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Low Down, No Good, Nancy Freaking Pelosi Cuts Off Water, Causes 40% UN-Employment in California!

September 17, 2009

Alan Aurty, Former Mayor of Fresno, Claims the US government participating in an act of terrorism!

It is the farms that corruption killed!  As one person said, the only other place in the world that water is shut off for political purpose in order to stop farming is Uganda and Ethiopia!  No one in the world would believe the US government would have done this, EVER!

The government does not understand farming nor the salmon industry or smelt or anything else!  I am not eating freaking Chinese tomatoes…but you and I will be only offered Chinese tomatoes if we do not demand the that the government get their noses out of the State of California Agriculture!

Farm land of California is turning into a dessert only due to corruption on the part of Nancy freaking Pelosi because she was most likely getting banged, and donations by a salmon fishery owner who claimed it was the farm land ammonia run off that caused a decrease in salmon catches, from low levels of delta smelt a two inch minnow.  The FEDERAL government does not belong in farming.  We have a DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE for that

Zeke Gardner, the activist stupping Nancy is saying his salmon need those minnow.  I am absolutely positive a whole bunch of money and stupping came from those big corporate farms, and the water will come on when the corporate farms have bought out all the family owned farms and the salmon factory ass above has bought out all the family owned fisheries as well.

Barack Obama, if you and your cronies do not get out of Agriculture…your not going to make it through the entire first term without being impeached!  Then you can go back to Africa, to Ethiopia and Kenya and Uganda and Nigeria.  What I see happening in countries all over the world is now happening in the United States of America due to political BS!  Americans have never acted this way until the democrats took control in 2006!

Our corrupt government is a total reflection upon you Barack Obama, and this democratic congress, lead by Nancy freaking Pelosi, in control since 2006!

Your taxes at work here are causing basic food prices to go sky high…and unemployment is at 40% in Southern central California, a pathetic display of government corruption and hindering the lives of our fellow American like me, here in Florida even!

IMPEACH Both if not resolved within 3 months!

That is what I think…..and if you disagree with me, I could care less!

  1. Sally Nance permalink
    September 22, 2009 4:03 pm

    Have to say anyone who is an honorable person with the best intent for the state of California, had better pack a lunch. It is going to be a long hard nasty fight.

    People can not see the difference between RESPONSIBLE conservation and Enviromental Extremism.

    I completely understand the food cycle and the Salmon needing their food, I also understand the technology exists to keep the stupid fish healthy and alive AND the water delivered to the farmers. If it gets down to it too bad for the fish, the farmers need their water.

  2. Sally Nance permalink
    September 21, 2009 3:12 am

    This is a sad day for this country, where idiots in leadership positions pull this crap. Using the Liberal plant judges to do their bidding.

    The Californian Governor a luke warm actor, and even more of a wishy washy leader. He should stand up, yurn the water on and face down the Feds.

    If people would go back and read our history, thee were major fights caused by people stopping the flow of water from ranchers and farmers is this where the New Order of Socialist in DC wants to return this country to?

    Shame on California for not getting rid of Pelosi and the Eco-Freaks in their government. Or insisting the Gov get off his Candy A$$ and go nose to nose with the President.

    The president doesn’t waste a moment when he can get in front of a camera and talk race, or selling snake oil Schemes.

    This is defining moment for the Voters who voted for these idiots who go out of their way to hinder this nations prosperity.


    • Tamara permalink
      September 22, 2009 1:37 pm

      It is time to restore law and order to California as well as the United States…!!! The use of the Cloward-Piven Strategy by the democrat party has nearly destroyed this country. It is time to sweep of the ashes left, after the dems burned their party down to the ground, and bury the Democrat Party, as they have perverted the word Democrat anyway….. Anyone making a proposal to go out of their way to do something that creates a burden on the system instead of truly improving it “should be called out as C-P obstructionists! We need to take a hell no never again attitude!

    • Tamara permalink
      September 22, 2009 1:44 pm

      Meg Whitman is running for Governor…People who love the state of California should give her a shot…She said she has a spine of steel….She better be prepared for the anarchist known as the Cloward-Piven foot soldiers of Acorn and SEIU and put them in their place!

  3. indyfromaz permalink
    September 18, 2009 12:19 pm

    I agree with you. And I am new to the issue. And in Arizona, but it’s utterly disgusting what Queen Nancy and her thugs get up to. And the “Hope” and “Change” President is to busy campaigning for Socialized Medicine to care.
    Truly sad.


  1. Low Down. No Good, Nancy Freaking Pelosi Cuts Off Water, Causes 40 …

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