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They need to pass Healthcare bill by September??? Hah!

August 8, 2009

You know at one point I was thinking, “oh m gosh, they are going to force this crap down our throats”, until I read a few other things.  Now, one thing we know is that the the U.S. has pretty much stuck to a two party system for the last two hundred years, give or take the first 25-35 years or so.  There is an old saying, “things have to change in order to stay the same”.  Well things are truly getting ready to change, just in order for them to stay the same.

I do not think the healthcare bill  will pass and this could be a very good reason….The “throw the bums out campaign” being waged by every other party out there just might work, healthcare bill or not.  People are so steamed that any mention of serving in Washington could get you a plane ticket to another country to seek asylum.

I do not blame them, especially when the word “force” is used in conjunction with any “plan” be it healthcare or what have you, especially when you consider we live in a FREE country!

I am telling you, this has opened a crack in the liberty bell that reaches way down into the heartland and crosses coast to coast.  I am not sure about all those other parties out there, but Wayne Alan Root is most likely right, Obama is finished!  All before he could get his first year done.  Yep he tried to cram more legislation down the American throats than they could swallow, and it backfired.

Democrats don’t mind passing stuff until they think the public might turn on them, and they already have!  They were hoping all this stuff would pass and the love would return before 2010.  Except, if the democrats pass it using reconciliation, their entire party is finished.  Reconciliation is the only way they will succeed with passing the bill for sure, and if they use it, they better run for the hills.  Reconciliation was used by republicans in the past, but on left over budget measures, never on things of such national importance.   If republicans fail to stop them, and fail to speak out against it, they too will be finished, and a new sheriff will surely be coming to town!  There are too many democrats and republicans that love their jobs in Washington, and love the lime light, and they will side with the people over a new president.  Because they know that people, especially Americans, have been taught exactly how to change-out a government!  It has been done before!

People do not forget the word force, and free is all we have ever known. America loves her freedom, just like she loves her apple pie, baseball, and her Chevrolet (the ones with all the bells and whistles, power, and 40 mils to the gallon)!

One should never underestimate the American people, and September could very well be a month to remember!


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