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It’s commie red, not American Black that concerns us, dude!

September 14, 2009

If your heard the truth could you recognize it??

I hear the un-ending arguing on what ever channel you flip it to these days.  Seeing 2 million conservatives on the Capitol Mall just excites me.  After ward hearing them argue about who told the story or who did not was boring.  You would actually be shocked to find out what network told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth this time.  However it is a shell game with liberals, just like it is with the media.  Who ‘s got the truth??

Like I am talking with a black lady, my age or close every now and then, through a friend on Facebook.  She has two children, and I can tell she is most likely conservative in the way she raises them….my friend is conservative, and she is a friend of his, and both live far away from me, but she is a staunch progressive democrat.  A snippy argumentative one at that!  I just am not convinced that she would go for an Orwellian, or Lord of the Flies world.  Every time I speak with my conservative friend..she has to say something derogatory to me about my thinking, as if she is taking a play out of the Saul Alinsky manual.  Then I read posts like this:

“Maher Charges Racism Fuels Disrespect of Obama, Sees ‘Subliminal Racism’ on Drudge”

and then…

“Avoiding World Conference Against Racism Shows Obama’s Disrespect for Blacks”

All this is nothing but race baiting so that we will be prevented from joining forces to agree and stop this mess!!

It is not the black, white divide I assure you……IT IS THE RED SEA!

It is most assuredly a communist connection to everything he does and a whole host of stuff this man just is not gonna own up to!  Like his thesis, college papers that other presidents have not been ashamed of, (not that all of America liked them) but the authors of those papers were “datgum” proud of  their work.  Not this dude!

When our guys are fighting a war in a far away land and NATO rules against them, our leaders have made a spectacle of them selves to get the rules corrected to win the war in the majority of my life time!  Yesterday, johnny-on-the spot!   Not this dude! Because you would not even know there was a 96 hour rule (like the Cloward -Piven strategy for war) that is causing them misery, running themselves to death, including fighting the enemy, many times leaving them stranded because of so few helicopters to go back and forth..transporting captive taliban…. but not a freaking word form Obama!  Sounds to me like more of his Reverend Wright-wrong minded mind set to me, as in “he could care less”…because he has not even talked about it!  NO, no, no..(you know what Rev Wright-wrong said I am not going to repeat it!)…. not this dude!

His freaking 33 CZARS, oops, we  were down to 32 but he will hire another soon, including the creeps that are self-confessed communists such as the FCC CZAR-Mark LLoyd who wants to control what you say and what you can listen to by controlling none other than …you guessed it, the MONEY…Obama does not even try to hide his Marxist intemtions…he just spins them so Brian Williams can make them should loving and righteous, so you will like them too!  And then he goes and hire another commie CZAR, after he has one resign Van Jones. here where he explains how to push socialism on you.  Green commie Czar exposed….I mean don’t turn around, uh uh OH!….sha, …sha,  dir CommieZar in town, uh uh OH!  Do you think Barack Obama will admit to being a communist while in the White House??  Well not yet, he want us to fall in love with him first like they did for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.  He is not going to tell the truth, NOW…not after swooning NBC, CBS, and ABC sticking billions in their parent corporation pockets as payola.  Nope… hope of that here Dude!

Nothing But Corrupt!

Nothing But Corrupt!

Then over the weekend 2.0-2.5 Million people as far away as Hawaii and Alaska go to Washington, DC to express their views and state run television barely mentions it…but the shell game went on… MSNBC came out and stated upfront that over 2 Million people attended the 9/12 March on Washington.  Democrats were extremely worried as well they should be….but not this Dude!

Now add Obama’s Endowment for the Arts and Education, nationwide, White House initiative, for creativity for Obamacare….give me a break!  OUT IN PLAIN SITE…hide it??  Not this dude!

Everything this guy is doing is leaving it up to the imagination of us US right wingers because he sure as heck has not cleared the air!  You know that old saying I can talk about him but not someone else ( another country) , that does not apply here, because he closed the discussion when he hid his life.  America rallies around their presidents in the face of foriegn opposition if we feel we know them.  Not this dude!

If all you have are Commie friends, commie appointments, commie initiatives, and commie policies like fairness doctrine, commie  Cap N Trade, commie healthcare, and commie CZARS……that are so far left of America they are over in China…. Oh and that bring me to my last point …He is flying the commie PRC flag, above the White House  on September 20th !  I do nt believe I have read anywhere that the Peoples Republic of China flew “Old Glory” above  Square!

HOW much more COMMIE do you want….ITS RED, not BLACK!  Then my hope falls further when I read :

Bin Laden reportedly calls Obama ‘powerless’

And North Korea threatening to send up a nuke flare……

This commie dude has a do as I say, not do as I do attitude! This is America and as one person stated…

“I find it hilariuos that the current administration is going to require people to prove citizenship to get Obama Care, when Obama cannot prove that he himself is a citizen.”  Scott

Then he signals in his speech to congress that they are going to use the reconciliation or nuclear option to pass the healthcare bill come hell or high water…….was that supposed to make us feel better??  Dude???

I mean 15,000 VS 2.5 million???

What is with all the commie signals DUDE!

If the commentators are so sure President Obama  is not pushing toward a Marxist form of government then why are all of the above signals together in one place??

If this has nothing to do with growing the size of government to Communist -Socialist levels, then stop acting like it!

That is what I think!  Let it rip…What do you think!



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