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Send Ed Lynch to Congress, Florida District 19!

December 25, 2009

ON THE ISSUES With Ed Lynch…..

Stop by and see him, won’t you???

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Healthcare Insurance

There is no doubt that we need to address uninsured Americans and reform our health insurance.  We have the best healthcare in the world which is why no Americans leave our country to get healthcare, rather people from other countries come to America to get the best healthcare when they need it.

In order to see my stance on the present healthcare bills that are being presented by our government, please look in our BLOG section. I would like to use this section to address how it is that we can fix our present circumstances so I will not even address the issue of how many Americans are actually uninsured.

The president is correct, in order to lower prices, competition is the way to go.  That is why we need to open up competition between health insurers by allowing free and open competition between states.  Our people need to be able to shop for health insurance that is offered by any insurer and in any state.  We need to overhaul medicare and medicaid and eliminate fraud, which will also bring prices down. We also need to let small groups come together to offer those in their groups access to group healthcare rates with no pre-existing conditions.

We need to promote healthy living and reward those individuals that are committed to being healthy.  This is America and we are free to do as we please, for now. However, if an individual is going to participate in activities that are unhealthy or have unhealthy diets and not exercise, then they are going to have to pay higher premiums for the choices that they make.  There also needs to be a system in place where physicians are able to practice preventative and not defensive medicine which will only be achieved through tort reform.  Insurance companies should have slightly higher co-payments which would influence people to go to the doctor when they need to.  If we are in the midst of a season change and the weather is getting colder and everyone has the sniffles, perhaps you only have a cold and do not need to rush to the doctor for antibiotics that you really don’t need…….More


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