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FOX Media Stooges Giraldo & Smith Gleefully Push: POLITICO OBSESSION

November 5, 2011


THE MEDIA REFUSED TO CHECK INTO…… the Ayers agllegiations,… both homosexual and heterosexual affairs, the deaths of several men and NOW… they over look the President being involved with terrorist groups directly such as Hamas, Hezbolah via our tax dollar contributions …and the Mexican Drug Cartels … via supplying them arms thorough the ATF….

….but will report over and over and over o 4 UNIDENTIFIED Cloward -Piven female soldiers who lodge unfounded flirting complaints against an awesome men…

…. The media is playing a dangerous game …. that the TEA Party, the citizens of America, and Herman Cain himself refuse to allow to continue!


Media obsessed with nonsense; the voters and I are not

By: Herman Cain November 6th, 2011

I am a serious person, seeking the opportunity to do a serious and very important job. Our nation has very serious problems, particularly of an economic nature, and Barack Obama does not have the skill, knowledge or will to solve them.

I do.

Unfortunately, the media-driven process by which one must seek this opportunity is fundamentally unserious. I have touched on this before – the emphasis on “gaffes,” gotcha questions and time devoted to trivial nonsense – and everyone knows the process only became further detached from relevance this week as the media published anonymous, ancient, vague personal allegations against me.

Once this kind of nonsense starts, the media’s rules say you have to act in a certain way. I am well aware of these rules. And I refuse to play by them.

There are several reasons for this. One is that, lest anyone forget, we actually have serious matters to talk about. Since the media went bananas over this so-called story, my schedule has not changed in the slightest. I have continued to make all planned public appearances. I have continued to answer questions about my 9-9-9 tax reform plan. I have continued to do everything else that our strategy proscribes.

Another reason I refuse to play by these rules is that, by doing it my way, I’m getting much better results. My fundraising has skyrocketed since all this nonsense began. Just this weekend, the Washington Post has come out with a new poll – taken since all this started – showing me in the lead nationally, with my numbers on the rise.

The media may be obsessed with this business, but the voters are not. And I am not.

But there’s another crucially important reason I refuse to play by these rules: These rules stink. Can the process by which we pick the leader of our nation be any more absurd? I’m not talking about the primary process or the role of the electorate. There is nothing wrong with that. I am talking about the media’s trivializing of such an important matter.

Consider: I held various executive positions in corporate America for several decades. I had thousands of employees working for me. I can’t even begin to recall how many conversations I had with people during that time, how many directives I gave, how much friendly banter might have taken place.

I also had to make tough decisions during these years. I turned around a poorly performing region for Burger King, then turned around a struggling Godfather’s Pizza organization. At some point during a career like this, someone will not like things you do, or how you do it. Someone will complain.

That is just the nature of things if you’ve ever done much in your life.

So once the editors of Politico started looking for people who would make claims against me, their chances of finding a few takers were probably about 100 percent. These people will not give their names. The so-called “witnesses” who purportedly corroborated their stories also will not give their names. That’s about what you would expect when people are engaging in a “hatchet job,” as it’s been described by Joseph Fassler, who was chairman of the National Restaurant Association board when I was there.

It’s easy to make accusations when, by virtue of your anonymity, you don’t have to be held accountable for the claims you’re making. It’s easy to publish them when, like Politico, you don’t follow basic rules of journalism by naming your sources or giving any details whatsoever about what supposedly happened.

But the process by which we choose our presidents has become so warped that, when something like this happens, the media and political strategists start grading you on whether you play an absurd game by their absurd rules.

When someone stops you on the street and hits you with an accusation like this, they subsequently write a story about the look in your eyes, and how many seconds it took you to speak some words in response. They go to “crisis management experts” who offer the usual sage wisdom about “getting all the information out” – as if you can get any “information” out (aside from telling them nothing happened, which they don’t want to hear) in response to allegations that are unsourced and nonspecific.

Then, when you haven’t “calmed the firestorm” – if only because the people wielding the blow-torches have no intention of putting them out – more experts are put on the air to say this proves you are “not ready for prime time.”

Maybe that would matter if I was trying out for the cast of Saturday Night Live. But this should be a slightly more serious undertaking than that.

Contrary to the belief of experts, so wise and learned in the ways of politics, I do know what the established rules say I am supposed to do. I simply refuse to do it. That’s because the rules are ridiculous, and they produce leaders like Barack Obama, who play the political game like experts but govern like complete incompetents.

The nation needs its tax structure reformed, its spending brought under control, its debt reduced and its overall governing structure made far more responsive to the needs of the people. The nation needs many other problems addressed. If it’s OK with the American people, I would like to address them.

If the media want to continue talking about nonsense, that’s fine. I’m not going to join them. It doesn’t look like the citizenry plans to join them either.

Join with friends of Herman Cain today and help get the word out !

On que Fox slides left ….

As the Abramoff story is set to explode DC, it was just yesterday, you could see the glee in Shepard Smith’s eyes, and hear the excitement in his voice that he would be able to report the big “nothing burger” statement from an attorney of an anonymous source making Cloward_Piven type claims against Cain.  What a low-class and depraved anchor, poor Shep has sunk to… my,my,my…

No sooner than he finished, Giraldo, in the saddest sounding voice he could muster for an Emmy award, he predicted the end of the Cain campaign…such a pathetic little man, so full of his self-importance…

And 3 minutes later.. Newt Gingrich’s head swelled the size of a bushel basket, and he exclaimed it would be down to him and Mittens…oh yea that was right after he “stood up for Cain… lol, Newt you one trick pony…

In the nineties … the media demanded named sources when it came to the VERY LONG line of Clinton flirting episodes that turned to unwelcome pokes of lust.

Now, they seem content with an attorney that will read a statement…

The Cloward -Piven, inside out,  form of news, is yet another example of when it really counts, FOX goes SOUTH to their very knees, and kisses the ring of Soros.  Those interim bursts of clarity are just to suck the public in, and then to turn and take up sides with those who desire … the “wilding” of America.

Meanwhile … Back at the Cain camp…. the funds are rolling in baby....and The “We The People” media completely tune out the funeral procession for Cain, and laugh at the harry-carry displayed by Politico’s public suicide, and those who just cannot contain themselves but to stop the wildly popular 999 to Fair, and crown Romney to stop the slaves trying to escape the velvet restraints of the IRS labor extortion. (Whew… yes it had to be one sentence).   We will forever make campaigning so utterly cheap that it will render the elite dumfounded.

The Washington Examiner’s Charlie Spiering aptly pointed out the “if I cannot have you no one will” (of we the serfs) political outlook  and the building obsession of the progressive elite’s as they dive into pathological narcissism.  Trying to be as nice as he can he states….

How much is too much? Politico broke the Cain sexual harassment story last Sunday night, launching organization wide coverage filling up a full week of heavy coverage on their scoop.

Since the scandal broke, the political reporting juggernaut has published at least 90 online stories on further developments and public reaction to the story.

So suspect is the timing….LOL  hahahahhaahah I mean…. The candidates ALLl KNOW very well that FAIRTAX is EXACTLY what people want from DC!  We want it and see it exactly the way Cain envision’s it.  So what happens… from the get go … Cain is offering solutions and holding the ears of American citizens via the debates.  The other candidates align to build up attention toward him, so Soros can help crucify him…. EXCEPT IT DOES NOT WORK!

American citizens are laughing themselves silly.  In every good corporation there is always someone to file a baseless accusation against every conservative leader in the corporate world that is not in the progressive circle so that one day just in case… as pay back to the Clinton White House Impeachment of the LIES of a murdering, drug running, sleezy administration just like EVERY other democrat administration before it or since….

Two Women Say Herman Cain Beat Them Senseless with a Frozen Turkey

… and the one where the Pillsbury Dough boy filed a claim that he was poked in the belly …yea we are freaking rolling… but you have to be o the inside…

So stupid are these media stooges, that they echo MSLSD, and LEFT WINGERS….we do not USUALLY give link juice to snake oil salesman… but suffice it to say… lol  they are in a free-fall meltdown, EVEN FOX , desperate for just one more click, hoping so badly the man of the house has the remote control and will channel surf their way to them even by accident … to view the irrational and high-pitched feminine fit of Lawrence O’Donnell.

While some aspect of racism exists maybe 1%..via Sharpton and Jackson, THIS IS NOT WHERE THE AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE… AND THEY ARE TUNING OUT THOSE WHO PARTICIPATE IN THIS! BUT …MEGAN KELLY AND CHARLES KRUTHAMMER…(both who manage to fold in the lefts favor nick of time, for the primaries…lol ) CONTINUE NONE THE LESS….

See What I mean here:

NO!  It is not about RACE… IT IS THE FACT THAT HERMAN IS SO EFFECTIVE AND HAS THE ONE PLAN THAT AMERICA CRAVES, AND HE IS THE ONLY ONE BOLD ENOUGH TO GO AFTER IT WITH THE BLESSINGS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ! and the 15% of the population that make up the elite and their handmaidens and loyal servants…. do not like it…..tweet that!


Because  America says …. BIG FREAKING some allegation. WE JUST DO NOT GIVE A DEAD, California smelt what you think … got it??  ;-P

So … we just step over the Ron Paul-Obama-bot-Soros-DeMAOcRAT-Progressive-Alliance of the puny 15% of the country’s self aggrandized narcissist Mensa society and flip you the a bird!

The Dove is set to fly….

Reminding you yet again… IT WILL BE 100 YEARS BEFORE YOU EVER HAVE any POWER AGAIN. in public service… if then….

We should have seen a balanced budget passed yet we are proceeding to nearly 4 years without one, while Pelosi points out the depravity of her own party Senators….and although the outrage of Dylan Ratigan is justified ……HE IS STILL UNABLE TO CLEARLY SEE THROUGH  or admit THE DEPRAVITY OF THE DEMOCRATS IN THE SENATE!   I am including the one … MSLSD video

…………..the senate is showing itself to be purchased lock stock and barrel, as the HOUSE has passed 15 JOBS BILLS with OVERWHELMING BIPARTISAN SUPPORT …let me repeat …..FIFTEEN JOBS BILLS (15)…. bipartisan, meaning both democrat  and republicans, with votes of as high as nearly 370+. under the leadership of Boehnor,, that HARRY REID REFUSES to even BRING to a VOTE!

All positions of TRUST will be cleared of all muckracking permanently, and some are set to face prison no doubt, others may lose their citizenship… there is only a short window to redeem yourself and change your ways…by coming clean…

Listen to the actual words…..and remember that compassion includes keeping the CORRUPT separated from society!

and your time is quickly running out!  Republicans best take heed as well……

We know EXACTLY what this is about … and now we know, that they know,… we know… Got it?????

Cain Says Long-Term Goal Is Shift to ‘Pure Consumption Tax’

Cain said his opponents, including U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, are saying that the 9-9-9 plan creates a European-style value-added tax “because they want to scare people.”

“You could call it a VAT, but it only happens one time,” he said. “In Europe, it happens multiple times.”

Let me give you some advice Tea Party Michelle …. quit playing the shell game … America already knows the difference and we will not tolerate YOU treating us as if we are stupid as the DeMAOcRATS do or you can be lumped in with them!

Cain … go for the knock-out punch!


I am America!

American media doing a ‘hatchet job’ on me

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  1. November 6, 2011 2:19 pm

    While the media talk to no one but themselves in their “echo chamber”, the citizens are focused and the coalition is behind CAIN!

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