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November 16, 2011


This time, it is not corruption that has caused this unbreakable nature, it is the people who choose to rally a better man to deliver a course set to throw open the doors of opportunity!

HERMAN CAIN IS UNITING THE MASSES, quite naturally and come 2012 the paid media will have finally received a dose of their own medicine. They will have finally and fully realized …WE DO NOT CARE WHAT THEY (the paid off media and arrogant pundits) think either! LOL… bahhahahahahaha!


“999 to Fair” has hit the pulse via the heartbeat of the forgotten common man.  It is the uncomplication of the usual red tape.  It is just so damn simple!  People can do the elementary math that lets them know that paying taxes on the back-end of their income works in their favor. They know any man who will go to the lengths Herman Cain has, in order to communicate standing for the individuals own interest, has more integrity in his little finger than the rest combined. The plans set forth for the truest form of small effective government only serves to grow the ranks that will outnumber any thing any other candidate has attempted to do with their plain unflavored oatmeal repeated and replayed rhetoric.

While any man on the right might be able to beat Obama, Herman Cain’s foundation of principle goes far deeper than the others. Cain’s plans secure the very meanings of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Securing life, does not always secure a living, and securing a living does not necessarily secure rights to self-determination. This is where “WE The PEOPLE” have made the determination that it is THE PRIMARY VOTE THAT COUNTS! Thus the reason the rank and file candidates really do not want their records shown up because many look far too much like the records of the left! While we may not beat the other candidates over the head publicly, BELIEVE ME …. PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT THOSE POOR PLASTIC RECORDS! A huge difference is shining through!

And So MUCH more!

Everyone who takes the time to do the math, suddenly sees a life of self-determination far beyond existence once the plan of 999 has finally moved to the solid landing of FAIRTAX, and dreaming begins again. We the people can dream again…. this is what is swelling the ranks as people protect their interest in the America of tomorrow to a measure that no media pundit like Rove or Krauthhammer could comprehend.  In fact America is seeing straight through the jealousy and depraved green-eyed envy of the mushy right, and are ROARING back to the “absolute power” pundit brokers who will poo-poo that such a feat could be completed.  It will be completed by “WE THE PEOPLE” so fast it will make the heads of the left, and of the progressives of the right EXPLODE and blood shoot from their eyes for once!

In fact, DC circles were counting on the fact that FAIRTAX had been effectively swept under the rug, and that no candidate would be brave enough to approach these waters. Anyone who did would be met with personal attacks of the lowest rung produced. EXCEPT the DC circles never counted on being completely REJECTED themselves. They thought they had this sown up and that the American people would obey their every whim and utterance of whom to like and not to like …. and they WERE WRONG!

Cain not only holds the lead for 999 to FAIR, but for his moves to ensure the individual common man is represented in every aspect of his plans. NOT A SINGLE CANDIDATE, outside of Cain has communicated this! Cain is capturing entire swaths of the military, retired military, business people, ethnic groups of all creeds, colors, and belief. WHY?? Well any fool knows that with the individual being represented …. comes law and order in its most simple, cut and dry form that shines a bold white-hot light on corruption that completely disables it from spreading like the virus it has been.

This is why the long knives out for Cain are INEFFECTIVE, in total!  Finally the masses will be represented to where individually they can plan a life that is unencumbered by worthless double regulation that in-fights between itself over the last picking of the carcass of the change left in the right front pocket.

No longer will a deaf ear be in control….”WE THE PEOPLE” WILL BE IN CONTROL.

TOKYO "Gloria ALLRED has credibility" ~ROVE!! ... hey....Nothing like announcing your own irrelevance!

Cain has tapped into far more that the survival of the individual … he has tapped into their drive to succeed and thrive. That is something Rove and Karuthammer will be still trying to figure out after they have read and re-read their books on manipulating the masses, and will be scratching their heads over, for years to come.

The TEA party principles are winning absent any clear leader, and the media and progressive left and RINO crowd just cannot get their footing. We understand that. We have been there before, but turnabout always is fair play when the security of an individual’s ability to plan their own lives is threatened. So we are positive you will learn to live with your new-found unimportance.

Which brings me to my final point. Those who wish to be leaders in a true “free market enterprise” it is coming in view… and those TEA party leaders who have spoken about smaller smarter government, and time-tested truths, such as Sarah Palin, would do well to become bold in their endorsement now.

Cause it ain’t complicated!

Making endorsements after the fact of the primary takes NO GUTS.  That is a ‘well they won so I have no choice but to support” BS that has been going on for years upon years.  To those candidates whose last name do not end in CAIN, well some are more conservative than others.  If I were you I would be very particular how I played my cards.  You might get a great seat in Herman’s administration. WE ARE TAKING OVER AND WE ARE SECURING THIS REPUBLIC, hand to hand, and arm to arm.  In fact, those who face the challenge today, of solidifying the vote behind those who make it clear they will put their weight behind the true candidate that represents every individual, will still be leading the future.

Those that don’t, WON’T!

Common People United for uncommon Results!

“Them that going, get on the wagon. Them that ain’t, get out of the way!


Were coming through, UNITED!

  1. jodeluna permalink
    November 19, 2011 9:55 pm

    I Love This Page!

  2. November 17, 2011 12:10 am

    Shall we refit the crown or live out our Self-determination
    Self-determination is the hallmark for which the United States was founded, people determined through a process of introspection that they no longer wanted to be subjected to the rule of a King that was unjust and tyrannical. The communal belief that this was not a quality of life for which a human could aspire to become all that or he/she wanted to be, led them to get on a boat and sacrifice life and limb. Facing adversity at all turns, even to reach their destination was not enough, to say they had succeeded. The arrival to land was merely the first leg of their long journey to live out the freedom they sought. A freedom for which the Declaration of Independence tries to elucidate, but cannot be fully appreciated if not read with the knowledge of what they sought cost them.
    What is it that they sought? I believe it was self-determination which in turns provides the framework for autonomy. Would anyone in America imply their journey was not worth the long Atlantic trip, the cold unforgiving winter, or the loss of lives at the battle stands? Many Americans cannot fully comprehend the determination, courage, fortitude to pursue something when the goal is not for riches, fame, or personal gratification. Their aspirations and goals were seemingly esoteric to those on the mainland and were probably viewed more as a set of lofty ideals. These ideals can only be fully realized by those that embrace them. At the moment one inextricably feels the inner piercing of joy and happiness of a freedom (internal and external) to pursue their own course of action, education, profession, or worship. The first breath of a free man, after having been oppressed, will be the breath for which all other breaths will be measured. Freedom obtained creates limitless opportunities to advance oneself and the society at large. Freedom (cannot expound here) is the law that allows for self-determination, this freedom extinguished, taken for granted or not realized results in the devolution of the spirit and an ultimate return to the rule of others.
    Why is it that some despite all adversity some people rise above the mire to become far more than what was expected of them and reach personal moral excellence? I believe it can be argued that our adversities are the stepping stones that help us to reach a higher moral ethical plain then the person who has been raised under a strict moral code, experienced little or no adversity, having felt the smoothness of silver on their lips and the leisure of holidays. Some believe the concept of moral excellence is lost to people who have not seen or experienced a morally virtuous life filled with opportunity. Hence giving claim to the proliferation of a slum, they know no other life. But we have many examples of self-determination who had no reason to succeed other than the desire to do so. This is the America we speak of; A person perseveres despite the fact they have been told a hundred times the task impossible. A belief, albeit small, that it can be done but more importantly a belief so huge the heart cannot contain it, that is should and ought to be done. Fully human, fully alive, a rational being as Kant describes, this is the self-determination that protects the law of respect for autonomy.
    Why would anyone strive for anything more if these basic principles were not embraced, enforced, and honored? What Americans do not fully realize is that unless we continue to uphold these basic principles as the backbone of what makes America different, unique, and special; the King will happily rule the indolent who feel no need, desire or unction to exercise these principles of respect for autonomy and self determination.

    Trucking along graduation 2013………DNP

    • Tamara Heater permalink
      November 17, 2011 3:31 pm

      SWEET Mother of PEARL … yes, yes, yes! Give me a dream, and i will find a way to get there. But set up road blocks, and micro-manage my life…. dreams die quickly. May all those who wish to re-establish the crown be given some one to RULE over them, personally. LOL…

      Kelly, this is for you….

      By: J. Mason Knox

      It ain’t the guns nor armament,
      Nor funds that they can pay,
      But the close co-operation,
      That makes them win the day.

      It ain’t the individual,
      Nor the army as a whole,
      But the everlasting team-work
      Of every bloomin’ soul.

      It takes literally MILLIONS of people to accomplish what Herman is trying to do for THE individual!

      BTW, I want to be at the graduation party! 😉

  3. Mary permalink
    November 16, 2011 8:30 pm

    You are absolutely right. The liberal media and the Republican establishment like Carl Rove and the rest of his crony pundits are trying their best to destroy Herman Cain. We will not allow them to pick our candidate for the republican party. No more insiders, we need some bold, fresh and can turn this country around. The only person that can do this is Mr. Hermann Cain. So, lets get going and continue to support him even though the polls are saying that Mr. Cain is loosing ground with the conservatives.



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