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Cain Sings to the Florida Choir on 999 to Fair, Pollsters screwed up!

November 3, 2011


….because to hear them tell the story, one would think Floridians have gotten a bit soft in the head over Federal Income TAX,….. of all things! 

Imagine there’s no pizza???…. we could not, if we tried!

Wonders never cease… and I say this, not as a compliment, when I look to polls that Show Romney a point above Cain in Florida?? (red as a tomato) in the polls, which I find suspect!  However, for argument’s sake, ..LOL…… lets talk about it! ……hahahaha  (BTW that is a record of a subtitle, I am not sure it is even proper but it is for emphasis…my own!)

Obviously I have taken some time off from this blog, trying to figure out what it is that I wanted to do… Many of you quickly figured out that I do, still have and continue to support Palin, and had blogged about her doings on a separate blog.  However running two blogs was enough to drive one to drink… ya know kind of like the “two master theory”… one blog always suffered.

Well anyway, I have decided to kick this one in to HIGH GEAR!

When I read the poll it almost made me laugh out loud!!

“Herman Cain sits at the top of the Republican field in a new national poll that finished surveying voters as allegations surfaced that the candidate had engaged in inappropriate behavior toward two women in the 1990s.”

LOL….they had to add that part ya know … to soften the blow … LOL… because when you get into the poll numbers.. OK Cain is ahead at 30%, but then they are shaking down the numbers in certain states because of some non-event 15 years ago???  Then they put the loser-n-chief up against a man with a brain and the loser is winning??  Something terribly dishonest!  The only poll BHO sees climbing is his own personal pump up he does in the mirror before facing the American public! Speaking of his losing streak… REPUBLICANS HAVE TOPPED DEMOCRATS…..and now…


AND SOME HOW ….the pollsters want us to CONTINUE to believe them, that we “like” him, BHO, as a person…. no we do not!  And no his favorability has NOT gone up!!  THEY HAVE CONTINUED TO TRY TO SELL THIS LINE FOR THREE YEARS… and it still is NOT working!

I also GUARAN-DAMN-TEE , IT WOULD TAKE MORE THAN 50 WOMEN….. alleging a lot more than Cain saying good morning with a smile on his face…. to some chick with a stick up …. OK, OK…. well you get where I am going ….to separate us Floridians from Fair tax.

You know why???  Because of all of the people in the USA, Florida is ONE STATE in particular that GETS 999 to FAIR-tax…. Oh yes we surely dooooooooo!

Florida is a Fairtax State

It is a great feeling to not to have state “revenuers”  asking you to justify how much income you are going to get to keep for the year of your OWN hard-earned INCOME!  That is right, this is a no questions asked , just pay your taxes when you buy something.  Well it has kept this state rocking and rolling now for quite some time.  Of course we had a spoiler for a while in Charlie Crist who applied a tax to corporations … but we managed to kick his RINO butt out of office, and put someone qualified to run the state in (Rick Scott) and bring jobs back to Florida to stop the federal government from stealing all the land in the interior of the state.

So, I am looking at this poll and I am trying to figure out which of the “Anything for a buck” brothers are supporting Romney… lol… .  you remember the anything for a buck brothers don’t you???

Well let me refresh your memory!

“Hi, I’m Larry, this is my brother Darrell and my other brother Darrell.

Um hum … yea it seems we have those dang deMAOcRats pilfering as they do in republican polling.  LOL…OR ya know the pollsters maybe got a billion spiffs from BHO…OR … like maybe Frank Luntz or RCP do not appreciate the choice of the CITIZEN, so they allow Cain to run the tables EXCEPT the national polls against Obama… I mean come on squeeze the balloon on this end, or apply pressure there …. and it pushes the results over there…..kind of like the “progressive view of the economy”.  This all the while O’brother is sinking like a stone….and yet they were dumb enough to pick Cain’s Choir to mess with????

Yep, well some of the upper crust so burnt over this they are crumbling publicly.  LOL… this is the FAIRTAX state, where the state of affairs is “Fairly Taxed”!  Got it???

LOL… dumb and dumber got behind messing with those numbers because well 28 electoral votes are not for nothing….. but it is a FAIRTAX state…. We get it, got it, love it, and got a governor to fully restore it, AND HE KEPT HIS WORD AND DID IT, ya see…..

We know that Florida will be ultra competitive for a share of those SIX MILLION JOBS the Cain plan will bring the USA when our Federal tax aligns with or state system of taxation!  Umm humm … yep! I mean you could have maybe gotten away with this in Clintonian Arkansas…OK…well “Little Rock” … but that is about it!

Yea... We keeping the whole pie, and the crust!

Ya see if we are going to overhaul the tax code… WE ARE GOING TO OVERHAUL THE TAX CODE IN ITS ENTIRETY!  THE WHOLE SHABANG , with a solo from Cain to boot!  The entire state of Florida will sing back up!

It practically took a mathematical troubleshooter to convince the upper crust to take this seriously … but I think they finally are now…

Cause Cain….well he made it so simple to understand a 3rd grader can calculate the benefits… well for most unless you went to the Socialist schools of Obama then not… but any way.

Compare Current TAX System V 999 TO FAIR: Kentucky and Florida

by Tamara Heater on Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 10:35pm

Kentucky still collects income tax at rates between 3-6%.  We used 6% for the example. Florida already has the FAIR tax on the state level.  Talk about getting the government OUT of YOUR business…. that is what FAIR tax does.  IT MAKES THE GOVERNMENT BLIND to your personal and business income and focuses on what you spend rather than “what you have”.  999  is and INTERIM tax plan that MOVES us to FAIRTAX.

I have lived in both Florida and Kentucky… and in Florida I have no forms to fill out, no questions to answer, no justification that I must present for ANY of my income at the state level.  My tax dollars go where, when and how I choose in Florida.  Governor Scott ensured that the corporate tax was returned to its intended status when he became governor.  May God see to it that Rick serves a second term.  UNDER A ” HERMAN CAIN PRESIDENCY”  STATES LIKE FLORIDA AND TENNESSEE WILL BE IRS FREE, BOTH AT THE STATE AND FEDERAL LEVEL.  This is exactly why democrats do not want YOU to do the math, because they will lose the government strong-arm of the IRS.  And they know it….They will lose the ability to control.  They will become smaller, smarter, and more efficient.
Current Federal and State –  Based on today’s tax code!



+50,000 Income

– 7,500 Fed Income Tax (15%)

0 State (Fair) Income Tax


Net: 42,500.00


 +50,000 Income

– 7,500 Fed Income Tax (15%)

Net 42,500

-2,550 Kentucky State income tax 6%


Net 39,500


999 Plan-  The interim plan on the road to a paperless Fair Tax!  Sit down and calculate your own income!  You will receive an instant pay raise that comes with privacy and dignity!




-4500 Federal Income Tax 9%  …down from 15%

0  State Income Tax  (*sales tax only at 6%)


Net +45,500  (personal saving of net by 2,500)  HELLO!



– 4500.00 (FEDERAL TAX AT 9 % INSTEAD OF 15%)



2730 -State Income Tax 6% (the income to the state increased as a matter of %)


Net 42,770  (Savings Up 3,770k per year)  Yes my Kentuckians ….a big bump up for you!

With an increase in net income, YOU decide when, where and how to spend you money.  Find the product cheaper??  pay less in taxes.  Lets look at some purchases under 999, with the Herman 999 Cain Calculator!

Hypothetical Purchases

2005 Mercedes  7500.00 ( 0.00  federal tax, 0.6% State)  Under 999 and current Florida state!


New Washer Dryer  1900.00


Florida @6.00%


Total $2014.00 ( Under the current tax code….)


UNDER 999  deleting the corporate Tax

$1570.92  New Cost of the good with out all the hidden corporate taxes passed on to us.

$141.38   6.00%  State sales tax

$94.26      9.00% Federal sales tax

$1806.56   New total on price of Washer and Dryer


Gasoline is taxed by the federal government at 33% plus state tax, Florida 0.6%

Gas under 999 =9% Federal Tax

 Florida is at 3.48 Gallon

25 Gallon refill 87.00 now

With 999 plan it decreases the cost of that fill up to $66.12 decreasing the price to 2.65/gallon… and we have not drilled yet!  ( oh the left they want to kill it bad)


So now lets blow your socks off with the transition to FAIRTAX

Fair Tax  This is the the time!  This is the place!  SET your self free from the shackles of the strong arm of the IRS.  (When we have bean counter determining our healthcare instead of doctors …. well, “we have some abolishing to do” ~ Herman Cain.)  We will abolish the 16th Amendment!


Remember 999 is an INTERIM tax system, before changing over to FAIRTax  (A version of the Fairtax)



0.00     Federal income tax

0.00     State Income Tax

Net 50,000    see … yes …. sing … sing … sing!



0.00     Federal income tax

-3000.00 (Ky state 6% income tax, still at current levels ) (The state keeps more of its own income in-state, via the increase only by %.  The rate never changed!


Net 47,000 under Fair tax !( under the current tax code the net is 39,000 a person in KY can keep of their 50,000 income)  This is an awesome increase in Kentucky.

Let’s go Fair!

The user driven sales tax only under FAIR will be between 15% to 25%.  But remember you are the one to decide when, how and where to place your tax dollars.

Tourists, and people being paid under the table, crooks and honest alike now will pay the SAME rate to live !  Everyone is EQUALLY taxed!

Florida’s most favorite song….Give Pizza a chance!

If you think your are going to take our Pizza, you better be packing more than an allegation!

ooops….OK now lets look at Perry’s plan that will take 20% off the top of YOUR labor! 




-10,000 (20% of your labor gone, OFF THE TOP, poof)


Net 40,000



NET 40K.   (NOW FLORIDIANS WHO MAKE 50K WILL BE FORCED TO JUSTIFY TO THE IRS WHY THEY GET TO KEEP 40k OF THEIR 50K INCOME UNDER PERRY’S FLAT TAX PLAN! )  lol… well it will not be Perry as the nominee for Florida…. lol…


50,000 INCOME

10,000 (FEDERAL TAX UNDER PERRY’S PLAN 20% of your labor gone, OFF THE TOP, poof)


NET 40,000



NET 37, 600  ( WOW… excuse me if i desire to keep my own income )  yea I do not think he will cut the mustard in Kentucky either….


So, if I live in Kentucky OR Florida “999 to Fairtax” lets me keep more of my own income, period!

Some how these pollsters want us in Florida to believe we will accept an overhauled modification of our current sloppy progressive tax code from the progressive republican candidate of Mitt Romney???  lol  NO!  not on your life!  Like the guy?  Yes of course  I do…I mean of course he is a likeable fellow ………………..

The upper crust will not know one thing about this, but you come on down Mr Cain, and we will have an all day, 3 day weekend, “BIG TENT SINGING” and raise some serious campaign funds…


Florida is solidly Cain!


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