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Simplify America!

November 19, 2009

The true enemy of progress that everyone wants is complication.

People do not like complication.  Governments only like complication.  Red tape just add headaches.

If the people truly OWN the government, then take it over!!

In the same vein that we love simplification, we also are a compassionate people.  We will show compassion when people face hardship and can make an effort, and when there is no alternative but to provide care for someone, who is unable to care for themselves.

I want to address every issue form transportation to healthcare to defense.  Wiki started the online encyclopedia as a document that is living and could be changed.  In pretty much the same way, I want to discuss ways to simplify complex problems, and believe there are solutions to every problem we face.  i want people to join me.   So I am asking readers to provide solutions that break down the problems to  it most simple terms, and provide simple answers to those problems.

Simplification is a steady solid comfort that people crave.  It provides a worry-less foundation to be able to free thoughts to move forward.  Simplification leads to systems that take care of truly the majority, and allow the minority of that fall  through the cracks to address concerns to that majority, for adequate resolution.  The more we simplify, the less will fall through the cracks.

What is needed and what is NOT!!

As a people what can be realistically cut and what can not???

My thoughts will be based on the wiki budget submitted by the White House!!

And it is beyond time, with more to come through analysis!

$18.7 billion (+5.1%) – National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Reduce to only an administrative  oversight role between the department of defense and commerce of both military public and commerce private sectors.

There is not another planet in our solar system that is inhabit-able, and should be cut to focus only on defense of the nation and commerce for communications.  This is a luxury fun funding that has over stayed its usefulness.  Any comments or debris getting ready to bump or destroy the earth as we know it can be observed by our military.  The budget is not transferable, but programs currently running should be maintained under the military or private sector.

This is just taking away monies that can increase the values of human life here on earth.  We are here!!!  Period!

$46.7 billion (+12.8%) – Department of Education

This is a travesty and a lie, and should be reduced and funds dispersed back to the states evenly with only an administrative role for oversight and coordination, with the focus being on “Who America is”, and “how we were founded” based on our history as a people, and performance standards in Reading Math and Science on strictly an educational level and eliminate the politics.

Americans are being double and triple, and quadruple taxed for this and it is an outrage.  Monies being raised, which can be kept within each state, would allow more functional purposes such as hiring more teachers and reducing class sizes and expanding schools within neighborhoods.  Anti consolidation.

This one agency is responsible for pricing education out of reach of the individuals of the states and is sucking up for too much in financial resources.  They do not regulate text books, school boards, or standards in teaching licensing.  Standard testing does not cost 46 Billion dollars!

$10.5 billion (+34.6%) – Environmental Protection Agency

Each State has environmental protection, it should be reduced to coordination and oversight period and should come under the department of the interior.  We know what is hazardous to our lives and what benefits our lives and as just and this is absolute a waste of taxpayer money and a bureaucracy!!  Monies should be dispersed back to the states to clean up their mess.

$1.1 billion (+22.2%) – Corporation for National and Community Service

Volunteerism should be on the local and state level and monies funded back to the states to coordinate it on those levels. PERIOD !  Charitable organizations handle volunteerism and should continue to do so!

$19.8 billion (+3.7%) – Other Agencies  What other agencies….  Eliminate what is not needed and keep the absolute necessary ones.  If it is under discretionary, most likely they are duplicate services provided at the state level.    Disperse back to the state and eliminate.

$5.0 billion (+100%) – National Infrastructure Bank Monies not eliminated but moved to :

Put under the Corps of Engineers to give them the funding necessary to develope , improve , upgrade,  coordinate our infrastructure nationwide in communication, power, transportation, protection.

This cuts nearly 96.8 Billion form the budget that is just unnecessary or duplicate from the state level.

Put these monies back at the state level but maintain oversight, coordination.

Revise our tax system to it simplest core!

Under 20K on an individual, no taxes!

If your not making the above as a single individual you are not living at a standard that should be taxed.

10 % on all peoples!

25% on all business, public and private!

Regulate Charities to a strict administrative costs with collected monies going strictly to the purpose they propose to support.!  Non-political activity only.

Red tape is choking the American life and dream!



  1. December 10, 2010 1:21 pm

    I like the creativity and passion you show, but would rather we eliminate the IRS and the “income tax” and replace with a flat tax, national sales tax, fair tax or a to be determined tax that cannot and will not be used for “class warefare” and environmental actities to promote some sort of social or moral agenda by our government.

    With that said, we cannot effectively determine what that rate will be for any of the alterenative funding mechanisms, if we don;t first determine what is spending is being done by our Government that is Constitutionally approved. Until we “cut spending first” then we can determine an appropriate level of resources our government needs to achomplish those objectives.

    • Tamara permalink
      December 16, 2010 10:34 pm


  2. Kellyann Curnayn permalink
    November 27, 2009 9:50 pm

    Your right governments are drawn to the labyrinth when a well lit hallway leads directly to the EXIT sign. But people are also inclined to complicate matters because we want the best of both worlds versus taking the harder and higher road. Every department, committe and sub-comittee has well paid employees who like their incomes and must spend the money placed in their committes budget if they are to keep the good paying job.
    In California I worked in a crisis pregnancy center and found many non utilized govenment funded programs. The people who worked in them were begging me to send them some business so they could justify their existence. I was Nursing Director of the medical clinic aspect. Almost no one willingly gives up money, no one willingly admits their job is not really needed and the value of hard work has been replaced by union sub-standards. (do as little work as possible over the longest period possible)
    Who would vote their buddies out of a job for the sake of the country they love so much…..few, very very few would.

    NASA has produced innovation that has facilitated defense. I disagree with this idea for many reasons.

    Education teaches to the lowest common denominator because the government has placed a higher value on bringing the lowest achiever up. That will not happen unless you get him new parents (who care), new environment (drug/alcholhol free), new set of friends who have parents just like his. Yes return this job back to the states

    National and Community Service department I would love to have the salary total on that department. Get rid of it.

    And the other committees well a little detail please. Below is my analogy of how a privately owned company was given power by the government and made themselves indespensable to the medical community.
    My analogy of Joint Commission

    I get paid to do dishes at a local restaurant and they use primarily paper products. Well initially no one realizes my job is really not that hard or time consuming. Hiring me was really quite bogus. so I begin changing my job description to paper product ordering agent and then I am the official overseer of the quality of paper products that come through that establishment, and then I do yearly testing throughout the land of paper products to ensure they are maintaining the quality of paperness that has been obtained in their product. To get my stamp of approval you must pay me the paper king and if you don’t get my approval you can not produce your product.

    The dish washer some how morphed himself into a power that he created for himself.

    I believe JCAHO has morphed into a power they created for themselves to justify their own existence and now they are a million dollar corporation that needs to be fed. While the health care system bleeds. Those feeding this system do so at the expense of those working in the fields and the world sits by idly.

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