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Florida will give Iowa an attitude adjustment!

March 3, 2011
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Progressives infiltrate conservative caucus in Iowa: Florida will end outdated caucus practice.

Posted on March 3, 2011 by Tamara Heater

It has come to a time when we should have national primaries and NO caucuses with any weight.  Caucuses have proven to be loud, noisy, verbal fights as in Texas democrat caucus, and cliquish gossip groups where deprivation of the whole is decided by 3 people who come down form the hills and make a pronouncement, as in the case of Iowa.  As Rove and Coulter go on the news circuit to undercut republicans on the ticket, progressives such as McClatchey, and Anchorage News Daily join them….and that says it all.

Run Sarah, RUN!

Ron Paul

Mitt Romney

Mike Huckabee

They are trying to tell you that YOU MUST take Mike Huckabee, and that is not representative nor democratic, and it will not be tolerated.  The tradition can sure hang around but it need to be a pre-state primary format.  Let the people vote, PERIOD.  This practice is neanderthal!  Mike Huckabee is an OK candidate…but the rest are just as good as he is, and no order from the hills can force Americans to select him as their president.

After witnessing the Texas Democrat Caucus were Barack Obama progressive democrats were bussed in, and practically ran over anyone there to speak for Hillary, the practice is just completely outdated and cannot possibly reflect the view of anyone but those who happen to be present at the time.   There, at that time are recorded video complaints of longtime caucus members of elder status being denied entry by Obama thugs.

THIS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO STAND IN AMERICA! There is a lack of order and structure especially those of democrat persuasion. On the republican side one would think a pope is being selected.

Rumor out of Iowa is that miss prissy fundraiser, Connie Schmett and her husband Kim does not like Sarah Palin, and the caucus focus group was pulled on this particular whim by McClatchey news that happens to own Anchorage Daily News which is openly and flagerently indeed biased against Sarah Palin. That sets the tone for absolute corruption of the process. Iowa has dishonored themselves.  Karl Rove and Ann Coulter have dishonored themselves.  This was in fact stated in an unobvious way unless of course you already know the background on McClatchey.

The Iowa, in conjunction with McClatchy newspapers, assembled a small group of conservative activists last week for a focus group.  The main topic, naturally, was the upcoming 2012 Iowa Caucus.  The group was unanimous, or near unanimous, on several topics.  The most interesting conclusion is that most of them believe Sarah Palin is unelectable.


Isn’t the primary a selection process, or has it become a general election….and the general election no more than a crowning ceremony????

I hear this rumor in the last several weeks and have been unable to really pull sources until now. It has is finally bubbling up to the surface, as Caffeinated Communications reported on this as well.  I  find it hilarious that although this was a focus group on all the candidates, it was Sarah Palin who was targeted in the very first paragraph.   I mean come on,… their last meeting they were actually trying to go as far as selecting Sarah Palin’s election motto.

Do they see them selves as that important??? Oh yes they do…..Karl Rove thinks he has the supreme court inside his mouth, and that people should consider his words edicts.  I have not a doubt Karl Rove and Ann Coulter jumped in to this to help do their part too, and now we know why these two were making the news circuit rounds!  When Karl Rove who is supposedly conservative joins McClatchey to decide who is on the ticket and who is not….that is PURE corruption of our system.  Sarah Palin, and Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul have just as good a chance as anyone in the primary….

America citizens…… a very few people are trying to take the power away from you the majority in the primary by jaundicing opinion in the caucuses and eliminating a choice of candidates from the primary.  LOL……but Florida will put an end to this neanderthal practice. READY FOR THE FIGHT???? WE THE PEOPLE ARE:  Well then…..back Florida’s bid to move the primary to stop progressive elite from selecting candidates.

I think Iowa and other caucus states have worn out their welcome!

I was initially against Florida moving the primary up, but I can no longer think of a better reason to move a true state primary ahead of this fool behavior.  Iowa needs to go back to Pope selection, and the rest of the nation will move forward into primaries to reflect the people’s choice in Presidential elections.  THE PEOPLE OF THIS NATION WILL DECIDE, NOT 6 PEOPLE IN IOWA!

While I appreciate the Caffeinated warning of this behavior …they wrote it in a tone of sarcasm …I won’t.

The Iowa Republican was asked to pull this focus group together for McClatchy Newspapers who happens to own Anchorage Daily News.  I’m sure there’s no agenda whatsoever!  Because they *certainly didn’t* demonstrate any type of agenda or bias while Governor Palin was in office.  While Kevin Hall and Craig Robinson may not have planned to contribute to a narrative, but McClatchy won’t mind running with it.

I get it….really I do……but through out history….sarcasm fades and words are taken with literal intent. If people continue to write in a sarcastic tone the left will not have to go back and revise wording or thought or tone to change history. The right will do that for them by writing articles in the tone of sarcasm.

So let me be clear here. The state of Iowa needs to come into the 21 century and let all the people speak, via primary, and so do the rest of the caucus states, no matter the party.  Let the Schmett’s stay on the mountain, and become irrelevant by the fact they are so low in integrity that they were unable to be open about the paid sources that pulled their little focus group together in the first place. In addition…..if Florida can lead the way in stopping this non-representative political behavior as a whole, then I am more for it now than ever!

The states can have a few pre-primary pow-wow’s to continue tradition for their inflated egos………but real, “by the people” primaries will set the pre-general election tone.  Get it???  Got it???  Good!  There are only a few people who truly have a deep desire to get this country on the right track.  They need to step forward, because Mike Huckabee is not motivated to fight progressives, to ensure America continues with its Constitutional founding. Sarah Palin and Ron Paul are and the bias is clear, but it also shows power is shifting away from the old GOP, and to the new conservative TEA PARTY majority of people.

Bring on the Florida Jan 3 Primary, and lets stop this neanderthal practice of a pronouncement of a handfull of people deciding who is and who is not presidential material.  America is not selecting a pope by committee, we select presidents by primary!  PERIOD!

The people will decide, if it hairlips Rove and the Iowa caucus!  Thank you but your time is UP!


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