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Psychological psychobabble…

August 6, 2009

It is not enough that normal people coast to coast are outraged at our government for their unapologetic shafting of the American public, but now you have Barbara Boxer, who obviously disturbed and having hallucinations,  is seeing well dressed people at political town-hall events is actually confirming this delusion by stating that “there was no way these people were real”.   I guess they were dressed to nicely, she stated she too had been to these events when Reagan was elected.

The rant was so incoherent….

Please let me say right now, when you are trying to sell a pile of crap as something of value, you will really need to convince the rest of us of the value of your pile of crap.  Unfortunately many democrats are so exhausted of using psychobabble to keep the enemy confused, it has now confused them…. to the point they no longer can put two sentences together to explain their point of view, I think.

Barbara, go get a cup of Starbucks and clear your mind of the cobwebs that have grown up in there while you were snoozing through that last session.  If that does not clear up your mind and vision, call 911!

The president and the entire democrat party have had a lobotomy and are still talking….thinking they are making sense, but…. hey it could be the invasion of the body snatchers!  It is freaky to watch someone implode on national television.

Maybe, Barbara when they sign you and your entire family up including your parents and grandparents and all the babies in the family, along with all your extended family to the same exact Healthcare policy this bill is proposing,  you know the one you are dishing out, you will come together and speak clearly, hitting on all cylinders.

To all democrats, I believe the Cloward-Piven Strategy is just too apparent to be used anymore for this 20-30 year period.  We are on to you now and are immune form your bizarre behaviour. (really not a joke)

That is what I think….what do you think,


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