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September 9, 2009

OH, My Gosh!

I have to tell you, I really do not like to write, and I really have a bad taste in my mouth with career politicians.  They are usually liars with a practiced soundbites.  Much like the delusional Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who have caused extreme damage to this country over the last four years.  Therefore the last thing I want to do is to write about stinking, lying, low down politicians.  People are somehow, so unable to associate a falling market with the timing of a democrat takeover of congress, and is stupidly amazing to me how anyone could not see it.

There is one politician who has come to the forefront almost stealing my heart….Representative Ted Poe, he is highlighting a stupid law passed by a Democrat congress to phase out regular light bulbs in favor of the compact flourescent bulb (CFB or CFL) which is full of mercury!

I promise you in five years or less we will be repealing this law because these bulbs will be poisoning Americans in epidemic numbers.  They emit radiation and microwave signals that will interrupt your cellphones, computers, televisions, and other electronic devices.

What upsets me most of all, I had no idea there was such a law!  I watch the news consistently and I have also seen the feature stories on the clean-up this product.  Once again it is a damn Chinese products, from the country that thinks NOTHING about killing several million of their own people, our dogs, and our children.   So do you think the proper amounts of Mercury are in these things??  I would bet not!

We must have term limits NOW!  The light bulb law must be repealed before people start dropping dead from Mercury poisoning!  This is stupid, people!

Thank you, Ted Poe!

That is what I really think, what do you think about being poisoned  by Mercury?



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