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Obama Admin to use the Oil spill crisis to bully in CAP N TRADE!

June 2, 2010

We must never let a crisis go to waste~ Rham Emanuel

and by gosh if we do not have one we will create one, and then we will arrest those who helped us,  just like a good commie would! ~based on how it is currently running

THE CHOICES ARE VERY NARROW AMERICA, and the headlines are clearing a path toward one conclusion!

Upton: Cap-and-Trade Bill Is an Offer We Can Refuse

Climate Change Legislation Hits Taxpayers and Businesses and Is Too Costly in This Shaky Economy

By Rep. Fred Upton
Special to Roll Call
May 27, 2010, 12 a.m.

These are challenging times, and our nation is at a crossroads. Our economy is ailing, unemployment is soaring, spending is out of control, and deficits are at record levels. And yet, rather than pursue sound policies that create jobs, the administration remains steadfast in its efforts to push ahead with its job-killing “cap-and-tax” scheme.
Nearly one year ago, the House first embarked on its cap-and-tax experiment. (click here for MORE)

And the Cap and Trade has KILLED the California economy and in two short years adding insult to injury thanks to Arnold!

CA cap-and-trade will cost jobs, economic growth

When Arnold Schwarzenegger signed AB 32 into law in 2007, he called California’s cap-and-trade bill a pathway to a green-energy economic bonanza.  A new study commissioned by California’s state auditor calls it a bust. Click here for More

Obama’s Oil Spill Speech overreached on Cap and Trade, Cancelled Drilling

A little over a month into the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the American public wants answers– from the Obama administration, from Congress and from BP. While there are still many more questions than currently available answers, President Obama answered a few and dodged others in his speech today. He made a resounding push for clean energy legislation and referenced the House cap and trade bill passed last year and the one recently introduced in the Senate. He also suspended or canceled a number of lease sales off the coasts of American waters and extended a moratorium on deep-sea offshore oil drilling permits. The Gulf oil spill certainly presents an unprecedented economic and environmental disaster and challenge, but it should not be used as an excuse to ban offshore exploration and cancel leases outright or to overreach and make drilling prohibitively expensive.

Oh but it will and it was and is just what BP and Barack Obama, Al Gore, Maurice Strong, George Soros, the United Nations, the Climate Exchange, AFL-CIO, SEIU, military leaders,  have planned, even if certain BO executives go to jail, well hay….that is what you get for doing business with an Islamo-commie-nazi!  And really America there is only one solution!!

Remove Barack Obama from office!

The only criminal charges that should be filed should be against Barack Obama and BP corporate leaders personally!

…….this is your last chance America!  And all that need be done is demand it! Demand it on radio, demand it on video, demand in the paper, demand it on the blog, demand it in an ad, demand it in a phone call, demand it in a letter or demand it in a fax,

but the only thing worth saying is REMOVE BARACK OBAMA!

Save your country, your family, your life!

  1. George Ely permalink
    March 6, 2011 1:52 pm

    Tamara, I agree and believe in almost all your opinions except regarding Ms. Palin. I believe that she can be an excellant spokes person for that element of the Repub. party but she is way to controversial to be the candidate for president. If she were to win the nomination, Obama would win and we can not have that.

    • Tamara permalink
      March 6, 2011 2:09 pm

      Well that is your opinion…but she is ahead in EVERY single poll nationwide ….(sorry to break that news to you) and she has more guts and Charisma that ANY MAN ON THE SCENE BAR NONE, and just wait……and another thing….I damn well dare you for vote for odamno over her! You say it here before God that you would vote for him over her…..or vote 3rd party over her…because both are a vote for him……!!

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