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The Buttermilk Biscuit: One missing ingredient can make them “ho-hum”…….

March 9, 2013

“Breakfast in the morning, breakfast in the evening, breakfast at noon time too”….lalala lala….

OK Well you breakfast lovers out there know what I mean.  If you love breakfast like I do, and have a family that loves it, it is essential you learn to MAKE IT!  Like all good cooks, sometimes we forget an essential part of our own recipes.  Aside from driving the cook nuts, those that await the finished product can give back a ho-hum reaction.

OK, yeah, I know what you are thinking… “Hey Tamara, I thought you were all about politics and business…” Well while that is truly two of my main focuses  … I do have a few other focuses and talents that I have not discussed here.  This blog is my catch-all.  I write about “what I think”, don’t ya know?  Today it is about  correcting my buttermilk biscuits.  Ya see, I made them for my mother and sister recently and while they were good and rose up high they did not brown well and I received the” eeeh”!.  Well I forgot my secret ingredient…

Albert Einstein promoted the thought that human beings are capable of storing and being knowledgeable on an infinite amount of information on many different subjects, in a “jack of all trades” type of mental outlook!  In addition, he felt you could be your own best expert if you studied and did not opt for the “master of none” philosophy!  Well, aside from healthcare, public relations and promotions, writing, blogging and networking… I am also a domestic chick, mother of two boys who loved cooking for them!  And while I totally agree with Einstein, it is essential we are able to REMEMBER what we know.  If we forget an important component of our own advice and expertise … it might turn out “OK” …but not great! (It also could be a disaster)

Oh yea…I can fry up the bacon, bring it home in the pan, and if you want me to remind you how wonderful you are as a man …. you will eat my biscuits, and like them… LOL!!  However if I do not get them exactly right … it bugs me probably far more than anyone forced to eat them…It’s TRUE!

IMG_0135Really and truly the buttermilk biscuit is that central part of the “big family” Saturday or Sunday breakfast-brunch meal that everyone drools for and what brings them to the table…. While I do not claim to be expert at “everything” … my biscuits are big buttermilk beauties, when I get it right!

Well today I corrected my problem and re-baked over my mistake from the other day.  Not only does my secret ingredient help them brown uniformly it makes them taste and hold together a bit better!

A bit of crunch on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside… YUM!  They are ready for the sausage patty, the gravy, the egg and bacon… and lets not forget the jelly or the honey with butter!  Crazy tasty…….

Now this all brings me back to politics… of course, because we as a society must get it right!  Come on!  After thousands of years surely we can figure out what we need as a society and what we don’t.  We can surely remember the difference between right and wrong…and stop entertaining the ideas that have killed entire societies over the ages.  We also must remember the essential elements and ingredients that make life wonderful!  Things like variety and spice of responsible freedom and the blessings of liberty this country was founded upon that have given American lives flavor many in nanny countries have never known.

Families for years made political decisions around the dinner table!  The idea of not talking politics and religion was a communist idea, not an American one.  That is where FAMILIES derived their power, by coming to agreement at the dinner table.  If I were the United Nations I would want to break up families too!  And they do!  So talk, talk, talk!

I believe war is a necessity at times because some nut case will always want to drop a bomb on the successful, however remember WWII??  That war had already claimed more that 60 Million lives and many countries leaders during that time had their sights set on global control just like Hitler did when the bomb was dropped, and it promptly put an end to it at least temporarily!    I think drones can be useful, but a central ingredient would also be the CLEAR Rules stated and MADE KNOWN world over, not just a secret panel or a single president making a life and death decision on a citizens lives without JUSTIFYING it to the public!  Even then … sometime the PUBLIC can be WRONG!  We also need to ensure our allies know they can turn to us when they need us!

Life can be full of contradictions and ambiguity!  However if we remember what our goals are we can determine good, better and best solutions!  The RIGHT solution is always the BEST solution that includes everyone in well thought out and clear and upfront ways of implementation.  One missing ingredient and it will not achieve the best results!  Just like when I made the biscuits and forgot my own secret ingredient!

We continue to see missing ingredients in our lawmakers lawmaking, and the laws they make.  They would do well to first agree on the fundamental ingredients.  A great example happened this week between John McCain and Rand Paul on the use of drones in the United States.

  • John McCain wants you to “trust the government”to the exclusion of the Constitution.
  • Rand Paul says to “trust the Constitution”, but he too can over look our alliances in the world who uphold freedom.

And these men are on the same side???  I think not!  John McCain has a habit if overthrowing the constitution every time POWER of the government has and opportunity to expand.  Rand Paul acts as if we can allow the middle east to go to hell in a hand-basket and have no repercussions.

There is no “armed drone policy” in the USA.  They are simply here, ready to be launched at any give time, without a clear warning to the would be target.  They “say” the drones are for terrorists, but can anyone confirm that??  And what are the criteria to be labeled a terrorist?  Janet Napalitano labeled TEA Party and veterans as terrorists in a homeland security briefing, even though not as much as a piece of paper was left behind during “approved” protests. Conversely the Occupy movement destroyed buildings, caused bodily harm and even death, and rape in the protests and Nancy Pelosi babied them with oogles and googles.  And our veterans???  What?  Are you telling me you will train them for missions that are framed as “just” wars and then when they return label them as terrorists?

Are we to exercise Constitutional restraint here and ignore them elsewhere in the world?  Have you seen the devastation these drones cause?  If we do not use them judiciously with clear warnings then we continue to risk the lives of our service men, only for them to be labeled by their own government if they survive.  Do we use them against those individuals who descent against America, or those who openly threaten our allies and America itself?

Fundamental disagreements on the ingredients of the argument persist!  Does the Federal government have LIMITED powers expressed in the Constitution for the protection of its citizens or NOT??  If yes then no armed drones over US skies can be flown!  If no, then we are without a Constitution and are a LAWLESS Nation, and anyone can be a target willy-nilly.  They could have used a drone at Waco and Ruby Ridge, which amounts to descent not being tolerated in any form.  In a foreign exchange will it be their drones against ours??  Will we then devolve to “transformers” that look innocent until touched??  This gets deeper and deeper into stupidity of “I own the world and you don’t”, mentality!

Seems like to me what we say is not what we do!  We must first remember the fundamental ingredients that have founded the nation only a mere 200 years ago that brought all citizens to the table.  Still a young nation, with so much power to promote the good or repeat the bad due to paranoia, we must remember the fundamental ingredients we need to come to AGREEMENT!

A good Biscuit Recipe can keep mouths full and ears open… but one missing ingredient can make them ho hum! A time for discussion and coming to agreement is set and ready, over a good biscuit! Just as we like parts of this guys platform and some of another guys platform, many seem to have a missing ingredient like protecting our allies, or upholding ALL of the Constitution, and selecting only the parts they like… well you can encourage them to add the ingredients they miss. When whole families start ringing the phone of your senator or representative to “get with the program”, that is when you take back your power! Decide over a good biscuit! Here is my recipe too with all the ingredients!

IMG_0136Easy Buttermilk Biscuits

2 cups of Self Rising Flour

1 teaspoon of sugar (helps uniform browning, the secret ingredient)

pinch of soda

fresh buttermilk

oil (your choice of cooking oil)

Mix dry ingredients in a medium-sized bowl. 

Start pouring and stirring in the buttermilk in small amounts until the flour has been has been gathered into the moist!  Once the flour is all moistened, it gathers itself as you stir.

Now, add a small amount of oil at a time and stir well until the moistened mixture forms a nice ball on its own as you stir.

Trick:  Use plastic-wrap.  Lay a decent piece of plastic on the counter.  Sift some flour over it.  Turn out the biscuit dough onto the floured surface of the plastic-wrap topped counter.  Now sift a small amount of flour over the top.  Flowering the biscuits is just for handling them!  Do not roll it out!  Do not “work” the dough!  Just lift the plastic wrap and let the edges of the dough move and the flour fills in the spaces,  until you can handle it!  Then lightly pat it out with very little handling of the dough.  Cut the biscuits out!  Pour a small amount of oil to barely cover the bottom of the your favorite baking pan 8×8 or round 8 inch pan. 

Place the biscuit in the oil and promptly turn it over, continue until you have arranged all the biscuits in the pan side by side, no space between the biscuits.  Now bake them up in a preheated oven at 450 degrees for about 20-30 minutes or until the tops are a dark golden brown!

Call everyone to the table and enjoy!!

Clearly for society to function properly the USA needs a strong military, but one that also acts justly, with the  rules of engagement clearly laid out for all, even and especially our enemies to know as we advance with technology that can easily kill from a distance!  You do this, we will do that!  We as citizens need to help our neighbors in our communities more and come together when our leaders decide they can “hide” the rules they use to make life and death decision about its citizens here and abroad.  We need free enterprise and our freedom and liberty to take risks that enable us to become self-sufficient for ourselves and our families!  We need energy to power our homes and factories and transportation and recognize that solar cells and wind turbines cannot handle it all, but can be included for savings.  We need to realize we may have to re-direct some fresh water every now and then to supply populations in need of it.

Lets just hope we can all drink a big can of common sense to wash down those biscuits.  That is one ingredient we seem to be fresh out of!  Lets not lean toward ambiguity and continue to entertain things we already know do not work…like building sky scraper high debt that endangers individuals everywhere and only serves to increase paranoia!  Paranoia means there are definite missing ingredients that will lead to a mere existence of a ho-hum life that is goalless … uggg!  We as citizens can and MUST reject apathy, and ensure the lawmakers we elect and send to Washington, DC. must acknowledge the fundamental ingredients that made America great before they start wheeling and dealing.

OK, lets eat those biscuits, now that they have the proven correct ingredients! YUM!

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