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The obstructionist just maybe America’s favorite senator..Jim DeMint

June 2, 2010

The reason John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and other republicans who vote for nonsense will not be returning to DC!

When the federal “gobment” wanted to confiscate 13 Million acres ….  when other republicans were frothing at the mouth and deMAOcrats eyes were rolling back in their head from sheer pleasure…..Jim DeMint said “hold up just a minute”!!

He did not win that battle because just as a wolf pack smells blood and growls at the poor meal right before the attack, so did the carnivorous congress, and voted to tear the flesh off of America and go for their livelihood and pull that laaaaaaaaaaand away from those who would even think about holding title crushing more and more and more of the American dream.

Americans should be wary of any plans a president has to seize land from the states without their consent. Any new plans to take away states’ freedom to use land as they see fit must be stopped.

That’s why I sponsored an amendment to block Mr. Obama from declaring any of the 14 lands listed in the memo as “monuments.” Unfortunately, the Senate, led by Democrats, rejected it on Thursday evening by a vote of 58-38.

The result of that very vote has so many people fixated on the man who spoke with only partial party support on a matter that mattered to them .  Where bipartisan can be a dirty word to someone  who believes in the Constitution, an obstructionist is exactly the type of person who saves the people from its government and is the ideal public servant.  Jim DeMint takes that very seriously and it is the reason he is the most conservative senator in Washington and a true T.E.A. Party favorite!

The vote above suggests we must have far more people to be just as obstructive as Jim is, especially if you still value your inalienable rights.   He is quite aware of what it will take to move the party back to the right and he is also just the man to do it.  Just as Time Magazine pointed out surprisingly because  they rarely do their job in the world of politics and critical thinking, he is also generating jealousy and nervousness from weak republicans and communist consumed democrats.  The vampire hunters, have found the stash of sunshine, garlic, holy water, and most importantly the steaks and silver bullets:  Jim DeMint!

TIME  Logo

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jim DeMint: Moving the Republican Brand to the Right

By Jay Newton-Small

U.S. Senator Jim DeMint
Jim DeMint

Senator Jim DeMint knows when a brand’s gone bad and what to do to fix it. The South Carolina Republican spent more than 25 years in advertising before going into politics, and his demeanor – from the pin stripe suit to his salesman pitch delivered with a smile – has a Mad Men quality to it, almost as if Don Draper had been thrown forward 50 years and his only client was the Tea Party movement.

The Grand Ole Party’s brand has been failing for some time, DeMint says in an interview at the Capitol Hill Club – an exclusive Washington institution for Republican members and Senators. “The angst was growing during the Clinton years, during the Bush years. And then the bailout was the wake up call,” DeMint says. “The Tea Parties, they’re just saying: ‘Enough is enough.’ The question is are Republicans going to open their arms and say, ‘We’re sorry we made a mistake, trust us again.’ Or are they going to keep spit-balling them?”

For years, DeMint has been the Cassandra of the fiscal right, warning that his colleagues were ignoring their base on everything from No Child Left Behind and the Medicare Prescription Drug Program to the Bridge to Nowhere. Such gloom and doom – not to mention to DeMint’s amazing capacity to single-handedly gum up the Senate when he objects to a spending bill – would in years past have earned him the chairmanship of the Subcommittee for Underwater Basket Weaving.

But this cycle, Jim DeMint is a prophet. “I think for most Republicans in the Senate the Tea Party is viewed as a threat; to me it’s the cavalry I’ve been waiting for,” DeMint says with a laugh.

And so, with his army at his back – an army that has given him more than $1 million to recruit potential lieutenants – DeMint set off to remake the Republican Party’s brand. He had his political action committee rate all of his colleagues on their ideological purity; only one person scored 100, DeMint. His first target was one of the lowest scorers, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter. Disgusted with Specter’s betrayal on the stimulus bill and weary of fighting the ardent appropriator’s earmarks, DeMint endorsed Specter’s primary opponent, former Pennsylvania Rep. Pat Toomey. Five days later Specter left the Republican party, a victory in DeMint’s book.

Next DeMint bucked the party establishment, which had lined up behind Florida Governor Charlie Crist to fill retiring Senator Mel Martinez’s seat. DeMint endorsed little-known Marco Rubio, a former Florida Speaker of the House, and helped him raise more than $300,000. “Jim DeMint believed in me when the only people who believed in me lived in my house,” Rubio told the annual Conservative Political Action Conference to a standing ovation and shouts of “DeMint for President!” Crist last month left the Republican Party to run as an Independent after polls showed Rubio beating him by more than 20 points in the GOP primary.

Support the Conservative Comeback

Since then, DeMint has endorsed what he calls “rock-solid Republicans” in Senate GOP primaries in California, Texas, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky and Utah. None are the candidates his party leaders would prefer. “When the grassroots gravitate towards a candidate and that candidate is not supported by the leadership here, I do everything I can to get those candidates a voice and a platform so at least Republicans know that they have an alternative,” DeMint says. Sometimes his efforts are successful, as with Rand Paul, who on Tuesday beat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s protégé, Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson, to become the Republican nominee for the Senate in the Bluegrass State. Other times, he’s not: his pick for the open Indiana Senate seat, Marlin Stutzman, lost to former Senator Dan Coats even after DeMint raised $200,000 for him.

For some Republicans, DeMint is fighting an ideological war at the expense of practical politics. He and his candidates are drawing millions away from the party, its committees and their candidates. DeMint’s snowballing effort has frustrated Senator John Cornyn, charged with electing Republicans to the Senate. DeMint’s goal “is to try and move the Republican conference in a more conservative direction,” Cornyn told McClatchy Papers last week. “But I think as a pragmatic matter, we’ve got to nominate Republicans who can get elected in their states.”

Is the former ad man starting a revolution? No, but he’ll settle for five more Republicans like him in the Senate come November, a prospect that scares Democrats and worries some Republicans who see DeMint as an obstructionist. “Jim is trying to express the frustration that a lot of people feel and I think that’s a healthy thing as long as we can come together after the primary,” says the senior senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, also a Republican. “But somebody’s got to fix immigration, somebody’s got to fix Social Security. Somebody’s got to do something about out long-term debt and that’s going to require bipartisanship.”

But, to DeMint, bipartisanship is not a slogan that’s going to work for Republicans – or Democrats – in 2010.

So right here, right now, be on notice…. this obstructionist is EXACTLY what we want in DC, and the media, who is slower than the Matrix, is just now figuring it out!

Jim actually keeps his public informed on his blog about what he is doing from his senate office….

Oh Obamacare he states:

But just because Democrats have hidden the cost doesn’t mean the bill isn’t on the way.

The deadline for doctor pay renewal is June 1st. Stimulus money sent to the states for Medicaid will run out at the end of this year and state legislatures are scrambling again for funds. The crunched timetable will become a license for Democrats to once again spend money without coming up with a way to pay for it. “Or else doctors won’t be paid and children won’t get health care” they’ll scold.

Call it a crisis of convenience.

The deMAOcrat way.  Create a monster bill, create a massive crisis to support it, and people will scream for it to pass, except it back fired!

He knows the majority of Americans want Obamacare REPEALED, and He understands we MUST DRILL FOR OIL!

And he understands we need to shrink Government DRASTICALLY for national survival and the protection of our freedom, liberty and our choice in our way of life .  The life, the communist faction that has completely consumed the democrat party that is wreaking its destructive, ugly, and usual head of havoc as it tries to supplant the constitution as the nation’s authority, hates with a passion!

Jim DeMint knows just like we do WE WILL NOT ALLOW the deMAOcrat agenda TO PROCEED!  We will ensure the Constitution is and remains the law of the land and we love our obstructionists public servants who have a heart just for that!



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