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March 17, 2010


Why is there a picture of Karl Marx hidden on this apple in the latest Newsweek cover of our fashion icon First Lady?

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Why is Karl Marx hiding in that apple?

Do you see this?

Why is there a portrait of Karl Marx in the apple sitting in front of our “fashion icon” First Lady, in her latest appearance on the cover of Newsweek (which replaces her bulbous giant belts with Nosferatu nails as the de rigeur accessory for spring)?

The only place in our education system Karl Marx belongs in is a chapter on lunatics who espoused ideas so terrible and destructive they must never be attempted anywhere on the globe again (ironically enough, this is where the Obamas’ “Golden Age of Hope and Change” will also be covered someday).

He does not belong sitting in front of the First Lady of the United States, no matter how terrible she herself is.

Or how laughable it is to think she’d be eating apples. The junk in her trunk comes from somewhere — despite her railing against everyone else for being obese — and it sure isn’t from packing away too many McIntoshes or Granny Smiths.

UPDATE: This photo is the real Newsweek cover.

It has not been photoshopped.

Early this morning, 3/16/10, it looks like the White House ordered Newsweek to crop the photo so the apple is no longer visible online. Newsweek has cut the table out completely, now, because whatever’s going on in this photo was noticed by the public.

We spotted this photo late last night, and put it up immediately.

It’s clear as day that’s Karl Marx posing proudly in front of a woman who is “proud of apples for the first time in (her) adult life” after finding this Marxist one.

She’s like the crazy old lady who used to find potato chips that looked like cartoon characters or Abraham Lincoln, who went on the Tonight Show to tell Johnny Carson all about it. Well, now we’ve got a First Lady who finds communists in fruit and shows them off to Newsweek.

Please stop by their blog for more interesting articles!


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