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They only want control of the money Period!

September 4, 2009

First off please let me state for the record, if you leave a sing-songy, mookie, talking point comment, you will receive one in reply.

After working in healthcare well over 20 years of my now 30 year career, I became a victim of employee provided plans, I made the decision to be a contract employee when possible, and even when I would take a full time position in any facility, I would not accept their plan.  Why?

In the 90’s, hospitals one after the other closed.  Some merged and mostly there were one acquisition after another and changing health plans sometimes 3 and 4 times in one year, it was disruptive to my care to the point it was not worth it!  At one point in the hiring process of healthcare workers, per-diem employees were paid slightly higher on hourly wages to adjust for the lack of benefits (which increased evened out the pay to individuals) however that was in an employee favored market.  They pay you less now if you do not take benefits for some stupid reason no which I cannot figure out, which is another reason I contracted my services.

We are still in an employee favored market, that is if the government had not involved themselves in it to redraw the picture (bailouts and stimulus), and outside influences had not placed undue pressure to rob Medicare and Medicaid (AAAcorn and Cloward-Piven Strategy).  It was a perfect storm.

The healthcare system has always favored and used the healthcare crisis to their favor no matter what, especially in public run facilities.  In the last two decades we have been told of a “nursing crisis”…well we still have the crisis, but hiring is no where near the fever pitch it was two years ago.  However, even at that time hospitals did nothing toward retention of their employees, and used the shortage to overwork the employees they had.  So when they hired someone it only replaced someone who had quit.  Still to this day we are in an extreme shortage.  They are not hiring allied healthcare nor ancillary services employee, and have experienced lay-off in some areas, which is an indication of democrats in office.

The “Enron of healthcare” were also exposed.  Such as Tenet , and Columbia …..They made their profit sheets look great, slacked on patient care and kept payroll low using “the nursing crisis” as a reason.  (Capitalism has its problems).  Enter Aaacorn to push this system to the limits, and boiling over.  Filing frivolous lawsuits from the outside, abusing procedure numbers and usage from the inside, making inappropriate policy changes that tripled the paperwork.  (Now most charting is done by computer, but it is done in triplicate and through multiple programs and is still time consuming and redundant.)

All the factors above and so much more has given way to ever changing provider services in Florida.  You can gain employment in a facility and stay there for 20 years and end up working for 4-6 different companies without moving.  That is what caused me to seek my own insurance, as well as contract my services.

When I did, initially I had to pay slightly more than the hospital plan, but within a year my healthcare insurance premiums came down to below what the employee plan offered, and I had no worries that it would change.

Also my insurance expanded more services offering more than the employee plan.

In my opinion, I had coverage when I needed it.  I did not gouge the system, I know the company made money, and I felt secure in my choices.

Look!  Congress will not in any way consider improving the system already in place because they want the cash flow of American household income, coming thorough the front door of the FED pure and simple

So what do I think should happen??  I say the more competition the better.   If the government will offer regulation to expand coverage to children to say 24 or 26, that would be great.  Jobs are not exactly stable in the beginning.  If you can afford the premiums, who should say who you can pay for health insurance, anyway??

They can also regulate pre-existing condition coverage.  Kentucky has such measures ensuring that no policies offered could exclude pre-existing conditions.  Many companies dropped out, but other companies filled in.  In fact there would be more companies to specialize in pre-existing, or higher risk insurance if de-regulation would happen.

I can say that even physicians who want to compete should also be allowed in  cases where they can offer complete care for a monthly payment, or segments of care, or procedurally, they can offer lower prices for their services.  This is one area where I have taken advantage of offers during time of an insurance gap.  If my physician were more expensive I have gone to urgent care centers.

Speaking of standard of care, this is really where the savings and stabilization of cost can truly occur because although we have standards of care, LOL…they are different everywhere, not only in the nation but physician to physician, hospital, clinic, nursing home, region, city town, community.  So until a standard can be agreed on coast to coast outcomes and costs are difficult to control.

Competition will lower insurance costs and will generally increase services.  We do not really have competition now.  We have an insurance regulated offering that are tied to each state.  If health insurance opened up to true competition over state lines, employer offered plans maybe seen being turned down.

More un-insured would be able to afford their own insurance plans.  The US could then open the doors to Medicaid by increasing the wage limits, …..and for those who own property who have faced sudden changes,…. offer them a “time limited service” say up to six months after gainful employment if needed to further stabilize and foster independence.  They could expand Medicare adding another level of coverage, below Medicare, offered to those who have paid in to social security and Medicare, and offer it as a temporary measure until gainful employment.  Offering “Gap” coverage would cover most Americans.

  • Extending offered benefits of private insurance to currently un-insured family members.
  • De-regulating insurance according to geographic location.
  • Ensure portability of private coverage
  • Increasing Medicaid participants by changing income and property ownership rights on temporary “time limited” care, on an income sliding scale with a maximum income beyond which it is not available. Review quarterly based on employment.
  • Offering Gap coverage as another layer of Medicare also a temporary time limited basis and on an income sliding scale basis beyond a minimum which would require Medicaid.  Review quarterly based on employment.

If brother Barack is so concerned about providing healthcare to all Americans, then extend the programs we have in place to accommodate those who do not have insurance or healthcare coverage.  In addition provide mandates to existing insurance companies.

One other addition, as I have stated before the government could provide the first wellness benefits EVER!  If everyone took part in wellness care we could truly lower insurance and healthcare costs all the way around.  That would make far too much sense.

Here is another idea…if the wealthy are so inclined to be taxed, well, allow them to contribute what “would be taxed” to a public health trust under the operation of those corporations that contribute to control costs and prevent abuse of the funds.  No contributions to any politician ant any time or any reason. Period!  Use as gap coverage only!

We must have Tort Reform.  Frivolous law suits have cost us dearly!

We must have policies that allow for fraudulent or trust abuse issues to be flagged through standards.

We need to allow those who want and can compete…to compete.  Look, a physician in New York, who offered discount medical care to his low income patients for a monthly fee.  He  was stopped by none other than the government for acting as insurance…bull crap…he was providing services, to fill a need!!!!! That is the free market, see a need and fill it!  If we practice that, we would not be in the shape we are in.

Barack Obama is “supposedly” the same age as I am, and trust me when I tell you, people in my generation are quite aware of government abuse, and I believe he is banking on getting to use and abuse it , along with the power trip he would ultimately be on, perpetually!  We need public audits of every branch of government!  Our government belongs to us as citizens of the United States.

It is my personal opinion that this particular president only wants the government control of the monthly residual income that can be collected from every citizen alive for healthcare, and you will not see the care.  I can assure you that he would be re-elected because he would have greased so many palms it would be staggering and corruption would be on par with Mexico and his cousin Odinga in Kenya.  In addition every healthcare worker would be unionized, pumping in power to union bosses through dues, in return, pumping in manpower to the government, which as we have seen is nothing but pure thugary.

I can assure you that if you support this measure you will see the United States brought low to the level of a third world country.  The wealthy will LEAVE!

That is what I think, now what do you think??


  1. Kellyann Curnayn permalink
    September 5, 2009 12:29 pm

    One area for which I have noted a ‘mafioso’ structure is the current process of Accreditation. Accreditation is not optional! The cost of obtaining it, consulting the accreditation company to help get it, and maintaining the accreditation within a given institution is staggering. I have worked as a Registered Nurse since 1991 and taking care of the patient is secondary to appeasing the Accreditors. They write of a perfect standard for which they have no accountability in implementing. What a great gig!!!! The caring professions will KILL you if you care to much and we all wonder why the quality of the ‘care’ is going down.
    Center for a Just Society has published my views.

    • Tamara permalink
      September 5, 2009 3:29 pm

      I do care too much and refuse to quit caring and they refused to quit trying to kill me! We were at an impasse… When I read the Cloward-Piven which has worked its way through the system through Acorn, SEIU, word of mouth until people who normally would not associate with those two groups are doing and repeating their monkey do-monkey say stuff, because they have become accustomed to treating people that way!

      My family think I am over-reacting…thank you for your comment.

      When a staffing agency needs to be fully accredited something is wrong….! I look forward to studying your links and forwarding them to my sister whom is working on her doctorate in NSG ED. Thank you for the input.

      I am frazzled I think it would be great at this point in my life to do raw data collection for a research company and go back to school at night! Real Humans with integrity need to be put in positions of authority.

      Thank you Kelly,


  2. laborlawguy permalink
    September 4, 2009 3:11 pm

    I agree with you 100 percent. So-called health care reform is just a power grab, not anything for the benefit of we masses. If they wanted everyone to have health care, they could just expand Medicaid and Medicare to more people and offer tax breaks or subsidies for the rest.

  3. September 4, 2009 7:17 am

    Good post, but where else can I find information on this topic?

    • Tamara permalink
      September 4, 2009 7:29 am

      Many of the conservative blogs on the right hand column will be posting on helathcare…in fact Media Splatters which is listed in my blog roll, has an article on why you do not want government healthcare. As far as statistics and analysis….try the Rand Corporation! They know everything! LOL it is true…they had done analysis of almost everything within the United states in order to find solutions.

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