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The death of Democratic POWER!

December 20, 2009

A return to the Republic of the United States of America.

There is not a doubt that there will be a republican party house clearing.  If as a conservative, you have ever thought about public office, no is the time!  If your current republican senator, or representative voted for the bailout, the stimulus, or any of the UN-holy socialistic building legislation, it is time for them to go and the Republican chairman Michael Steel better be facing front and center, and listen up!

Although these people have committed grievous acts against our republic by “going along” with this plan to destroy our republic, many are now regretting their past votes and are sounding the warning bell of tyranny.  Although they know they have no chance of winning their seat back, when their re-election cycle rolls around, they are doing the right thing at this time, by making it clear that the democratic party has so corrupted themselves that they are now doing the democrat death march.  Those who stuck to their principals are assured their return to Washington.

The Warning Bells of Tyranny!

Using a nuclear option for budget matters by republicans has opened the door to sweeping social legislative change by democrats, and republicans shut out of all debate.  IT IS TIME FOR A DECADE OF REPEALS!!  That is what it will take to restore liberty!

We all know that in order to restore liberty, the government must be afraid of the people and they are.  Make no mistake that this tyrannical government sees the writing on the wall, and they know full well that the legislation they are passing shall not stand.  Take a look at the polls:

Rasmussen reports:

Let look at just the first two!  50-60 % majorities in those two areas signal America is fed up with bizarre behavior of the democrats, and in order to ensure we will not have loose 2 decades, as by allowing a democrat in office we have lost one just on electing Barack Obama, we must self correct.  People are united in the love of our US Constitution, and the distrust of those who dismiss and despise it.

Democrats will do well to win election for dog catcher.  We must forever never forget what Democrats have done to this nation.  Never in my lifetime would I have imagined that the republicans who have acted as democrats all these years would finally wake up and call for Americans to take action, but they are, and they have, even knowing that is their voting record will decide if they will ever return to public office.


Orin Hatch calls for rebellion!

Jim DeMint says this congress is bordering on tyranny!

In a Fox News interview that I cannot locate at this time, just done last week, Jim DeMint stated congress is tyrannical !  When I find it and I will, it will be posted here!  Keep up with Jim DeMint comments because he has consistently blasted democrats and has rang the warning bell of tyranny.

Keep up with DeMint!!

Michelle Bachman has been consistent in ringing the warning bell of the loss of FREEDOM!

Keep up with Michelle!

Ron Paul, the father of the 2008 Revolution

And the father of the new Revolution is Ron Paul.  No matter what you think of his followers, HE IS ABOUT FREEDOM!  He is about protecting our constitutional rights to the letter. he is about NOT allowing government to interfere in your life.  He is the single the cause of a more conservative movement in the Republican Party!!!  Period  I call him the father of the Republican Revolution.  It takes a hard right to pull people to their senses.

His followers come close to anarchists, (Paul himself is not) but none would not turn away a conservative movement.

Anarchists are not LWNJ for those of you who do not know, they are far RIGHT!  Let me help you understand by illustration via a well produced video.

Define yourself in the spectrum, and make your stand known!

Republicans who did not vote for the bailout or stimulus are safe and can count on keeping their seats, but those who have voted with the democrats on sweeping legislation can count on returning to the private sector, and should bow out completely to a conservative candidate who runs against them.  John McCain were talking to you and those like you.  We appreciate your service, count you as Hero to our country, but you lost all sight under pressure and we cannot afford the possibility of that happening ever again!  The RNC better wake up and take notice!

The democrat death march to socialism has no doubt awakened a conservative movement in this country as never before for a true love, and appreciation of our mighty constitution.  Watching Democrats step and spit on our constitution has brought together a mighty coalition of people who the Democrats will not be able to overcome for another 40-50 YEARS without unfettered corruption.  The democrats blatant move toward Communism and Socialism and open disdain for American citizens, have them all lined up for a fight dems will never forget.

Here is the word of caution!  The healthcare bill passage is so corrupt that allowing it to fully pass may ensure corrupt elections in the future.  If allowed passed all we can hope for is those who take taxpayer payoff money to use the bribe against those who pose it!  That is not a good place to be.  Assuming we will have fair elections in the future is a wrong assumption, because the warning has gone out many times that this bill has nothing to do with health and everything to do with power and labor unions and social agenda of the left.

Understand this now!!!  We outnumber them !!  5 to 3!

Get up and fight today!  Make no mistake this will be a life long fight!  Not for an election, a piece of legislation, but a fight for the life of freedom so long as you shall live, and we must never allow our nation to come this close to socialist governmental communistic control EVER AGAIN!  It began with a tea party and should unite into a conservative giant snowball!

This means the Democrat death march should be assured.  Do not elect these untrustworthy bastards back into office, and by no means allow them any centralized power, EVER and that is if we are successful.  If not successful, we will have a dismal future, that this country will not survive.

All on the right who love America and her Constitution are welcome to stand side by side with me!

Without America, there is no freedom!


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