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The CNN National Security Presidental Debate and Opinion

November 23, 2011

It started out a bit mushy!

Right off the bat Ron Paul folded and looked weak!  He would try “the enemy” as a citizen of crime, a mere criminal!  He is lackadaisical and would turn a complete blind eye to intelligence!  I want intelligence on the enemy and I also KNOW our government CAN distinguish between the enemy and citizens.  A pat down of an elderly woman in a wheelchair with problems is not my idea of common sense, but for sure trying a terrorist who automatically renounces citizenship with an attack on innocent civilians as a generic criminal is not common sense either!

A payoff to Pakistan for intelligence is like paying the mafia for safety.  Modernity does not equate to progressivism.  Modernity is a life of environment (and i am not talking trees here I am talking about economic ) to change the mindset from death to life by seeing hope for a prosperous future.  Paying an intelligence “TEAM”  is a great deal different from paying the government of Pakistan to play both sides of the table against the middle (US).  Funding Al Qaeda  to cause difficulties to create terror then subsequent intelligence??  yeah well …  See through the mud Michelle!

Afghanistan is still a ticking time bomb as a breeding ground for extremism for IRAN.  A vacuum left in Afghanistan will no doubt allow hostile force to breed and terrorize and enslave the Afghan people and it will be a haven for plots against the free world.  The Trilateral positions of Afghanistan, Israel and Iraq keep Iran is check   They know it ,we know it!  Training of national forces in the regions to improve the safety of civilians to be able to start thinking of a more MODERN life in very backward countries where prosperity moves from the corrupt to it’s working people is the way forward.  However nations building should be limited to training it’s people to support it’s own military.  If they love corruption, then corrupt they will always be.  It is their choice.  Have a government supported by the people then allow the US to play a longer role and if they choose corruption… limit scope and time.  Empowering the individual to live, and not just exist, is the way forward.

Rona Paul is daft and naive and “head in the sand” blind.  He truly sees no evil.  He just does not believe evil exists.  That is just a liberal position … period!  He has LOST all direction and is just WRONG!  When Santorum casts his lot with Ron Paul well the Occupy-a-Mud-Puddle strippers who preform nightly with the obots in vandalizing the country will just love you Ricky!

Michelle Bachmann did hit a nail on the head.  It was Iran who openly threatened the free world stating they will wipe the USA and Israel off the map with nuclear weapons if they obtain enough material to do so.  Newt hit it when he said we cripple them by going after cutting their knees out from under them by cutting off the money supply, and selling Europe our fuel first, then if out of absolute necessity assist Israel is strikes against their nuke facilities, as Herman Cain suggested, FIRST!.

We MUST get out of FOGGY Obama Foreign Policy… through clarification! It is just this simple! Peace through strength with clarity! Clarify who our friends are, and lets clarify who our enemies are!

Our Military might will ever be weakened!

And the Debate Continues…

Romney finally forcefully stood for Israel as our fullest ally in the course of Freedom.  This IS accomplished via the trilateral positions of Afghanistan, Israel and Iraq keep Iran is check….. and G.W. Bush WAS correct!  We must allow the people of those areas to stand on their own two feet, by getting their own defenses up and running, before we approach the day we leave.  Cain is ready to defend our allies, and put our enemies on NOTICE, he is CONSISTENT!   That means all of our allies including Israel, and all of our enemies including the government dictatorship holding Iran hostage!  That is the nutshell I choose, and it is NOT complicated !  Period !

We must demand that these countries start trading back with the USA for their sovereignty and modernity,created via infrastructure OUR engineers and military service personnel who paid with their very lives and limbs and start assisting  the USA in paying off the debt for their safety.  Surely it is worth that they return in kind negotiations to favor US trade, or just plain ole pay for it!  (Send them the bill!)

On the usurpation via super-committee, well was not only  CORRUPT at its core it was also unconstitutional .  OUR CONGRESS is to debate these ISSUES in the LIGHT of DAY.  MY interests and YOUR interest are not represented by ANY super committee behind closed doors.  Our interests are ONLY represented in congress where my senator or representative that was duly elected is ABLE to do his or her job is standing for that interest.

The Democrats have failed to pass a MANDATORY BUDGET for… coming up on 4 solid straight YEARS!  Any budget they would have had to commit to paper would have been so absurd the American people would have been so outraged they would have torn DC down brick by brick as it would have shown these people for who they are: CORRUPT!

They have flatly siphoned off the treasury.  The only way to stop them is to openly and publicly as a people ban the democrat party from participating in public service for 100 years as a result of the treason, sedition, tyranny, fraud.

It is a just consequence of the intense strife they have staged and created since 2006 openly, and well before, covertly.  Some surely need to face prison for high crimes !  Namely their intent to siphon off funds of the drug cartels through our own banks via laundering, the death of our agents via being out gunned through ineffective arming , and loading the enemy up with arms and purposefully ignoring our border.  This is but ONE instance of their TREASONIST schemes!  JUST ONE!  Google treason and Obama and lists upon lists come back in return …

There are TWO candidates that put forth the real plans the can possibly meet the CHALLENGES of the hard decisions we make … and it is Cain and Newt … followed by Romney if necessary.  Romney has been FORCED to move right, therefore his rhetoric is changing daily to capture the ear of those sipping or in my case guzzling TEA!   It is not his natural decision on his part and he really has to work at that passion stuff.  Even so with passion, WE KNOW HIS PROGRESSIVE BACKGROUND!   However he showed in this debate that he might at least meet the minimum standards we believe as conservatives, but are we seeking minimum standards??  I mean are we seeking merely the doorknob  to beat Obama as Mark Levin suggested?  While TRUE, it is not what we seek!   The rest of the candidates are not mature enough or internally solid on the convictions that this nation need to return to the individual’s power.  Inside of the people holding its natural power, is law and order naturally.

So help me, if these organizations such as the Heritage Foundation, and SarahPac, who has openly ,as their mission, spoken time and time and time again about empowering the individual, do not find a way to endorse the one whose focus is on THE individual, FIRST…well before the primary…  then they can expect me to tune OUT!

Focusing on and empowering the individual via TAX reform will put us on the road to resolving our economic woes here at home, re-establish law and order, and calm the divided states we have been in for quite some time, reducing the UN to where it should be, inconsequential, and bring our foreign affairs back to focus to where they should be.

IF WE DO NOT OVERHAUL the TAX code Michelle Bachmann, the people will remain the slave to the state and this economy WILL DRAG on and on and on and on!  It is key to the recovery of the nation.

Believe it or not, I am starting to agree with my friend Robert Dean, who says forget 999 and go straight to FAIRTAX Mr. Cain, and if you do you will WIN!  Get the bills ready via preauthorship to pass Jan 20, 2013, and get the country moving again! PERIOD!

We need someone calm, cool, methodical, of a troubleshooting nature and CAIN brings it!  Newty showed some progressive tendencies again tonight .. it is like they have no internal compass that really grounds them to principle so they all play round robin with progressive social experimental thought ..except ONE.

Lets have some solid conservative social experimentation into empowering the individual FOR ONCE via Cain’s road to FAIR TAX, and then see where the career politicians THINK they derive their power, after about 10 years!  Oh, they will go all out to ensure that you don’t have that chance, so better dig your heels in, firm your upper lip and get ready to help family and friends see the benefit.  Once they do, they will never look back!

Thanks to the Media Research Center for keeping the full video of the Debate !

The Full Video: CNN Heritage Foundation National Security Presidential Debate


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