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Open forum for presidential campaigns, 1/15/2012

January 18, 2012

Right Voice or Real Change with Host Jason Marshall

Jason Marshall hosts a radio program every Sunday at 8pm on blog talk Radio called “Right Voice for Real Change“. Last Sunday he spoke with the campaign representatives of each presidential candidate.  You can listen to the show and join him next Sunday at 8pm!  Here is his blog and what he had to say on last week’s program.

On January 15th, I was lucky enough to be joined by 5 campaign representatives working on the grassroots level to get their candidates elected as the Republican party nominee for president.

Listen here:

We started off with Michael B. Smith out of Texas, who is supporting Rick Santorum. He spoke at length about where Santorum stands on the issues of taxes and social matters, though he could not answer a question pertaining to the Brady bill that Santorum allegedly voted for.

Next up was Mark Pilling, who represented the Ron Paul campaign. After detailing to us why he feels Ron Paul is the right candidate to back, I invited Chip Jones to come on to ask Mark a question, being unaware at the time that Chip was on the line for the Romney segment. What ensued was a very healthy debate over a sensitive subject involving actions taken by our troops recently. I remain a fervent supporter of our military, and allowed these 2 gentlemen an opportunity to air their opinions in a civil manner. It turned out quite nicely.

Kaitlyn Greeley followed Mark Pilling, and spoke about Mitt Romney. The discussion included information regarding Bain Capital, Romneycare in Massachusetts, Romney’s business acumen, and his leadership abilities. Kaitlyn was given an opportunity to defend Romney against attacks that have been sustained from the Gingrich and Perry campaigns, regarding Bain Capital’s record of job creation vs. job destruction.

Ed Lyons had the unfortunate circumstance of promoting Jon Huntsman’s campaign, just before finding out that Jon Huntsman was going to suspend his campaign the next day, and openly endorse Romney for president. After this interesting revelation, we said goodnight to him, offered to have him back on the show at a future time, and brought on our Gingrich representative.

Finally, my good friend Mary Mazzuco of Hernando county came on to speak about Newt Gingrich. After explaining how she felt about Gingrich after the Presidency 5 straw poll in Orlando, Florida back in September, she talked about how after Herman Cain dropped out of the race, the choice for her was clear. We took a call from a woman by the name of Sharon who gave praise to Gingrich, and then Mary and I reminisced about our trip to Orlando and how heart-broken we both were when Cain suspended the campaign.

Over all, the show was a resounding success, we gained a half-dozen new followers, the largest audience of any previous show, and would like to thank all who participated! You can check out the archive below, and check out the following campaign links:

Archive –

New Gingrich campaign –

Mitt Romney campaign –

Rick Santorum campaign –

Ron Paul campaign –

Open forum for presidential campaigns, 1/15/2012.

Join Him next Sunday at 8pm on Right Voice for Real Change


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