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Not your fathers’ democratic party :-(

August 26, 2009

During the years of my youth and young adulthood I never feared the election of the democratic party into office like I do today, but then that is because this is not the democratic party of my Grandfather, not even my fathers’ democratic party.

The democratic party of my youth was for the working man.

Not anymore…they are about socialism, individual control by the government, take over of corporations, local-ism, Statism (federal control of individual lives).  The assignment of Czars to dictate change without your election approval or senate hearing to approve.  Sweeping socialist change that changes the fundamentals of the United States of America alright.

On their policies and goals:

Healthscare: If medicare and social security are failing, the government must gain a new income stream to float the federal agenda.  Social security and medicare have been robbed through the activation of the Cloward-Piven strategy to overburden society to bring it to its knees for a takeover of basically everything!  Unionization through the SEIU of every single healthcare worker, including physicians give the opportunity for the government to control who gets care, what the person who delivers the care gets paid, who develops the technology by wich you were cared for, and exactly where those profits will go, and what you will have to pay in order to have a job in healthcare….oh yes that is after you have spent you money to educate your self …you will need to pay the trolls, uh I mean the union dues.  If someone tells you the public option is dead…that is a flat out LIE from hell!  They will not pass this opportunity to gain union control of this group of American individuals!  If you work in healthcare you are a target!

Cap and Tax ..oops I mean trade…uh lets see If we can get the tax high in the united states by putting a Co2tax on everything…well then we can bring this country to its knees once again….I mean dang, if you can not get a job cause there is not one company that will manufacture one thing let alone a company who will turn the lights on in a office building due to caps on Co2…well than you can force the public to be dependent.  BLAHHAHAHAHAH…well this is not a horror show…this is exactly what they are doing.  It is exactly how Obama is proceeding with this policy.  Yes a sitting President of this country is trying to cripple it during the four years of office!  PERIOD!

Fairness Doctrine… The fairness doctrine…if you cannot do it openly…Hire another CZAR….and let the CZAR go round like Chaves’s military and just harass and demean Constitution loving people.  The CZAR that Obama has over-looking the FCC is using the Chavez palybook!

Ted Kennedy is an American….We must have a more liberal wing of government to fight for people of less fortune…breaks do not come easy…That is who Ted Kennedy was.  No one feared they Kennedy’s as un-American, because we all know this family paid the ultimate sacrifice in family.  This family loves America…but

………………….not these folks who have infiltrated the democratic party….these are soviet level socialists.  They will not address decent….they will silence it!  That is their goal!  One brave American who is a radio station owner, here in Palm Beach county is absolutely a witness to these power bullies… Chuck Shiflett says this

I own NewsTalk AM 1270 – WYXC. We carry Beck,Laura Ingraham and other conservative talkers. I just received thee-mail below from Dial Global telling us the advertisers that can not air in Beck and the others. I wrote back and told them to go jump.

Chuck Shiflett

Chuck ….thank you.  We as Americans salute you and thank you!  We owe you a debt of gratitude!

You can put an ed to this noise by calling these companies and telling them the Dial Global Goons is not what you have in mind and you will help American remember for another 250 years who actually put that into motion ……stand up, be an American voice, and show people what real freedom looks like.

Statism This is the main goal of all the other policies.  It is to drive all power to the federal government over each and every individual, town, city, county, state ….the ENTIRE country!  Including pulling power away from other federal entities such as judicial, military.

Study the policies yourself, to your contentment.

Do something….if you have known freedom all your life…I wonder how well you will be doing with out it!  How are you doing with out credit??  You getting along OK??  Really??

Things can change….change is what the voters asked for, Barack Obama promised fundamental change.  Fundamental change is what the American people are getting.  A fundamental change from a capitalist society to a socialist society.  Barack Obama banked on ignorant people not understanding what they were giving up…..and that is exactly what is happening.  Are you ignorant?

If so there is a link to the right to read the constitution…if you do not understand your freedom, how can you defend it?  That is what he banks on!  And trust me he is laughing all the way to the bank…and so are his civilian army cronies!

Encourage your lawmakers to find their American heritage and roots of understanding or NO incumbents is the cry!

This democratic party shall be stamped out of existence!  We are not soviet Russia, or France, or any other country!  We are the United States of America!  I am a citizen of a free country, the USA.   Try to take my freedom and we are going to go at it.  I have a live free or die attitude!  I believe in the founding fathers of this nation!  Don’t tread on me!

Once again…I charge every member of the US congress and US senate to stand for freedom first, for citizen freedom, and protect the constitutional right of their constituents as well as their own.  If you give a way citizen rights, you surely give away yours as well!

You voting record is your proof!  No incumbents!  If you do not stand for freedom, you will not stand in Washington!

That is what I think, what do you think?

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  1. Tamara permalink
    August 27, 2009 1:51 am

    I must say…I refreshed my self on the life of Ted Kennedy….they, maybe are so angry at America that they got behind the Manchurian Candidate just to get back at America for all the things that have gone their own lives…and when I read all the despicable things this family has done…that very thing would not surprise me!

    “The events surrounding Kopechne’s death damaged Kennedy’s reputation and are regarded as a major reason that he was never able to mount a successful campaign for President of the United States.[14]”


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