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America does not want Obamacare!

October 10, 2009

Especially, this American!

I have seen industry after industry leave America in my lifetime!

Now I see freedom leaving America.  When people from all over the world come to America, for healthcare, then I know that this could be the industry that SAVES America.

However, if we go down the Socialism road, this will be just another country!  We will have just another universal healthcare plan.   All of Washington should be hanging their heads in shame for the disrespect to the nation and its citizens who have paid their way, picked up their tab to guard our liberties.  Yet they have turned upon us and decided that we do not need our liberty to decide what we will need in a health care plan.

I do not want my family members taken care of by Union employees, with a “that ain’t my job”  attitude!  Trust me that is exactly how it will be!

The number of plans coming out of Washington is staggering.  Sticking in amendment, after amendment, lying to the public regarding the contents, and even trying to hide the contents of a bill that effect every living citizen in the country is despicable for people who have been given a great job most of them for their entire lives , to screw the American citizen in such a way, is treason.

Imagine if we actually did the right thing and treated patients like human beings, and fired those employees who felt it was too much trouble to get out of their seats to go check on their patients.  Imagine if we could use the technology and research properly by having the government pick up the tab to reduce costs, only after FDA approval .  And what if we all cut back our insurance to catastrophic only, except for seniors and those who have diseases, and we forced every medical company to compete for our business.  What if all insurance plans were forced to compete across state lines as well as catastrophic plans.

I am not a wealthy person.  I do not have insurance, nor am I worried.  Why??  I know if i need to see the doctor I can find a place somewhere that will quote me a price I can live with, and get the job done.

Many hospitals are giving their patients quotes and helping them to save money for their insurance companies.  One such company is Cleveland Clinic.

DO NOT tell me anyone is dying tonight for lack of healthcare when I have worked in it for 30 some years.  Now you might not get good care…I mean depending on who you get for a care giver, and if they care or not.  I can guarantee no one will care to rush down the hallway for you if the “GOBMENT” takes over healthcare.

After all it will be just another job, in just another hospital, paid by another universal policy, from just another country.

America, are we just another country???

HELL NO WE ARE NOT!  America is about FREEDOM !

The Democrat party will face severe repercussions if they force any legislation upon Americans!  Republican members who voted for the bailout are already facing this measure and are trying their best to make it up…..THERE WILL BE NO MERCY!


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