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Floridians have less than a week to act!

April 15, 2010

HJR 37, The Florida Health Care Freedom Act, Stalled

Florida Tenth Amendment Center notification!

>    HJR 37, The Florida Health Care Freedom Act, is stalled in the
> Rules and Calender Council (it’s final committee stop before a floor
> vote). This bill will protect Floridians from the ObamaCare mandate!
> It is also very important for States Rights reasons as well.  Rep.
> Bill Galvano, chairman of the Rules and Calender Council offered an
> amendment that would change the bill so it would only protect us from
> a STATE mandate!  The original bill protects us from both!  Please
> call the members of the Rules and Calender Council listed below (and
> your own legislator) and tell them “No” on the Galvano Amendment and
> we want them to support Rep. Plakon’s original language. HJR37 is a
> Constitutional Amendment and would require the voters of Florida to
> approve it in November. We deserve the freedom to choose. There are
> only two weeks left in session so we don’t have much time. We need to
> act now!  It’s time for the Tea Party and 9-12 groups to flex our
> muscle, get this bill to the floor for a vote, and on the ballot in
> November. Please forward this to everyone you know. See below…
> Thanks,
> Phil

> Bill Galvano (chair) 850-488-4086
> Ellyn Bogdanoff 850-488-0635
> Sandy Adams 850-488-0468
> Gary Aubuchon 850-488-7433
> Eduardo Gonzalez 850-488-1683
> Adam Hasner 850-488-1993
> Marcelo Llorente 850-488-5047
> Carlos Lopez-Cantera 850-488-4202
> Ron Reagan 850-921-7747
> David Rivera 850-488-7897
> Baxter Troutman 850-488-9465
> Will Weatherford 850-488-5744
> Talking points:
> There are two weeks left in session, we need this bill out of the
> Rules and Calender Council and on to the floor for a vote so the
> people of Florida can decide for themselves in November.
> We are NOT happy with the Galvano Amendment; we want Rep. Plakon’s
> original language.
> This is the single most important piece of state legislation for the
> Tea Party and 9-12 groups and we will remember this vote in November.
> Remember: HJR 37 is a Constitutional Amendment and the people of
> Florida will decide for themselves if they want Health Care Freedom in
> November. We deserve a chance to vote on this. Remember: be POLITE but

We need to continue contacting Representative Galvano and all the members of the House Rules and Calendar Council.
Mr. Galvano, the Chairman of the Rules and Calendar Council wants a language change to Scott Plakon’s original bill which will render HJR 37, The Florida Health Care Freedom Act, useless as an effective means to protect Floridians from compulsive membership in Obamacare. There remains only about TEN DAYS to get the original bill to the floor for a vote. Once this session is over, it is literally over- For all of us….
Truly something is odd when the Democratic members of the committee support the Republican chairman’s change to the bill…
However we need to contact every Council member and every co sponsor of HJR 37.
Time is of the essence.
I would also offer  that the original language of HJR 37 has been vetted by more than a dozen states who are moving it through their legislatures and by Arizona who has already passed it. This language has been reviewed exhaustively at the Goldwater Institute where it originated by their constitutional attorneys before being adopted by the various user states. It should remain as submitted.
Again, we should continue to contact Rules and Calendar Council members. In addition, the co sponsors of HJR 37 should also be contacted and  requested nicely to also speak to Rules and Calendar members. For LIBERTY, this is too important to leave to chance or one individual’s insistence.

Yours in God and Liberty,
Andrew Nappi
State Coordinator
Florida Tenth Amendment Center

Thank you Andrew Nappi for keeping Floridians informed!


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