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Newtys Arrogance Trips Him for the FINAL Time! Elephants Memory!

November 24, 2011


Michelle Malkin rips Newt for dabbling with “faddish third wave progressivism”

Newt said last night that by any rational standard, he is the most conservative of the GOP candidates. And Michelle Malkin might agree if we could remove the last decade of his life, but she says that’s where the problem lies with Newt. She described it as his “proclivities with faddish third wave progressivism” over the last 10 years that led him to support big government candidates like Dede Scozzafava in New York and sit on a couch with Nancy Pelosi. And she believes it’s important not to minimize these things too much when considering all the candidates.

Here’s the clip:

We as citizens have had it up to here! ^^ 

As Newt clings to a one and a half point lead , and the media claim the race to be between him and Romney (who has completely disappeared from the leader board altogether) Newt cannot help himself but to use that time to start lecturing American citizens, from his arrogant pull-pit!  Good gravy Newt… if you signed an OATH in blood and I would still be suspect.  And you sir are hiding crap….. and now we are going to take a deeper look… not at rhetoric or recommendation.. but YOUR ACTIONS!   I not pointing to any personal BS either…it is ALL governmental.

Stupidity is amazing … and so is self sabotage… he finally pulls a 1.5 point “wowie-zowie” lead and promptly shoots himself in the foot , and pretends it did not happen hoping you will not notice the blood running down his shoe!

I have given him the benefit of the doubt for an internal change that would solidify his conscience .. but his arrogance, wheeling, dealing and game playing are ONCE again becoming all too familiar for good old Newty!  Awesome debater, sweet-talking conservative lathers in rhetoric, incredible historian, and SAY ONE THING and do another politician of life long proportions !

He played his hand and his progressive cards CAME UP!

This is the REAL Newt Gingrich… and it never fails.  If it is important to American citizens … he will defend their position up until the most important moment and cave.  Yes that is his great M.O.

Obama is now halting 300,000 Court ORDERED deportations … and what does Newty do… he goes mushy!  Oh I am sure you have heard it all before .. but we are going into detail .. right here and now…cause I am over giving the benefit of the doubt, and you WILL understand exactly WHY!

Just like he did on EDUCATION when he was the speaker with a conservative majority in both houses, I might add.  Same with CLIMATE CHANGE, same with MANDATES in healthcare, HIS rhetoric DOES NOT match his ACTIONS!  That is the VERY same crap that hoodwinked millions of Obama supporters! His arrogance always trips him!

Let’s get down to it…

OH DOES HE KNOW CONSERVATIVE SWEET TALKING…ummmm hummm make you just want to melt… but his two timing ways come to stab you in the back when it is all said and done … and he is up to it again, as sure as I am writing this note!  No, that is NOT a personal dig… it is his affair with the progressives….to whom he has made promises to evidently.  Because he courts us … but when it come time for action, the action is always against us!

  • – He defended his statements on the position of mandates in healthcare… WHERE is ANY freedom of CHOICE, once inside a MANDATE??  That is correct ladies and gentleman… any mandate will whittle away choice, sooner or later!  Newt… you are a full of crap as my turkey was with stuffing !  THAT DOG has never hunted!  EVER!  People will use the analogy of car insurance… lol…every stinking car insurance quote is fixed.  Everyone of them has the same gwad awful advertisement let alone deal… THERE ARE NO DEALS to barter inside of mandates!

Busted: Proof Positive That Gingrich Supported Healthcare Mandates

As Newt Gingrich takes his turn as the GOP flavor of the week, all that baggage he carries is beginning to be opened, unpacked and examined like a tourist going through customs on a slow day at the airport.

The past few days have shined a light on Newt’s relationship with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the quasi-governmental agencies that Gingrich has been hammering for their role in the nation’s mortgage meltdown. Yet, it turns out that Gingrich’s consulting firm accepted a sum well in excess of one million dollars from these same agencies to push their agenda with his Republican buddies on the Hill.

Now, the media is getting around to examining Gingrich’s record on healthcare reform and are finding themselves shocked to learn that, as Governor Romney accused during one the recent if endless GOP debates, Newt was a big supporter of mandated health insurance long before he was against it.

  • – OH .. his climate ting has nothing to do with his Pelosi smooch on the if that was not bad enough. IT IS THE FAILED knowledge of PRINCIPLE and the most basic human science learned in the 7th grade.  Look … if a human being by age 20 .. does not know the gas exchange that takes place within the human body, and what gasses are exchanged.. and I do not mean the physiology, but just the basics…. he is not trustworthy to lead… this is human basics 101 in defending life in the first place..May things can be defended as a read for pro, or read it for con… but the Rove and Newty both see power as a family dynasty type thing….

Wrote the forward to another one of Toffler’s books, The Politics of the Third Wave, Creating a New Civilization well guess what … YOU as a person from the point of GOVERNMENT have NO business, what so ever, forming any society via correction or engineering…. “WE THE PEOPLE” ARE in charge of any change… YOU, dear  Newt and Rove types are there to carry out the administrative decisions of “WE THE PEOPLE”  …period!  Pro or con his waffling positions in context with past actions … I do not dislike him…. I DO NOT WANT HIM IN CHARGE OF MY COUNTRY!  PERIOD!

I mean …. how much has he changed??? REALLY??  What he been doing???

2008 Records the ‘We Can Solve It’ global warming TV commercial for Al Gore along with Nancy Pelosi
2009-2010 Travels around the country with Al Sharpton and Arne Duncan to promote President Obama’s new educational policies: i.e. increased local control of schools with increased Federal subsidies and regulations from Washington. (Sounds like quite a contradiction to me.)
2010 Supported ultra-liberal, pro-abortion, pro-union, establishment candidate Dede Scozzafava in New York’s 23rd Congressional District in a special election, over conservative candidate Doug Hoffman.

Yea….. so Newt …. you did not know how you felt about social engineering until you smelled smoke in the winds of change????

I EXPECT JUDGEMENT ON MATTERS OF LIFE AND DEATH TO BE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, NO FLIP FLOPPING…. PERIOD!  If you can flip and then flop …chances are you could be paid handsomely to flip back again.  His stance on Climate change IS as it relates to our economy, NOT as a matter of morality!  CLIMATE CHANGE BS LEGISLATION IS ABSOLUTELY IMMORAL!   Don’t thinks so???  Kissinger, Gates, Soros, always pared climate change or global warming with DE-POPULATION.  THEY ACTUALLY uses that exact word.  These are schooled men of at least average intelligence, and the use of the word DEPOPULATION is NEVER used unless it is MEANT!  And you cannot simply apologize after you use such a distinct word.  Newt, you are not going to make it, buddy!  You should have been setting off cannon off the front lawn of the House … there is NO compromise with those who are intent on destruction.

  • – Oh Newt was staunch on border and immigration enforcement one year ago today… speaking out that many justices should be barred from the bench.  Well Newt you might be right because we would need them to possibly fight you directly.  Now comes Obama and halts the COURT ORDERED DEPORTATION OF 300,000 CITIZENS HERE ILLEGALLY!  What does Newty do… he moderates and modulates, and vibrates his progressive leanings to shuffle to the left hoping you will not notice that he wrapped it all in a “Conservative With Compassion” bow of pale blue with tears of entrapment for you ….because by God if Reagan could pull it off for 3 MILLION, he can PULL it off for 15MILLION….and that is how Newty will sucker you in…. and then WE can repeat this ENTIRE scenario, soup to nuts, economic to social, world-wide stage event,  in anther 20 years…. YIPPIE, doesn’t that sound fun!  Well … TELL Newty what you think!…
  • – As if that type of arrogance of modulation was not bad enough… thinking no one would notice….DURING THIS CURRENT CAMPAIGN …Newty defends Herman Cain in the heat of false accusations…. but few noticed his ARROGANT blunder when he turned to the news reporters with a half grin and stated…. ‘This race is NOW…between me and Romney”…. LOL…. NEWT YOU ARE A PREDICTABLE SOB…, LIKEABLE …OH yes!….but we like some of the villans in life… but you know what???  THEIR ASSES WENT TO PRISON JUST THE SAME!  Oh yes …… he is ONLY 1.5 points over CAIN…. who leads EVERYWHERE else!

How far are you willing to go Newt, are you willing to go for the Emmy Award… of SAY ONE THING and DO ANOTHER and WHAT …. BLAME IT ON CONGRESS WHEN IT WAS YOUR JOB TO LEAD AS SPEAKER…and you had every tool at your disposal…. THAT IS EXACTLY THE POINT…that is the democrats game, and you played it inside a republican majority! 

Shame upon you! 

An elephant NEVER forgets!   Thank you for the conservative rhetoric, but I think you may step back now! Mr Cain, deal with Newt strictly on his issues and go for the knockout NOW!


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I am an American:  Herman Cain stands WITH US!


  1. Tamara Heater permalink
    November 28, 2011 5:44 pm

    Ad here we go! fro PJMedia

    “Newt Throws Down the ‘Electable’ Gaunlet

    Not sure the Newt wants to go there, but he’s going there.

    Newt Gingrich, who not long ago was urging his fellow Republican candidates to avoid tearing one another apart in pursuit of the party’s presidential nomination, took a new approach on Monday by explicitly declaring: “I don’t claim to be the perfect candidate; I just claim to be a lot more conservative than Mitt Romney.”

    With his candidacy on the rise, Mr. Gingrich opened a three-day campaign visit to South Carolina and warned Republicans to be suspicious of candidates who “adopt radically different positions.” It was a fresh glimpse into the sharpening tenor of the nominating fight as the first round of voting begins in five weeks.

    You mean, like falling for the global warming hoax before backtracking? Both Gingrich and Romney did that. Or being in favor of big government mandates to “fix” health care before coming out in opposition to said mandate? Because both Gingrich and Romney did that, too.” ….. read more here:

  2. janetmt633 permalink
    November 25, 2011 12:22 pm

    Excellent article and I completely agree! The challenge (notice I didn’t say problem) we have is to get the information out to the public. Most of this is hidden or forgotten. I used to think he was the best choice until I started digging and what an eyeful I got. First and foremost, he has 4 years of experience and talks big but no support from anybody he worked with in those 4 years. That speaks volumes to me. Lots of talk and no action or even worse, negative action. Those that know him best, shun him the most.

    • Tamara Heater permalink
      November 25, 2011 12:41 pm

      and guess what… in the emails I receive from his campaign , he has an entire section dedicated to overcoming objections to his record.. WOW… let’s see the last time I had to use a script to overcome an objection ..I was working in a commodity trading “boiler room”. There are similarities! “Always be closing”! It is truly a sales job for him!

  3. November 25, 2011 9:27 am

    Incredible! If this does not finish Newt’s candidacy, we, as a nation, are destined to be doomed.

    • Tamara Heater permalink
      November 25, 2011 11:52 am

      Indeed! Just as in the case of Charlie Crist… he knew the lingo of the Conservative, that got him elected, but when he assumed the office, his actions belied his rhetoric. Newt is pulling the SAME stunt! Republican In Name Only is a LIE of pretense of really being a PROGRESSIVE!

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