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Lowest behavior I can remember….

August 7, 2009

It is like the playground, back in Elementary school…  I mean I know politicians have always gotten a bad rap, but right now they deserve it.

We common-or’s out here expect to have to fight our playground battles, but to have to fight them from Washington too??  How low class do they want to stoop!  Nancy Pelosi is an example of the Low Class Award this week when she stated to the press she kept seeing swastika’s everywhere at these town hall meetings.

See video here:

I gotta tell ya Nancy, the only town halls where you will see a swastika may be in the White House itself or perhaps your own office?? Your dear leader, Barack Obama announced to the entire nation that he wants people to tattle tale on each other so they can send the civilian army to get up in their face and correct them, publicly, I suppose!

The white house actually had video on the website asking people to report suspicious email(s) with “fishy” information!  See news below:

Sounds rather Hiterlistic to me Nancy…..if you were seeing swastika’s everywhere, maybe it was because you were the bearer of that flag, yourself!

That’s what I think, what do you think??


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