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The ghost of Stonewall Jackson, a boy, patriotism, iPad and Kindle combine for family fun!

June 29, 2011

STRWS Exclusive Feature

A patriotic children’s story fit for the entire family,  that is technology driven…??

…and was created especially for iPad and Kindle?? wow, this is new, rare and and truly remarkable.  I mean just imagine,… fun, technology, and patriotism ???  Well M. L. Huye did exactly that with the new release of his e-book, Theodore Tremendous Trueheart coming up on Independence Day, July the 4, 2011.

In my humble opinion, Theodore Tremendous Trueheart and the Sonic Boom of Lightning could very well be  new classic in children’s stories and family favorites. ~ Tamara Heater


PRESS: M.L. Huye Creates Illustrated Children’s Book for iPad/Kindle

“Theodore Tremendous Trueheart”, “Sonic Boom of Lightning” set for release July 4th!

Date Released: 06/28/2011
Press Release Image Baton Rouge, Louisiana


A well illustrated and colorful adventure book for children and parents is set to be released for On July, 4th for I-Pad and Kindle. “Theodore Tremendous Trueheart” and the “Sonic Boom of Lightning” is the first in a series. It is a story of a young boy, (Theodore Tanglewild Trueheart), who’s guardian angel, is none other than Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson. When Teddy’s family moves north of the Mason Dixon Line to the rocky coast of Maine to restore a an aging mansion, he learns to follow his heroic instincts and the advice of his guardian angel, when he and his family becomes the target of a group of scallywags.

The characters created by Michael Huye are steeped in southern flavor and is intended to spark the imagination of children by combining history and chivalry simultaneously in the present. Children can follow and converse with Teddy by social networking tools of Twitter and Facebook. In addition to the e-book for iPad/Kindle there are maps and screen savers free to download. “It is a great way to help kids become curious about history through something fun, and it is meant for the whole family to enjoy”, Michael said. He then stated, following a character on Facebook and Twitter for an iPad book has to be some sort of new beginning, it is a first for me to design a story with this kind of technology in mind.

Michael Huye a business man lives with his wife and four children in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. STRM Media-Select LLC has partnered with M.L. Huye in the promotion of the book and the website.

You can reach the author, and buy the book, set to be released, Independence Day, July 4, 2011 on line at Live



As the Press Release hit the search engines, this morning I wanted the opportunity to sit and talk with the artist/ author regarding this “most unique project” he has undertaken.  It is not often these elements come together.  So, late this afternoon we had the opportunity to do just that, and I asked plenty of questions and got some answers that surprised me too!

Tamara:  Thank you for speaking with me and STRWS readers today, Michael.

How did the idea of Theodore Tremendous Trueheart come about?

MLH: Well, Teddy is a combination of myself and my son, who I am raising to be an all-American boy. Growing up in the Deep South, we are surrounded by fields of glory. Some are martial, some are sports related, however, even our sports teams are named after our military units. You have the Fighting Tigers of LSU. The Tarheels of North Carolina, The Rebels of Ole Miss, (who unfortunately have succumbed to political correctness and now despise their heritage).

In an effort to give my son a story that would live up to my ideals, I quickly realized this book did not exist. Wizards and Greek mythology do not impart the values I was raised with and which are quickly disappearing in our youth. Thus Theodore Tremendous Trueheart was created for families as a hero that is rightly focused spiritually, mentally and communally. He is the quintessential American child.

Tamara:  Michael, how have you found it working with new media, such as iPad and Kindle?

MLH: It is easy for me to say iPad and Kindle are great tools as a writer / designer because I create the material and my partners export the final digital product. I only focus on the printed word,  illustrations and graphic design. I do hope the iPad and Kindle take off as I despise door keepers and road blocks to art. For too long have Summer interns decided who would receive the attention of editors. The iPad and Kindle not only open these closed doors, they remove the hinges as well.

Tamara:  No doubt and so very much needed.  Do you think “The Sonic Boom of Lightning” relates to the current state of affairs in politics, much like a warning?

MLH: The Sonic Boom of Lightning relates to our current crises predominantly by illustrating what the nation is in desperate need of: two-parent Christian families. Just this past week the State of New York passed a law giving Sodomites the right to marriage and found it cause for great celebration. The same people who promote Darwin’s theories on natural selection danced in the street over codifying extinction. It is cognitive dissonance on a grand scale and so destructive to the future of our country it must be fought with every breath we have. Theodore Tremendous Trueheart would never speak of such a barbaric topic much less discuss it publicly. There are things civilized people do not harbor and perversion is one of them.

Tamara:  Indeed!  Do you feel there is a hero in all of us?

MLH: I think heroes are simple folks that are selfless and love others. This root of humility allows them to rise in the face of adversity. These men and women, or the boys and girls in Theodore’s story are normal folks put in abnormal situations. Faced with a choice, these kids choose correctly and by the Grace of an almighty God, they are blessed as are those around them. So, the answer is yes, anyone can be a hero if they realize a hero is a humble servant first and a hero second.

Tamara:  I don’t mean to put you on the spot but I have come understand this is the first in a series.  Is that correct?  Approximately how frequently will we hear from Teddy?

MLH:Theodore will be traveling back to his native soil in the next story. He will confront spiritual warfare, physical challenges and once more his family will be in grave danger. New Orleans is the setting and if you’ve ever been to the Crescent City, you know how rich that vein of literary gold is.

Tamara:  After reading the book, in my humble opinion, “Theodore Tremendous Trueheart” and the “Sonic Boom of Lightning” could very well be  new classic in children’s stories and family favorites. There is no doubt this is great book for children, but what do you feel the parents will get from it?

MLH: I wouldn’t say this is a children’s book, I would say it is a family book. It is written to inspire youth, however, it has at its core a story that parents will enjoy. I specifically did not dumb down the language to suit a demographic. You can say we have created a new demographic which is family story / entertainment.

Tamara:  I would agree with you there,  and I understand you did the illustrations and all the artwork for the site as well , is this true?

MLH: The painting of Teddy in his Confederate uniform, the cover art and interior pages were all created by my paintbrush and mouse. It is 100% in-house production. The website was also done by me, but programmed by my partner. I created the work to be a present for my family, to be loved and cherished for generations to come. I have a cardboard Roman helmet on my desk complete with sawed-off broom as crest. It doesn’t fit Teddy anymore, but it is a keepsake. We built a home-made shooting gallery out of a sturdy cardboard box, wire, clothes pins and ball jar lids. Shoot the BB gun and hit the target and watch it spin around! These are the things my children love, not the Nerf guns or toys made in China which never last. My children want my effort and companionship and these illustrations and designs are my way of memorializing the love I have for them.

Tamara:  What type of work have you done in the past that lead to this creative explosion?

MLH: I am trained as a classical painter, in the Boston School of American Impressionism to be exact. I studied with Alan Banks, who traces his rich artistic heritage to the Academie Julien in Paris during the Belle Epoch. My military service, love of country and family history all combined to create this work.

Tamara:   Wow, many like myself think of you as a businessman yet it stands very apparent you were formally trained. What branch of the military did you serve.

MLH: Louisiana Army National Guard, I did not see battle but I was ready! I left as a Captain!

Tamara:  Well we thank you for your service, Michael What is your next creative project?

MLH: My next project will be to take those who embrace Theodore Tremendous Trueheart on another adventure which will expand the cast of characters and bring more self evident truths to light.

Tamara:  So, why are you doing this?

MLH: This is my small way of being actively involved in the restoration of my country. To shine the light on our Godly heritage and to imbue children and families with pride regarding our unique place in world history. I want Americas youth to know that the only thing an American bows down to is the will of Almighty God through the redeeming blood of our Savior which loved us first. This is why I am doing this. There is no cause nobler than the love of God, family and country. Amen.

Michael Huye, thank you for taking the time to speak with me and the STRWS readers today. We very much appreciate it!  We Look forward to the release of Theodore Tremendous Trueheart ad because it is so important to provide entertainment that is purposeful and good..for entire families. we will be promoting the book on STRWS.  Look for it soon!

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Some people know the truth, what does this man know that YOU do not????


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