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December 29, 2009


Fox News has held them selves out to be the truth tellers, but just as the state-run media they run form this subject like the plague.  They refuse to even discuss it.  Yet CNN’s former anchor Lou Dobbs had more guts than all the media outlets combined.

Lou Dobbs Lou Dobbs Show

You can listen and read the full transcript here.  The audio is posted on MediaMatters which is entirely state-run, but the information is intact.

Yet another case comes to the forefront!  and another 40 more behind them and it goes on and on and on and yet Fox will not eve touch the subject.  Do not think they have not examined it, because that would be an absolute lie!

Grand Jury Presentment- A case against President Obama

Then Phil Berg, Constitutional Attorney , resurfaces with more suits filed against the “President”.  Jim Neidner talked with Phil Berg on Orly Taitz, GOOOH, The Teaparty, and onter independent movements in the country.  He took callers questions and stated clearly what must be done.

Neidner\’s Talk Radio Show

It might no bother you that we have a president who has not had to produce a single document, when you cannot even drive with out a Birth certificate but it bothers me especially when he has the ability to change law in this country, and none of his party even attempts at listening to you or I on those decisions. And the laws, they are a changing:

Obama makes first move to undermine 2010 elections

Furthermore when the subject is mentioned, the left jumps in and tries to make anyone who does look like a lunatic, when in fact they raised the same stink with John McCain, yet he was forced to open his documents.

Even John McCain remains silent on this double standard.

The fact of the matter is that Phillip Berg has been steadfast in trying to place his information before the courts and needs your help to continue.

I do not know what the truth is but I want to find out and NOW!

It is time to push back and get to the bottom of these matters.  I feel things are not going to go well over this next year if we do not take action now to stop the forces that are ruining this country,  And this issue is at the very heart of this matter.  It is time for you to ask why he has spent millions in keeping these file closed and has now included Interpol in keeping his files closed.

Obama gives foreign cops new police powers in U.S.

Sovereignty apparently set aside as agency exempted from law

When these things are happening at a rapid pace and Americans go about their daily lives acting as if nothing is happening it is of grave concern.  Yet no more than twenty years ago you would have heard people say, “We will not allow that to happen here.”

Who among the media have the guts to tackle this issue?

Obviously not Fox News!  If you cannot face these things go back to your DVD’s while the country falls apart.  You do not deserve the right to vote let alone live here!  I want the truth!

With the number of suits that exist, this should be a congressional matter, and I hold all those in congress responsible to answer to charges of treason for ignoring this information.  Every single one, democrat and republican.

That is what I think!

  1. John W permalink
    December 29, 2009 8:17 pm

    The birth certificate is not an issue, his mom was an American citizen and even if he was born outside of the U.S he is still eligable to be President as long as he lived here for 14 years prior to running for election, however his actions since he took office deserve impeachment. He has been trampling the Constitution, and distroying our country and should be held accountable! All the bailouts, healthcare, Cap and Trade, the stimulous bill are going to distroy the country. We need to do something ASAP to stop the corruption in Washington. Replace congress in 2010 and the President WILL follow in 2012. Learn how at

    • Tamara permalink
      December 29, 2009 11:50 pm

      I could not agree with you more but he is hiding something most likely more sinister than a fake BC, and nearly 2 Million in attorney fees to protect it says so. Impeachment works for me!! But we need to get on it!! In addition to the above, his NYC trials for the terrorists, is treason!

    • Tamara permalink
      December 30, 2009 12:09 am

      Except I disagree with one thing, BOTH parents have to be American citizens to be considered natural born American, when a birth occurs on foreign soil. It is not the law of today it is the law of the time of Birth, and that is not semantics, it is law!

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