stop anyone who is like a Ron Paul. What we need today is what we had at the beginning in our “Founding Fathers.” Visit the website below and read the whacky, nutty, ideas of George Washington.

      George Washington’s “Farewell Address”:

      See Paul’s similarities to Washington:

      Is Ron Paul the perfect choice for President? No, he doesn’t embrace the concept of income tax liberation, but he is far and away ahead of all the other candidates that want to rework and massage existing bureaucracies, rather than abolish them. Also don’t let elitists scare you by accusing Paul of being an isolationist, that is simply not true. He is an non-interventionist, which means he respects the sovereign rights of nations, just as he respects the sovereign rights of the individual American.


      • Tamara Heater permalink
        December 27, 2011 9:42 am

        Ron Paul is a tax collecting dust ball who has never accomplished a darn thing in 30 freaking years. He had a wonderful opportunity to actually stand and strengthen US and individual sovereignty when Regan was president, but did he … ZERO. He had every opportunity to come out and blast Clinton did he …ZERO. He had very opportunity to blast the corporate bias of our legislation by going porkless, but did he … no he stuffed the bills he knew would pass with pork and then voted no.

        He acted as the father of fear on a level that Goebbles himself would be proud. Not only that he did it on Russia today practically every single week from 2007 to 2010. Did he stand and shout over the Russian disarmament of our missile safety system ..oh heck no… this guy did not think we should have participated in WWII, and thought the destruction/ liquidation of the 6 million Jews was not any one problem let alone ours. So you would not see him defending people against a narcissistic Iranian Ayatollah with a bee in his turban. He loves to see people destroyed by their own government. I think he would even stand and cheer.

        And then let us not even mention his crazy racist ranting news letters.

        This guy has truly left a record of his demented ideology in the open and has on the record video of admitting all these things and trying to justify his callous and reckless disregard for other human beings, and a head in the a… sand hole position. He needs to stop smoking that weed. He has caused his own dementia! Time for serious 24 hour care!

        I think you are in need of a serious principle check!

  5. Steve permalink
    December 4, 2011 11:14 am

    Good read . I agree with most of it but think we could have a great president in Bachmann . Maybe she needs fine tuned alittle but i have watched her closely and she has consistently
    stood strong for the right things , often she has stood alone . Santorum could use some fine
    tuning also but i believe has our best interest at heart . The rest of the field is simply same ole
    crap (globalists , progressive , nwo politicians) . We are not going to find the perfect candidate and honestly , we are in such dire straights we have to change presidents now or God help us all . I wish we could get Bachmann or Santorum but its looking like we will have
    to settle for “anyone but obama” . It took years of apathy to get us in the trouble we are in and we cant expect one election cycle to get us turned around . Right now we have to keep the car from going over the cliff even if we have to hit a tree to stop it . The biggest challenge is our short attention span . We’re awake now , but for how long .


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