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Respectability enters the California governors race!

May 29, 2010

OK, now hold on, I am not talking about person worship before the results have been proven….

I am talking about Larry Naritelli’s “approach” to the governorship!

Wow, and that approach is right, centered, people focused, eye to eye, contact and personal, up front and open.

Imagine that,  a man who seeks office that includes the people meeting, hearing and questioning his motives in small group proofing sessions.

Wow, do I have respect for Larry, he has done this the old fashioned way, by putting him self in front of the people who will decide his fate, and has spoken to them, and equally as important, he has been open to their questioning of his motives.He has met them face to face in town after town and meeting after meeting and I am positive worn out … a pair of shoes.

When PEOPLE make it crystal clear that this is the ONLY way to get it done, that no longer will a TV commercial (or rather a message absent of citizen or a people-less message) put ANYONE in an office!

The jig is up!

Larry has proven it….Shoe leather and effort, and looking people in the eye, and answering them is the way it will be!

America needs a strong California, and I cheer on those who have decided to make it happen!

Meg Whitman has sat on her throne, threw out sound bites for the peasants, while rubbing elbows with self-confessed communists!  Communists have NO PLACE IN AMERICAN GOVERNMENT!  Their message is absolutely antithetical to the founding of this country.  How does someone run for office who has NEVER participated in the system??????  I have no clue!

Steve Poizner, I think was somewhat better.  I have written him and asked him questions, and have actually received responses from him and to that end, I appreciate his efforts.  However he is depending on TV-internet “prearranged interviews” to spread his message.  However the other day, “the News of the day” was that Steve Poizner made an appearance?????????…  are you kidding me???

There is nothing that compares with taking a message directly to the people and allowing them to proof you in small settings.  Larry Naritelli allowed the up close proofing process to work for him in a brave -bold manner that was open and clear.

The Warning Flag to the people, to ensure the rights of the people are protected !!
This year …were only going to elect people who have our interests at heart.  I am running against Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner, and I do not have the ability to go ad do a lot of negative advertising about them on TV….. I just get to come out here and tell you who I am, and what I am about, so I ask you to come over and talk to me after this event, I’ll be in the room over there…..My name is Larry Nartelli …..thank you very much, God Bless America ~ Larry Naritelli

If California elects Larry Naritelli, and I do believe they will, it will be because they helped shape his message along the way to the governors office, and clearly let him know what they expected him to accomplish.  IT IS SET IN STONE, if you want to be a public servant, you will have to go to the people, you will need to have a recording and proof of that, and multiple pairs of shoes and good tires!

If someone was unable to attend an even scheduled in person, they want to ask those who went …were they genuine??  The second question is, did they record the meeting??  OPEN. HONEST.
People want people in office, not sound byte programmed orders placed in drones who rule from a distance!  Does this guarantee that corruption will not happen, no but it gets a lot closer to accomplishing it!
Congratulations Larry Naritelli, you have set a new standard!

It is hard enough to turn a profit, when your a farmer with out the government turning your water off, and they say it is to protect a 2 inch fish called the delta smelt, if your so worried about it, take it put it in a pond and breed it, but do not turn off our water,….it is a matter of duplicity and destruction to take your rights away……Our Constitution does not say we the fish, it says we the people. ~ Larry Naritelli

You want to seek public office……you better get ready to work your butt off for your community, your county, your state, and openly in front of and with all your people!

I think people are getting real, paying attention, and thinking more like ….well the way I think…… show me , prove it, well get back to ya…..they are now getting back to Larry Naritelli!


  1. Common Conservative permalink
    June 4, 2010 11:12 pm

    Here is someone I would vote for in the Florida Congressional race in the 3rd District. He too is going up against the “establishment” Democrat incumbent AND the “Party” favorite too.

  2. May 30, 2010 6:17 pm


    Here is a link to our article at Republic Defender:

    • Tamara permalink
      June 2, 2010 2:39 am

      Hopefully we can start a viral “good “rumor to set California straight and allow it to heal!

  3. May 29, 2010 8:49 pm

    Excellent! I am a fan of his myself. I don’t know how he will fare in the primary, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised! Crossing my fingers eyes and toes for DeVore as well. I was asked by my local Republican party to make calls for Whitman, and because I had not done any research on her yet, I turned them down until I had time to read up. Thank goodness I read up on her, she is AWFUL! This is why more folks need to do their due diligence and research every candidate regardless of who is promoted by the party. Only then can they know if they are actually voting for someone who shares their core values.

  4. Swanie permalink
    May 29, 2010 12:58 pm

    Nice Job Tamara…we must take this state and the country back! It must belong to The People as intended by the founders! The Founders would have approved of Larry….not the others! We have much work ahead of us and must join Larry in working very hard…VERY VERY HARD. Must remember how many have fought and died for this great nation!


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