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State Sponsored Media NBC/CBS/ABC :facts slip to public, oops!

September 8, 2009

And heads are going to roll……..

Katie Couric and Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer I sure will soon be called to the oval office soon for reprimand.  They are not containing the news as word of the 32 Czars spred nationwide, causing one his job so far.  Left wing and self admitted Marxist Van Jones underwent extreme pressure to resign …..rrrrrp…Wait no….no the only pressure was from the right.

Finally Fox news started telling the truth after almost diving into the left ditch!  Come to find out we have 32 CZARS.  It was common knowledge to anyone who researches a bit.

Of course Barack Obama tried to say he had no idea…and that is not working either, and has left egg on his face….cause Valarie Jarrett his right hand oops maybe is left hand girl…oh I don’t know but any way she is the advisor to the Head Czar Commandant Barack Obama who has dreamed of that title forever!  Well you got it Dude!

Commandant Obama has gotten the FCC Czar to carry out his fairness doctrine with out any bills to be passed!

This dude’s explanation is so stupid a 4 year old could understand this is just pure communist BS!

So, the big push for the FCC CZAR to get his job accomplished before he gets fired !  And if NBC/ CBS and ABC fail to keep this from you, they might be loosing their jobs.  Barack Obama might fire them!

Oh, and if that were not enough, Barack Obama hired another one while all this crap was going on the Manufacturing CZAR….can you guess what this dude will do…..

I think Fox is going to have to start yet another channel, because good grief we cannot trust public television to represent communism in an honest way!  So Fox Documentary is born.

Good grief people get a freaking German pen pal if you want to know what it was like!  Or call an American-Russian imigrant, they will be glad to tell you about Soviet politics!

If all else fails life could become so unimportant that the above scene become your life!

FREEDOM….American boys and girls….you know nothing other than freedom…how well do you think your gonna do without it!  Huh??

America is FREEDOM!

That is what I think!  You can apologize to America and your fellow citizens by going to:

I’m sorry I voted for Obama


  1. Tamara permalink
    June 4, 2010 5:15 pm

    oh my the czars have been working overtime to pull in all the negative press!

    • Tamara permalink
      June 4, 2010 5:16 pm

      scrub! scrub! scrub!

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