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Van Jones, Valarie Jarett, and Obama- the dream team

September 4, 2009

Van Jones hired with the blessings of Valarie Jarrett, who stated “we’ve been watching him since his days in Oakland”…still remains in the Obama administration at this late hour of 10pm on Friday night, because  President Obama stated he does not believe all the stuff being brought up.  Well…what a predicament ….oops! Yes, now were going to see crap fly.  The Left Wing Nuts just Love Van Jones and Valarie and Obama as a team…without Van, its like saying you no longer believe in the lefts ideals!

(Notice the SEIU logo watermark in the upper right hand corner! Healthcare is all about unionization to the SEIU and to Valarie, and Van and Obama for that matter…cause it is about control of money and people!)

Valarie…did you have a mouse in your pocket?  Mr. President….I think you believe him alright, which is why you hired him, and which is why we do not want you to speak to the children at school for an entire hour…nationwide…YOUR beliefs are simply too “Kim Jong il or Hugo” for many of us! … And you called it silly, Mr President…LOL! It is, after all, why you hire all 34 Czars, right??

Then add this school speech to our education system being hijacked by the textbook peddlers which cost our nation billions and of 2009 college textbook cost students 12 Million dollars,  who have insisted on taking the bizarre side of every controversial issue, most likely as a direct result of Acorn and the Woods Foundation.

Tucker Carlson explains:
Tucker Carlson discusses textbooks on FOX’s FOX & Friends

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Tucker also hosted a Special on Fox News Channel : Do You Know What Textbooks Your Children Are Really Reading?’ that aired Friday Sept 4, 2009. This information comes from a man who consistently promoted the then candidate Obama. …this as Tucker used to be part of the MSNBC team before heading to Fox News In March of 2009.

If you were to watch all the cataloged thoughts on Van Jones beliefs : “White people are poisoning Black people with pesticides”, …Oh there is more….he makes his standing without a doubt clearly known!

Soda head has collected them and has written “The Van Jones ideals” down…

Signing the statement that President Bush was at the very least complicit in 9/11, and being called by the group to confirm his beliefs, and then sitting on the board to help them further their cause…well today he said “it does not reflect my view now or ever”…Really, even after being on the board, Van??  Co’mon, you can tell us??  Is that what you secretly believe too, Mr President?  Is that why you are dumping the CIA?

Jeff Birnbaum, Washington Times, states it was a surprise for the Obama Administration, really?? the FBI you rely upon so heavily for intelligence did not uncover all those youtube videos??

I gotta say…Fox News, and “the thorn of Obama”, Glen Beck, has been right on this information all ALONG!  Not only that, but state sponsored NBC, CBS, and ABC have failed to cover it at all!  Fox news ratings have soared, although not as lofty as Mr. Bill would have you believe.  It made prime time news on Special Report with Bret Bair, they got brave and covered it, I am sure it was a hard decision.

There is a hubbub of activity over the fact that the Fox Broadcasting is not airing the speech to Congress on the 9th….even though Fox news will air it entirely…”Dude, not everyone wants to hear you….your not asking TNT or USA to cut you in…relax….not everyone wants to hear a president speak.

So Mr. President, if you could completely clear your administration of these Czars, and the leftest, Communist, Marxist, and Socialist ideologues then maybe you can salvage your Presidency…Sir!  That is of course unless Glen Beck is right, are you the head Czar, or did Valarie and the left wing nuts suggest all this crap?  Ya know parents might not be so wary of your message if you would just clean house, Valerie included, because you are the one who stated we could judge you by the people you surround yourself with, and right now that, in itself, is the problem.

The White House is spinning a lie from HELL…

Today, I believe Glen Beck, and we will see if he continues to lay it on the line no matter who is in the White House, as he has in the past……(I bet CNN is crying their eyes out)

That is what I think!



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