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on Obama’s healthcare..uh…(healthscare)plan…

August 6, 2009

It needs repair, and overhaul, but not a different foundation!  Free enterprise is the foundation of US Healthcare!

I think there is a great deal to be done on both sides.

Generally, I really like free market solutions, but in health-care I have seen my share of people reaching in and grabbing a couple of miles (give an  inch and they take a mile) for them selves and then retiring, and it does not sit well with me.

I can also tell you it does not sit well with me for our elected congress, and president to write a lousy bill, not read it after publication, act as it it has to be put together overnight, criticize normal citizens that disagree with it…just flat out call them phony and horrible names and engage the media and even television spot ad to help.

The White House has reached a new low!  How disgusting for a sitting President of a free country to resort to name calling and asking for tattle tale reporting directly to the White House!  Sounds so “1984“, the book by George Orwell describing a society in which every move of its citizens were monitored by a “civilian army” and various monitoring techniques.

I have witnessed medical centers keep patients alive via life support until flesh rotted off the patient, refusing to act reasonably, for fear of lawsuit, for money from federal dollars, who knows?

I have witnessed a nurse decide that she herself knew best for the patient, refusing to allow for life support, even though the patient had NOT signed any forms to say she did  not want life support.

Then I saw a man who had three different attorney’s to complete his Advanced Directives, and they were completely ignored by his doctor, and the doctor actually shamed and harassed the daughters (health-care proxies) to do as he said.  For 14 days he remained on life support until they found out the law was on their side.

I also saw an openheart surgeon shame a family into signing authorization forms for surgery for their 99 y/o father!  What kind of care is that??

I have seen both sides that have taken wrong positions!  The right position is the patients wishes!

So yes, our Healthcare system is in need of repair

I still do not see that we need a state run Helathcare system, nor a President of a free country for crying out loud, who sends out the citizen army to belittle those against the state run system.  Criminal and flat out UN-American!

We need regulation to ensure that peoples wishes are carried out.  We must stop bully doctors and nurses who want to override the patients decision when legal forms are present on the chart.  I actually overheard a physician state he “did not care how many forms were on the chart” the he would not “allow no DNR orders to be written, even if their health care proxy said so”!  I am sure had his patients known he would have been dropped like a stone as their physician!

I feel just as strongly for the woman who had choked, had no advance directives on her chart, which means everything must be done.  For the nurse who tried to deny her medical service,  thank goodness there were people who sought the proper authorities to override bad decision.  Thank God for her, they were there, but there is not always someone to reign in a mob mentality.

There are many things we can do to ensure everyone’s personal wishes are carried out.  Ensuring wishes are carried out is not only right it is cost effective, maybe not as cost effective as Barack Obama’s plan to deny care, but knowing in advance what someone desires is very effective medicine.

Which bring me back to free choice, and allowing free enterprise solutions to solve these social dilemma.  Someone once told me that people will always try to override what ever system is in place, well we need to find a system that is logical and where the majority have helped in the design of the system.  Something Barack Obama promised but has not happened at all.

Companies who have generously contributed to society through research and product development of hugely successful and useful devices and drugs that save our lives, depend on a free society for a return on investment.  A free society can create a positive ROI, but a single payor system….who will want to develope products for a system that will tell them what their product is worth ….

We need free enterprise, we need free choice, and we need thoughtful regulation, but we DO NOT NEED a state managed, government health program as a main or single pay-or, that limits or undercuts and therefore eliminates competition.

Nor do we need  system that tells us who can and cannot have health-care, based on age, sex, color creed or religion.  A single pay-or system will dictate who will and who will not be providers, receive or not receive care, and who will and will not develop products.

So that is what I think….what do you think??


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