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Frances Rice, Chair of National Black Republican Association and Ann Coulter team up to slam Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

June 9, 2011

And it is about time and way over due.  

The media always call for Al Sharpton, but they never call some to speak to the positive side of what is really happening at the grassroots level in race relations and the negativity the Democrat party has caused.  They need to call Frances Rice!


By Frances Rice

Frances Rice has been the most influential voice on growing grassroots conservatism in the history of the State of Florida. She is a tireless voice for national conservative republicans to check their levels of integrity. You can only find information like this by signing up at NBRA~ Tamara Heater

It takes Weiner-level hubris for Democrats to conjure up the specter of Jim Crow against Republicans since Democrats enacted those discriminatory laws.   The roots of modern-day racism rest squarely in the Democratic Party.  As author Michael Scheuer wrote, the Democratic Party is the party of the four S’s:  slavery, secession, segregation and now socialism.  Details about the true history of civil rights can be found in the book “Whites, Blacks and Racist Democrats” by Wayne Perryman.  An excellent summary of the issue of civil rights is contained in Chapter 10 of Ann Coulter’s new book “Demonic”, an excerpt of which is posted on the Human Events website and shown below.

Frances Rice give you a sneak peak into the new book by Ann Coulter when she looks at chapter 10 :


It was the Democratic Party that ginned up the racist mob against blacks and it is the Democratic Party ginning every new mob today— ironically, all portraying themselves as the equivalent of the Freedom Riders. With real civil rights secure—try to find a restaurant that won’t serve a black person—modern civil rights laws benefit only the mob, not the victims of the mob, as American blacks had been. Just as fire seeks oxygen, Democrats seek power, which is why they will always be found championing the mob whether the mob consists of Democrats lynching blacks or Democrats slandering the critics of ObamaCare as racists.

Democrats have gone from demagoguing white (trash) voters with claims that Republicans are the party of blacks, to demagoguing black voters telling them Republicans are the party of racists. Any mob in a storm.

You will surely want to read the entire article  it slays Wasserman Shultz mentality and the democrats position on almost every motive they have!

The media need to STOP calling Al Sharpton and start calling Frances Rice for a more expert opinion!

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