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If Barack Obama understands our tax system, then the implications are worse!

August 6, 2009

I find it bizarre that Barack  Obama is openly seeking this cap and trade(tax) system when anyone who is alive can tell you it is devastating to our markets, it will flatten our ability to compete in any trade, (as if it is fair now, but that is another matter…) A sitting President of the United States enacts legislation that cripples the very country he is running…..hello??…that is what dictators do…they are maniacal and self sabotaging!  Must we??  Anyway…

In just about everything we do, private, free enterprise can reach solutions to resolve almost any problem.  When the government openly asks the public for solutions, ‘freepers’ (free enterprise entrepreneurs) will step all over themselves to provide a solution.  A solution is something that actually can be proven to work, but it will not destroy business in another area.

The government will NEVER take the time to ensure one of their so called solutions will not tare down business in another sector.  Right now we do not have any sectors of business regarding energy that are un-usable.  We need all solutions to come together while we further the newer technology to stable and dependable out-put.

Energy Solutions could be so much further along if free enterprise could step in, and untangle themselves from red tape.  My goodness Barack Obama thinks he owns the Sun….guess what he does not….and if I have to tell you that, it is an indication our relationship might not be on such a good footing.   A company out in Arizona has been able to bulk manufacture solar panels, unfortunately they were limited to manufacture them for the desert project only!

Give me a reason why they could not be bulk manufactured for for every roof in America??  Well I guess they can when made in Mexico.  Kyocera just started a bulk manufacturing in Tijuana for the California housing market….?? go figure…Right now, bulk panels are moving forward, and really the private solutions here are starting to shine, but lets force cap and trade on this industry…and increase the capital gains business tax… and wait and see how many manufactures start making them here in America the next 50 years.  None!

If this administration gets their way, they do not want you to get the energy credit from Solar.  They want to force you to put it on your roof and give the electric company the credit, not YOU!

Same for wind…which is why it is stuck… or too expensive, or has so much red tape tied around it,  Some towns have too many hoops to jump through for business to be able to erect a turbine, they make it almost impossible for the individual.  They want you to spend a fortune to do it right now, as a way to deter you form having a natural energy solution.  OK that too is another story …OK back to cap and trade

Cap and Trade devastates families abilities to pay for their energy.  Mr Energy Company goes 20 x number of tons above the CO2 cap, it is most likely that instead of purchasing credits, he will pass on the increased bill to the consumer (the trade part of buying credits) your energy bill was 200/month, now 600/month.   (I suppose they will have to tax Old Faithful himself…yes even he produces CO2, which is why this whole thing is so crazy…. rrrgh!)  Yes the earth itself produces CO2…!  The point is your electricity bill could double, even triple in order to balance the the CO2 cap and it will trade that expense straight to YOU!

Cap and Trade places a huge burden on small and mid size business and manufacturers as well as the large ones to remain in business in paying their energy bills and offsetting their carbon tax.  Mr. Manufacturer went 5 tons above the cap to produce his product, he must either trade with another company or pass on the expense in his product.  So now the synthetic fabric that used to cost 1.49/yard now triples… one buy his he goes bankrupt, or he just never opens his business in America…and takes it somewhere else!

I mean….Good grief, how many countries do you know where the tax burden is unusually high, and they are robustly productive??? NONE??…yeah!  See, cap and trade is just ONE tax that business are facing.

Now add that they are forced to pay for everyone’s health insurance,

Now add the business tax at 30% that is getting ready to jump to 45-70%.

All this can can only bring me to one conclusion, that he does understand our tax system, OR this administration does not believe in a free society, and is deliberately trying to break down America, and desires a government that resembles the old soviet union, some say France, but I would say that would be a compliment toward freedom.

Well people, it is too late, and the ship has sailed on him not understanding our tax system.

Barack Obama’s deep commitment to labor unions and “groups” over individual freedoms show clearly that his agenda is NOT about anything related to FREEDOM.

America IS all about FREEDOM!


For heaven’s sake, one thing you can do is open your mouth and speak up!  Be vocal about your ideas. Even if i don’t agree with you I applaud your right to say it.

There was a time in this country, if public dissent was this loud, and in such unison over a projected bill, it died a quick death.  You would never know by watching NBC, but dissent over this bill is as loud or louder than the Healthcare bill! Our politicians are now playing political suicide by either pushing bad bills though, or not speaking out about it, and that is to both republicans and democrats.

Both Republican and Democrat parties are facing extinction!  A bill like Cap and Trade is no good for America, and it is not for the US markets.

That is what I think,…what do you think??

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