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Conservatives still have the most to gain social media….

January 10, 2012

It is time for you to flex your influential muscle…

Conservatives by all account still have not scratched the surface when it comes to using the “new media” of the internet and social networking media.  Christians are called to remain in control and use their influence to maintain social order or law and order.  Since most Christians are conservative it is time they really know what they hold in their hands that is so under utilized.

If “we” had utilized it to its greatest effect, the media would surely be singing a different tune, because leftist would no longer be in the anchor chars.  We have made inroads… after all Katie Couric is gone….however it is time for YOU to use your personal influence.

Using your “clout” to save the nation..

I love the analytics available to people now.  They can actually look at their own effectiveness in getting their message out.  It is a lot simpler these days with programs such as WordPress.  WordPress revolutionized publishing.  Not only that,  they still continue that revolution.  I almost count them “as a whole” as one of my best friends.  No mater the time of day I can come here and get all the things out of my head and on the record that I would say, if someone shoved the mic in my face,  It is highly therapeutic. Then anyone following my work has the same opportunity … anytime of day or night, today or even 2 years from now, someone can come by and see what has been swirling around in my brain.

However when our nation is facing such winds of change that are entirely up to “no good” for the citizen body, then we must consider this mega microphone a bit more seriously than just therapy.  It might just reform our media, our nation and maybe reform the world to be able to have the freedom we have enjoyed in the USA.

So back to the analytics…. I happened upon a site called Klout…

Use your "influence" to save America!

To my surprise it told me that I was pretty effective in getting my message out..(pat myself on the back). but there was a shocker lying in that info…(OMG!)

The shocker was when I saw that my network had less influence as a whole than I did as a person… that stopped me in my tracks.  I have some where in the neighborhood of about 5 thousand friends who I communicate with through social media, and out of that 5 thousand I am consistently reaching about 2 thousand of them. In other words these are those friends that  listen to what I have to say eventually, and I listen to them and somewhere in the course of things, about 2 thousand of us routinely have banter back and forth.  (the banter back and forth is the important part).  So how in the world could 2 thousand people have less influence that me????

Well….Klout is constantly in flux and one day is not a picture of your “real” on the ground clout.  Many people who really have influence with people are not on the social networks still.  However combining these resources can have a powerful effect. Each time you add a social network to Klout it starts analysing all over again and takes a while to reach a stable point of analysis.   When you first join give it several weeks before you start trying to make assumptions on what it is trying to tell you. ( my reach was very stable at about 2 Thousand but is wobbling because I just added Google + to my analytics which I will talk more about later)    Of course people will take different aspects and have different viewpoints … but this is what I have gathered…

I gave a great deal of thought to the last 20 years…

Our media totally ignores the public and babbles on with some of the most unimportant drivel and fails to mention the most important things …such far-reaching legislation like SOPA and the NDAA act set to be made law with out as much as a peep from most of our elected officials or in a news program or format.  Which makes me wonder… what if each individual were speaking out and had the same level of reach and back and forth banter that I do … and what if we had a consistent message to that unruly media and our elected officials.  Stop SOPA!

Our country is quite conservative and believe in the tradition of free speech, the right to life liberty and pursuit of personal happiness.  So then how are we in a position where our media spouts bigotry of its own and beats conservatives about the head and neck for having good common sense??  It is because we fail as a group to flex our influential muscle.

We do not have to be like the left and say the exact same teleprompter words to get our message across.  And you really don’t need a website to get your message across.  A few of my friends are more influential than I am, and have no website, but they constantly comment on blogs, push back on lies and tripe, and they share articles with everyone and most importantly they share their view-point within the social network that they have involved themselves. So I started talking to my several ok a lot of people about this lets look at Klout before I started trying to get individuals to pay attention to their groups influence:

Here is my reach, amplitude, and network influence before I started paying attention…

Reach Before

It is this “coming to agreement” moment that raises the groups influence almost instantly.  Speaking in their own voice they share the articles on critical issues and lead with common sense solutions that lead to consensus.  That is a thought leader, much like Michelle Malkin.  Michelle Malkin is not too, too  far from Youtube in her influence level.

Reach After

She has a loyal following that has reached consensus. She is both a thought leader and influence. However to changes upward in influential reach is exponential so it is very hard to move even a smidge upward… but as you move upward you CAN also loose amplitude.  Amplitude is that face to face influence communication with

amplification "before"

family (most-high) friends (some-medium) and our neighbors (slightly-less) that we have in our circles of which Facebook and Google+ focus on. and  BTW from a  media perspective my Google+ friends …you need to ask your private circles to comment and “plus” your public articles and mine too  in order to get the word out on Google+.  Analytics do NOT…

amplification "after"

even look at closed circles… alrighty?? ( that should tell you alot) If thought is in a bubble … it stays in the bubble until someone takes it out of the bubble… interesting  right??  Which means people in Google+ circles should without a doubt push up each or the other circle members .. “PUBLIC ARTICLES” in order to be effective…. Google plus will not tell you that…

network influence “before”

Ok anyway…the higher we go in influence reach sometimes the less we have in amplitude.  Usually because speaking has become a career for that person and their focus has changed from influencing their neighbors and friends to “thought leading”.  Thought leading is critical for movements such as what conservatives are trying to achieve. But those of us in the middle can raise our influence in both areas. We still have both face to face influence (amplitude) and (reach of influence) and still keep our

network influence "after"

day job!

So what would happen if we really concentrated on doing both face to face (talking to family and friends) and reach work  (expanding our social networks)… and for example  took Michelle Malkin’s thoughts (which are salt of the earth) and passed them on to our circle of family friends and neighbors … Well in time Michelle Malkin may have competition… (which she does daily) but that group as a whole would be communicating a message of strength that resonated from top to bottom and the groups influence as a whole would surge. (Town Hall) (American Thinker) (Right Scoop)  ;-)! … get the idea????

Town Hall has Michelle Malkin, Thomas Sowell and many more… but we know that 300 Million people do not hang out in the same bar… or go to the same grocery ( like the left desire you to do … and they can wish in one hand and … ya know ) so 300 Million people are not going to hang out in the same groups but they still have to be effective.

People WANT the banter back and forth…. THIS IS PRECISELY why they break off into smaller groups.  Because unless you can speak with the author in a banter back and forth situation… you are still just being lectured to… right?? Right!  That is the way most feel….and when they can talk back and forth …. they do INCREASE the group’s influence! Because those people will take that conversation and include it in a conversation with friends.   Increasing the multiple group’s influence is what is going to save America!  No one can do it by themselves!  My focus is increasing an individuals comfort zone to speak out thereby, increasing the groups social network influence, thereby reforming our media thereby stopping BOTH the leftist and anarchists!

Conservatives already have consensus on ideology!

Conservatives have already reached consensus of the Constitution, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness… it is just the way it is.  And we all pretty much agree on the SOLUTIONS!  We just need to force the candidates to carry those solutions via following through!  The left want you to think independents are liberal by nature … It is NOT SO!  They are exhausted from the right promising to uphold law and order and then turning and not doing it … so they have left the republican party whose planks would normally preserve and defend the republic.  Some lean a bit looser on interpretation and some lean more strict, but the conservatives comprise most of this country by population.

Leftist only comprise 15% of the country by population but they have exercised their influence by grabbing the microphone of the country, its media.   There is only one reason conservatives have not plowed them under and jerked the microphone completely out of their hands.. As we outnumber them 3;1. but we conservatives as a group” have not flexed our muscle of influence enough…as we were instructed to from the beginning.  Therefore legislation such as SOPA and NDAA act are still on track for ungodly approval.

Now I am NOT talking about witch hunts and burning people at the stake … Thank God those days are gone … but enforcing our rule of law, our “Natural Law” based US Constitution is the most fair for all people and we know it.  There should be no “gay rights”, “women’s rights”, minority rights…  we all have EQUAL rights under the law as it exists RIGHT NOW,  of the Constitution to live our lives as we see fit.  Murders, pedophiles, thieves and liars are separated from that population because they endanger the “citizen body”.  Well ladies and gentleman history has shown over and over that those who try to shut down free speech via laws such as SOPA also are dangerous to the “citizen body”.

The internet was invented by our military, but as propelled by private enterprise!

The left saw this as an opportunity to democratize our republic.  So the left herded into anything that promoted free speech in order to pervert it!  The only way Obama can continue his assault on our constitution is if we set and do not flex our influential muscle by speaking out.  Get out there with your face and your name and as a group dictate to him the way it will be and that we will follow our laws or else!  The left know that they are outnumbered… this is the reason for the showing out which such legislation such as SOPA and NDAA.  They want to shut you up…because they know they are outnumbered… and that is for sure….that is right!  So we need to stop SOPA!  Take it as a compliment though, the conservative movement is so effective they are trying to pass a law to stop you from doing what they did… Amazing! lol…here is more ifo to STOP SOPA!

So …Get more involved with your groups.  Comment on the blogs of those you align with outside of face book, then share those articles with your family, friends and neighbors and your groups inside Facebook.  Want to flex your muscle even more… ?? Start a blog, or get a group together like Town Hall or American Thinker where you have a group of writers who will consistently express their personal opinions.  Then when your group gains membership and many are expressing themselves in their own voice.. and their own words… and they combine their works with other groups like Jay Sekulow, AAPS, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, … then the left will meet their fate… their influence will be so diminished that soon these companies will be bleeding so badly they will not be able to be pay anyone to listen to  them….

If you know what classic liberalism is, well that is as far left as America should EVER be! … These are democrats such as Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen and David Horowitz are those who fight for infrastructure needs that are REAL… not bridges to no where.  ..And they surely do not advocate the Chinese building our infrastructure.! … but if you are left of Pat Cadell.and those above, and are setting in front of a mic…someone should be challenging you for the microphone in the USA!  These men are the leftward barrier edge of conservative thought …classic liberalism is the fiscal conservative who ensures compassion ( I will admit we have to have some of that, but you got to convince me first ….by making sure the right needs of the country are met) through their arguments for such work.  However these sentinels of classic liberalism must also stand in force to say forcefully… this is as far left as you need to be …. and they should be pulling the anchor chairs out from under those on MSLSD.

Then….Anarchists are far, far, too far right … we must have law and order.  But good grief … they want no government, no standard of measurement, no laws.  These are those who preach for money to be done away with and for all of us to live on a total barter system of “resource management”  but …lol.. watch out if you buy their goods… what one person pays is not necessarily what you will pay, nor will you necessarily get the same product or amount as someone else would … Murder and pedophilia is relative, and vigilantism is the order of the day, and they are every bit as tenacious as communist, as has been well demonstrated.

So What was it that you said again???

Well I ask again…….If the majority fall between Classic liberalism on the left  and small efficient government on the right ….WHY ARE LEFTIST ALLOWED TO CONTROL THE MICROPHONE OF THE MEDIA AND MOST OF OUR GOVERNMENT???  It is because we as a group have not flexed our muscle of influence but if we do… the left is DONE and so are the anarchists.

That has been predicted by Pat Caddell (a democrat pollster) and every conservative for quite some time … Pat sees that the democrat party went off the rails into the soviet style totalitarian force a long time ago.  He knows … and is fighting with David Horowitz with those (leftist who also know) that put together such legislation such as SOPA.  Legislation that proposes that you could be shut down, your business closed, even imprisoned for speaking out?? Yea….Precisely the reason that if you look in my “Top Blogs” blog roll links in the sidebar to the right >>> you will see that I do uphold the classic liberal as our real left and as well the law and order conservative like myself and Michelle Malkin.  You will see both Michell Malkin and David Horowitz of Front Page Magazine there… and you will find these people are those that represent the majority of “our citizen body, “We the People”!

Now they are saying here in this next video, that this is what the left is trying … THEY ARE NOT SAYING THEY WILL BE SUCCESSFUL… In fact they both David and Pat predict the demise of the democrat party leniently within 25-50 years… I think it will happen sooner than that … when conservatives find out how easy it is to flex their influential muscle!  It is already working to some degree as folks over at “TheObamaDiary”  google it … are already whining that the media is “biased” against Obama.. lol!  But remember this????

We cannot stop !  Take the fight to both leftists and anarchists that feed off each other!

The great awakening to the great action!

It is clear that the country is awake but we are still in a confused action process… but it is a process… and all it takes is for you to make up your mind to speak out … and join with others who share your individual ideology, then talk with family, friends and neighbors face to face and encourage them to do the same.  Before long your group, my group and conservatives in general will have increased its influence and well effect change to challenge and pull the microphone out of the hand of the leftests..and weill block the anarchists… and  will restore the USA to law and order.  We just might even change the world.  It is coming!!!!  This leads me to believe that it just may be Newt Gingrich that we do need.  He is capable of ensuring that these conservative ideas are communicated CLEARLY… then … a conservative congress in the senate and house will ensure he does not stray from those promises by people mandating them to turn the clock back to somewhere between 2002-2007… but remember the father we go into debt… the further back we have to turn the clock.

It is for sure the candidates of the future will be forced to adopt the solutions “we the people demand” .  This is exactly how the left won in the first place with their PC campaign and their wacko soviet ideas, they worked together.  When you know we outnumber them 3;1…lol… well what are you waiting for???

Raise your influence.  Raise your groups influence.   At this election time let’s restore the nation to law and order!  If you are in my social network of friends lets raise our networks influence!  Talk to your family,  friends and relatives about jumping on board social networks to be in the information loop.  Then the more groups like Town Hall and American Thinker and Media Research Center that move forward the BETTER because these groups will lay down the law to full US Constitutional restoration…

We do that by engaging in banter back and forth in conversation of American ideals in order to raise that groups influence!  No doubt about it!  Keep going and don’t stop because it is working!


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