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Health Scam, Sham, Fairy Tale Prince, Princess, and the Boy Who Would be….,ah no, he only Thinks he is King!

March 17, 2010

Analyze, Diagnosis, and The Cure!

Here we are at the oh so painstaking procedural vote on Obamacare , WHOOHOO, ah no, not really, WOW!  Dang they cannot do anything above-board in this administration.  Why??  Well there was no real grounding , they have never been taught nor learned any good moral character, ethics nor pride to place real quality in their work.

Comes today the news that 50% of all physicians will leave the healthcare field.  Oh, but as a healthcare worker, that does not even begin to tell the story of the sheer numbers of healthcare workers that will be hitting the door, left and right.  No one is going to hang around to pick up the bodies that will be littering the hallways of our healthcare institutions.  You will be lucky to find a clinic to treat you if you have been bludgeoned by something other than the sheer weight of the hard copy, of this ugly and distasteful healthcare nightmare of a bill.

Sweet mother of pearl.  Patients will be dying in record numbers that have in the past lived and went on to live productive lives.   The 10K limit per family or 5K limit per individual will not even get you out of the ER or halfway down the hall to the OR after an accident related trauma .  This is not setting well with patients and families, and why would it??  I have seen people walk out of a hospital 2, 3 and 5 months after a severe trauma, or even some medical conditions, that were touch and go for days on end, requiring multiple successful resuscitation attempts , through weeks, and now you will never see that real life saving care again America if this bill is passed, and they will not even pretend to try!

Why would any trauma surgeon stick around for Keystone Cop State Care….and why would the patients??

They WON”T!!  Except people will not be fleeing to another country. but well get to that in a moment….

THIS IS A SCAM, and a full on Washington D.C. Sham.  No, No, it is a Nancy Princess, Prince Harry production, with Director Barack Obama.

First the house decided they would “follow the rules” of voting, even though the government EDUCATION LOAN TAKE OVER was shoved deep  (never mind that people are running like their hair is on fire away as quickly as possible from public education) in the bill without being upfront about any of it , along with “sweetheart deals”  “mafioso deals”, union deals, scumbag deals and out right lies.  However, American democrats who have a conscience said NO, so then the real illegal stuff began.

“maybe you eke out a victory of 50-plus-one, but you can’t govern. I mean, you get Air Force One, there are a lot of nice perks to being president, but you can’t deliver on health care. We’re not going to pass universal health care with a 50-plus-one strategy. We’re not going to have a serious bold energy policy of the sort I proposed yesterday unless you build a working majority. And part of the task of building that working majority is to get people to believe in our government, that it can work, that it’s based on common sense, that it’s not just sort of scoring political points.

The interviewer then asked, “So is your answer to ‘Why I will be a better president than Hillary Clinton,’ is your answer that she’ll be a 50-plus-one president and you won’t?”

“Yes,” Obama said.”

Barack Obama actually stated he would not be able to govern on healthcare or anything else, with a 51 vote rule called reconciliation, LOL!!!!!  But they decided they would do that anyway.  But oops, American Democrats with the soul and the conscience still in tact, said NO, so they decided to rule on the reconciliation package as a bill with a procedure that would deem the bill as passed.  LOL!! Called the Slaughter Rule, or as the overnight term changed, “Deem and Pass”! (because ya know…that darn American public catches on to their terminology shuffles too quickly)  Bet he wishes we would all just go back to watching TV.

So, NOW….. he is really looking at problems governing!!  Good googly moogly!

And get this, he stated during the Boston conference that the healthcare plan was not a Bolshevik plot, ah HA, HA, hahahahahahaha…LOL!  If it looks like, acts like smells like a Bolshevik plot, and it does, it most likely is!   “I would rather be a good one term president”, he said, “than a mediocre two-term president.”  How precious, this little boy, soooooo cute!

The derangement syndrome has fully set in, and normally I would recommend they seek psycho therapy, but there is no room for them right now, because once prosperous Americans who had thriving business before he landed on the scene, and watched them slide down the poop Shute are occupying those beds so no treatment is available, and we all know there is only one cure for narcissistic genocidal madness! I am speaking of all three now…and a wad of his admin, some senators and representatives.

This president is so deranged, as well as his comrades, Nancy and Harry, every day I keep thinking Democrats themselves, you know the ones with the heart, soul and conscience still in tact, will organize a military coup against their own leaders and have them forcibly removed.

This looks like, well, not just Gilligan’s Island as some have suggested, but seems they have taken their directives out of the “Hogan’s Heros” playbook, with Obamo and friends playing the German Camp administrators, it is sad, funny, grotesque, and totally embarrassing for sane democrats, who has to deal with this insane BULL-crap!!

And just imagine this is your healthcare, without the Penicillin, but you’re trying to convince the Germans you need it!

Oh the shame, Oh the ridicule, Oh the spot they are in, O Barrrrack OBAMA!

Communists would never invade this country out right because they stated behind every blade of grass there would be someone with a gun.  Well ya know what, that is the way it still stands.  Even though we were spoon fed, we are full and sick of this venom and we know exactly who has been spiking the food supply with communism.  The left-wing of the democrat party will be so black and blue from falling on their faces, and people will take it out on them verbally, and in community, so strongly that SEIU,  AFL-CIO, AACORN, (reminds me of something that would grow on my Grandmother’s little toe, that she would cut off)  and community organizing altogether will have such a bad taste in  our mouths, that communism will be in a pit with no credence given to anyone who even mentions it.  Even pollsters will have a hard time being taken seriously ever again.  Take a look at these…..

I think Rasmussen has been fudging just weeeeeeeeeee bit!

These goobers have no knowledge of medicine, and clearly no knowledge of constitutional congressional procedure.  It has become the Washington DC, free for all.  They place no value on FREEDOM, no value on individuals, and clearly no value on the quality of their own work.

So where does the problem come from??  BHO himself ! If you lie once, you will lie over and over and over again!  American detest a liar more than a thief, but he is turning out to be both!!

What created this fumbling fool spectacle within the White House, that has caused level minded democrats to turn on their own??  Well the “Boy Who Would be KING” created this fiasco himself.  He thought a 51 reconciliation vote would cause him not to be able to govern, no , no, no.!  The “Boy Who Would Be KING” pitched an elite baby fit at the mention of having to turn over all his documents and built a legal wall around himself, to the point that now his own party does not trust him as far as they can throw him…..and that is not too far.

The nation has clearly been able to see that they need him and his healthcare plan like they need an automatic egg-cracker, and a whole in the head….respectively.

When you have no character of high moral standing, and do everything in secret, NO ONE WILL BELIEVE A SINGLE THING YOU HAVE TO SAY, and you can preach like a country church pastor, but many of them who were found dishonest, have been ousted by towns all across the nation.  But then “The Boy Who Would Be KING, would know that, if he were really American, not just by birth but also in his heart.  Sad to say Barack, you are not a natural-born citizen, nor are  American in your heart, and you sure as hell are not KING!  Take you would be prince and princess back to the drawing board, or get out!!

Barack Obama has lost face, Nancy and Harry look pathetic, and it is the Representatives are catching pure hell from the American public as well as the left wing nuts!  I believe there  are some democrats, who if they step up to the plate to save this nation, a grateful public will go out of their way to ensure that they return to Washington.

That is what I think!!


  1. Tamara permalink
    March 30, 2010 10:51 am

    Post article note, we no longer have ONE democrat in Washington who is pro-American, pro FREEDOM or LIBERTY! They clearly have an Agenda that does not square with the Constitution of the United States, and have bet their lives against the other 70% of us! Something wicked has overtaken them and they have become blind and deaf, unfortunately not mute. They are about to experience an old fashioned clock cleaning!!



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