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Freedoms Final Turn

February 28, 2010

Tarry not in hastened pace toward foe of liberty,
Fearless heart in armored chest press onward victory.

Hallowed ground of battles fought where blood has shed its life,
Matters most to babes of dreams how valiant in strife.

Where fear may root it will not grow for high are final stakes,
Lost warriors of memory were hard beyond the breaks.

Lest pages lie lips should not halt to spread all truth afore,
Rewritten to supplant past days assault our ears no more.

Guile and hate have not a place except where seek they may,
To steal past deeds of valiant men in fear of liberty.

Cast forth a faith of future hope where might may be redeemed,
For babes of yore stood bold and hard securing futures dream.

In this hour the silver tongue that works at lies behest,
Shall call us to the battle front of liberties true test.

Valor finds no limit on the day when the shovels cease,
It passes to new soldiers heart unhindered by decease.

Emboldened by a newfound flame in belly burns the ire,
Righteous to uphold the words bestowed by One who’s higher.

Until the cross above your head, until the shackles burn,
Squander not the light of day for freedoms final turn.

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