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Humana tries to clear misleading government bullrap! Free speech threatened!

September 24, 2009

The absolute Gall of the Obamabots who thought they could strong arm Humana, need a wake up call!  Get your head examined!  THIS IS A  F R E E  COUNTRY!

However it sure smacks of the type of crap they “think” they can do though Joint Commission.  Otherwise known as JCAHO, now known as Joint Commission, a non-profit arm of Medicare and Medicaid, although thy will not admit it, who ensures no medical provider will get paid unless they pay through the joint commission process.  Yes another Chicago pay to play venture!

Of course Joint Commission is Corrupt to the CORE!  They are owned by the Chicago crime family to which our “Dear Leader”, Barack Obama belongs is’nt that sweet???

Humana, you have nothing to fear!  Speak up, Get Loud….we are to NEVER give in to those who threaten!  That is all it is ….a threat!  The insurance company based in Kentucky sent letters to their Medicare advantage customers, to whom they have every legal right to do so,was threatened by big brother for spilling the beans on the cuts they would soon be facing through Obamacare! 

LOL! It seems el Presidente Obama is working on a good case of impeachment well before his first year has ended!

It is the Obama administration that should be looking up all the laws they have broken…because they are getting ready to get booted from office!  Mr. Obama seems to want to thumb his nose at every amendment right we have.  This time however he has crossed the line to actively threaten the free speech, by use of our legal system against Humana.

Someone is thinking much more highly of themselves than they ought!

Without FREEDOM, it is just another country!  Obama and his cronies and his crusty fan club is getting ready to find out that Americans LOVE their freedom!



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