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Thank Florida Legislators! Health Care Freedom is on the Ballot!

April 23, 2010

Thank you!  Health Care Freedom Act Makes Ballot For November!

UPDATE:  Now Floridians will decide!

On Thursday, April 22, the Florida House and Senate voted in the affirmative for Florida Health Care Freedom.  HJR 37 proposes an amendment to the State Constitution prohibiting the government from interfering with an individual’s personal health care decisions.

I heard from many different legislators who were constantly getting emails and phone calls from their constituents. Your perseverance and hard work has paid off. This proposed Constitutional amendment will be on the ballot in November.

Now that we have won in our fight to place this amendment on the ballot, there is one more thing we need to do. Please send an email and thank everyone who voted for Florida Health Care Freedom.

The following is a list of emails for the Florida House members who voted yes. The list has been compiled with semicolons after each address so that you will be able to send these all out at the same time if you copy and paste.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Here is a separate list of the Florida Senators who voted yes.  SJR 72 was the Senate version.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Once again Congratulations!  Thank you for everything that you do.

In Liberty,

Mark Cross
State Coordinator
Florida Campaign for Liberty

Please visit


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