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Online Marketing Community Exposes Their Dishonesty with Ron Paul

January 17, 2012

“Back Hat Marketers” have achieved exactly opposite of their goal…. they have done TWO things …. they have GUARANTEED the “hard copy” vote at the precinct and that voter ID will be used nation-wide! 

Technology can be used for the good or evil designs… Internet marketers aligned with spamming, generating fake testimonials, tracking advertisements, pop-up’s, terminal DNS, are all black hat marketing techniques.  These are some of the same techniques used by Obama, unions aiming at recall votes, and various online marketing tricks his teams used during the 2008 election.  However they have openly exposed themselves with Ron Paul.  They achieved their goal with Barack Obama by manipulating public perception but have clearly and openly exposed their techniques.  Now the public is  not falling for their work with either of these two men this time.  In fact they are being eyed for possible hacking charges.

Have you ever gone to Macy’s’ website and added something to your cart, then changed your mind??  Then somehow when you go back to your home page your browser pulls a snippet of that product page you visited and just happens to “call” the ad for the product you viewed on the Macy’s site???…yeah?? Well  these are “black hat” marketing techniques.  They are mostly harmless for “cookware” , toothpaste, or that jacket you though you may have wanted.  However when these techniques commonly used for most mundane product searches are suddenly used for such important things as elections to manipulate “public perception” an inferno fire storm is going back fire on the “bot” community.

Even “bots” themselves can be used for good.  Scanning large quantities of info to find a particular word or phrase in large document are the way Google gathers information to create their search engines catalog.  But when information is bent on the level it has been bent for Ronnie and Barry-Barrack … someone is going to pay.

Public sentiment is openly and overwhelmingly against both of these men, as well as the techniques used by “black hatters” …yet what appears to be popular online polling continues to show favorable results for these two out of the water candidates who just happen to be ideologically aligned. Imagine that!!

If 1% of the voters happen to be online at a time versus the techniques of just one of the online marketers who have deployed “bots” manipulating the polls at the same time for one candidate .. then that small dishonest deployment can manipulate data to look like majority approval over the 1%.  It happened with Obama and it has happening with Ronnie Ru Paul.  But this time …. it is OBVIOUSLY out-of-place.  An online poll can be announced and within mere seconds the bot has found it …like it would any other benign info that  it is “set” to locate, and subsequently “fills’ it to capacity by “calling” those that deploy these bots which in turn goes out to a long list of “includes” who merely answer the call from their smart phone almost simultaneously.  They ” think”  that everyone will believe the “bot” winner to be in the lead over other candidates,  and those supporters would feel discouraged.  In the 2008 people were aware of the techniques, but were unable to reach much of the public who were not aware and a wave of false-positive public perception issued.

The public at large are not aligned with anything Ron Paul has to say, and now they are openly disgusted at Barrack Obama.  This is precisely what has exposed the repetitive bot manipulation.  Internet marketing has always been given a black mark for their black hat techniques, specifically because of their techniques of generating fake testimonials, using pop up’s, generating terminal DNS ads, you know those ads you click on to find out more information and have to close your browser or tab to get out of??? Well these are the same techniques used with the Obama election and Ron Paul.  The problem is when open public sentiment disagrees with their manipulated data… they become openly exposed …… even for some possible prison sentences.

The black hat marketing community’s overwhelming online polls not matching the overwhelming negative offline public sentiment and disgust at Ronne Ru Paul and Obama is nothing to the disgust that will be leveled at them.  These are the one and the same who turn and cry piracy?? and push SOPA and PIPA to protect themselves.   But Americans are now loudly signalling that it will NOT be SOPA or PIPA to pass.  When you manipulate ads for acne medication or Macy’s department store that is one thing but you think you big enough to manipulate data for an election … tick-tock!

Now comes Obama who wants to put n place SOPA and other “piracy” protection when they are the instigators of such piracy that should put them in the dungeon of any prison. Some black hat marketers may surely be setting in the dungeon with them.  There is absolutely no doubt from the SOPA and Piracy legislation language that Obama knowingly hired these people.

At one time people looked to the internet as a possible solution for elections.  However that can now be guaranteed to NEVER happen because all trust is gone for that measure.  The internet is a wonderful tool to catalog information and be able to research a company or other information from home. It has given small business a real and true opportunity to gain business by really getting their message out there.  However no one appreciates it when the information follows them and hounds them for days on end in the form of an ad, or trapping them where the “back browser” is disabled, and of course pure fake info. Polls who have no captcha or verification tools are not believed and those that do are placed in a bad light by those who do not verify.  This has left a huge hole of distrust.  That is a good thing in my opinion.  Skepticism should reign supreme until all verification down to birth place and background information can logically be verified by online and offline agreement.

The internet is still in its infancy.  Still a little over 20 years old compared to Ma Bell..but “Back Hat Marketers” have achieved exactly opposite of their goal…. they have done TWO things …. they have guaranteed the “hard copy” vote at the precinct for another 200 years and that voter ID will be used nation wide.  The good will win out over the bad, because at the heart of internet function is “people”.  And people hate liars, that is just the way it is!

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