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Leftest and Rinos Hope YOU NEVER See a Difference Between Vetnure & Vulture

January 15, 2012
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STATISM is State stamped and approved business.  What do you think Obama has been doing when he had launched attacks on Gibson Guitar, ATT??, and Koch(pronounced Coke) Industries ???  How many corporations discourage their employees from “thinking” and hand them a script for EVERY customer and patient interaction??  ( yes the think on your feet positions in hospitals reward their employees for following scripts) Rolls eyes ….@!@  How may corporations have the same “Go GREEN” message on their corporate website and NEVER mention private enterprise of entrepreneurship EVER????

So do Newt and Perry have a point??

You betcha!!  It is just like Huckabuck (Huckabee) to set Soviet  politically correct rules of unmentionables for the US presidential debate since he is so mushy in the middle between Soviet Capitalism and US Capitalism that he cannot make up his mind if he believes in free speech or not.

Only problem is … Rick Perry is criticizing Mitt for the SAME thing he did as governor.   There is a difference is creative destruction and sucking CAPITAL toward a political cause… ie OBAMACARE, GREEN ENERGY… don’t believe the difference ???

Where in the hell have you been ??

When Big business is united in anti-American behavior and regulation CHOKES the living life out of Main street business and you are booing someone for pointing out Vulture Capitalism(STATISM) known as political sanctioned business?? yeah Huckabuck…??? And to the citizen of the USA…How many boycotts have to be done in American to delineate the difference for you…???

At any given time a RINO-republican will establish some rule like a Soviet to ensure he eliminates those who try to tell the truth… Funny thing … IT IS UP TO EACH INDIVIDUAL TO VERIFY… Remember Ronald Reagan?? Trust but verify?? Try it some time Huckabuck!

Q. Do I believe Bain Capital is a statist corporation???
A. Well … hmm you would have to see their investment track record…
Q. Has Bain been in heavily invested in green energy???  You tell me …

Q Has Bain been heavily invested in corporations that would benefit from healthcare mandates???

These seach results are NOT answers to these questions but merely a starting place for research….

A. These are THE questions where the real answers can determine Vulture from Venture!

Do I believe Romney is a pro Statist kind of guy…???  Well not unless it is popular to be a statist capitalist ….


Mark Levin: Who the hell is Mitt Romney? I really want to know!

 The Right Scoop
The Right Scoop
on Jan 12, 2012

Levin is rather dismayed at a video that has emerged where Mitt Romney is not only misrepresenting capitalism, but saying that he isn’t a classical Republican when it comes to economics, which he also misrepresents. Levin says he just doesn’t know who Romney really is:

I honestly do not know if Mitt Romney is a conservative or not! I honestly don’t know if he’s a free market conservative or not! He has evolved on every single major issue I can think of, and not over a course of time, but over a course of a few years. Pro-abortion, now pro-life. Against classical Republican economics, whatever the hell that is, now he’s for it. And I can go down the line. 1994, trashing Ronald Reagan.

I mean, who is this man? Can somebody tell me WHO IS MITT ROMNEY? It’s a simple question! I don’t know! And the problem is, 75% of you don’t know either! And we want an answer! …Honest to God, I want to like the guy! Who the hell is he?! I don’t know!

And that’s the problem.

Oh I challenge you who go and do what ever the TV tell you to do, to read the rest of the article ..

What we are left with is the RINO set and we have to select the least RINO who has the MOST republican in him…well it ain’t MITT!

Come on… if the leftist and progressives are using the Constitution AGAINST you….it is not a question of if they are using Capitalism against you … but rather how long has it been going on … and how much longer will you allow it to continue by voting for people who love mandates???

Please study this time before you vote in the primary!  We know Obama is done.  We also know Americans sat and allowed the media to sacrifice the only candidate with a true pro growth plan that is Herman Cain.  Palin will not run and Bachman is gone.  Not one TEA party candidate is left standing … so we are left as I stated with the RINO set… but it is choosing the most conservative candidate that can WIN.

Rick Santorum does NOT have the experience, and I am not going there again , and there is little difference between Mitt, Perry and Huntsman… and that leaves Newt… and I would not trust him or ay of the above without a bulldog CONSERVATIVE force in the  Senate and House .  Choose wisely grasshopper!

PS… byt the way Sarah Palin was on “Justice” with Jeanine Prio but as so many times before … the link to the Palin video is broken… rolls eyes again…
Finally the video is up now Jan 17th…
Watch the latest video at

Palin stated EVERYTHING is fair to be on the table of discussion… I totally agree!

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