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83% of American’s like health insurance policy

August 22, 2009

If 83% of Americans like their current health insurance, and there is only 22% of the democrat party is liberal…what in the world is going on here!

Our elected representatives may have forgotten who sent them to Washington, but after this four year period of history, it will be another 200 years before they will be able to forget again!

It will be written in the history books and it will be written correctly!

After the use of the Cloward-Piven strategy against good people and companies in the USA such as hospitals, insurance companies and banks through organizations such as ACORN backed directly by democrats and then seeing President Obama get the payola back to George Soros from the US treasury through the Brazilian oil company… citizens of the UNITED STATES will rise up and put this country back on the right path.  When they do they will ensure the history is written clearly and effectively for another 200 years of safe keeping!

The lies that have been told is mounting up!

The president kept repeating a message that 60 people die everyday from a lack of helathcare insurance…uh…nope, Mr . “hope”, that is incorrect.

I have been working in healthcare for 30 years, in an emergency room,  and I can tell you no one gets turned away, and everyone gets seen even if their condition is NOT an emergency regardless of race, religion, gender, creed, culture, or their ability to pay!…mandated by EMTALA.  Our healthcare needs some reforms…SOME….but after working as a crew member on an air ambulance, what some people call life-flight, which is a mobile ICU on a Lear jet, I can tell you everyone wants to come here for healthcare….


60 people a day are not dying from not having health insurance, they are dying from alcoholism, drug addiction, tobacco abuse, speeding, texting while driving, suicide, gunshot wounds, stabbing, and other things that people do to themselves and others that kill people early.  In every major city, and some towns there are clinics for those who cannot afford to pay, and emergency rooms see patients all the time for non-emergent problems due to the laws of EMTALA! Google it please!  The government mandated it!

Ya know that old saying of “I can talk about my family, but not you”…well Barack you have not worked in healthcare, nor do you appreciate or healthcare here in America, versus say….I don’t know INDONESIA??  Perhaps??

I do not like doctors getting paid by the procedure and  who do too many procedures just to get  paid more….and/or are part of the Cloward-Piven strategy army to overlaod healthcare workers such as myself.  There are time I was doing procedures knowing full well that what I am doing is absolutely UN-necessary!  So Change This! (Every emergency room in the country has one or two or more of these doctors on staff who overdo the number of procedures and every single healthcare worker in each facility knows exactly who they are)  A central Broward hospital was actually going into the community to find homeless patients from all over south Florida admitting them to the psych unit….the emergency room physicians were involved.  The patients were having to get attorney’s and court orders to get out.  That is the type of abuse the Cloward -Piven Strategy promotes.

I do not like to see physicians try to talk a 89 or 99 year old into open heart surgery…because so may do not make it and their last hours, days and even months are spent on nothing but machines, and most seniors do not desire this type of death, but desire to be near family and friends.  I am not talking about those seniors who do want to have open heart surgery.  I am talking about those cardiac physicians who shame 99 year old’s or their family members into the procedure.  It is an easy practice and quick buck for cardiac physicians…and watching the suffering does not bother them….  The human will is a quirky and mostly predictable thing…If a senior expresses a desire that the surgery be done….they usually do very well……if the doctor forces it upon them or the family does….they usually do not do well.  The patients true wishes are most always right !  Almost perfectly right!

Years ago…doctors were clear and concise about who would benefit from extensive life saving procedures and who would not…and an ethics board of the hospital made up of about 8 community members, consisting of nurses, doctors, and members of the community with a good medical understanding, would either back up the physician or not.  DO THIS AGAIN!

How about arrange 0%,  1%,  or 2%,  finance for “necessary elective” procedures including dental regardless of credit. Then increase the % for UN-necessary elective procedures.  Elective procedures such as dental, ones that are very necessary, are not covered at all (there is a $1000 cap per year on most dental policies but people who need major work …that type of policy just doesn’t cut it and these types of procedures are already back-loged in this country!  I AM ONE OF THESE! They wanted 9% interest, and that was with good credit!

If the White House wants to be involved, set the standard for PREVENTATIVE Care!  The first true preventative care program in the WORLD!

Crutial Vaccines, Nutritional counseling, exercise counseling, all preventative care.(mamogram, colonoscopy, has been talked about but never done!  START HERE! …I don’t believe you will because this would make far too much sense.

For crying out loud….this is not rocket science nor is this brain surgery!

Have private insurance cover illness, have the government cover wellness!…now you got something!  A human race that wants to live, and lives healthy, and insurance costs go down…….way,way down!

But do not sit there and tell me that 60 people die /day for lack of insurance while we have a drug war going on…after the drug war is over we can then look at the numbers again….but don’t try that one on me Dude!  It is a LIE!

If you use your reconciliation or your nuclear option as force against Americans, change is coming for sure unless you get a wild hair to pull a chavez….then God help you!

Free enterprise is the solution for Healthcare!  83% like it!  That is democracy at work!



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