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Oh healtcare: GET the message, Washington, STOP it!

February 10, 2010

Petition: Demand The Media “Tell the Truth!”

About Government-Run Health Care

Your Sponsor: Media Research Center

Click here to see your representatives respond to the question “Is mandatory health care coverage Constitutional?”

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to our national petition “Demanding the Media Report the Truth
About ObamaCare”!

In the wake of President Obama’s State-of-the-Union Address, the news media are doing their utmost to mislead the nation about government-run health care — even proposing that it could be dead. But a look past the headlines reveals that health care is very much alive and that House Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Reid and the President are secretly scheming to use whatever political chicanery necessary to push this massive socialist agenda through Congress.

Throughout the health care debate, the so-called “news” media have been peddling President Obama’s plan and the government takeover of our personal health decisions. Their coverage has been full of inaccuracies, glaring omissions, and bias about the details of this plan and its true cost to all Americans. The media are doing our nation a grave disservice by not reporting the truth on this life or death issue. Your Immediate Help Needed!

To expose and combat the media’s effort, the Media Research Center has launched a national petition “Demanding The Media ‘Tell The Truth!’ About Government-Run Health Care.” Even though polls indicate 84% of Americans are satisfied with their current health care, Obama is pushing hard to pass his plan before anyone has had time to read or understand it.

The MRC is moving just as quickly to rally 200,000 citizens who are raising their voices to hold the media accountable on health care—demanding to know the real truth and the real unintended consequences of the government’s proposed health care takeover.

Americans deserve the truth. We deserve a media that are committed to honesty and providing the information we need to make informed decisions. The only way to bring about this kind of change is for grassroots Americans to mobilize and demand the media tell the truth!

YES NANCY, were dead serious!  That is what I think!


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